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I have been so lucky to receive some goodies from the lovely ladies at Benefit NZ and I’ve taken a few weeks to get to know them, try them out, so that I can give you my honest opinions on them. You know that I wouldn’t review something on this blog if I didn’t like it. Whether I have received it for free, or if I had been paid to talk about it, if I didn’t like the product I would not mention it at all. I have already been approached by a brand who’s products I did not believe in. They will not be featured on this blog.

However, the products I am here to chat about today I do believe in. In fact, one of them especially is a miracle worker, a Saviour and has become like a good friend. I received the Benefit They’re Real Remover and the They’re Real Push-Up Liner two weeks ago and haven’t looked back.

I’ll start with the They’re Real Remover. I was sent this because I mentioned in my Mascara Madness post that this product existed to help remove and dissolve eye makeup (specifically the They’re Real mascara) however I had not tried it.

It claims to “lift away long-wearing and waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The creamy gel formula is gentle yet powerful, dissolving makeup without tugging at the delicate eye area”. I have tried this remover with multiple mascara and eyeliner products including the They’re Real range and I feel as I can safely say now that these claims are fairly true to my experience. The formula is a gorgeous cream which for some reason I was not expecting. I wet a makeup remover pad and smothered it in some of the cream. I then gently swiped it over my eye area. I found that it did take off most of my eye makeup with ease. To get the last bits I did sometimes need another makeup pad or to rub a little harder however I got absolutely no eye irritation from this product.

I have a sensitive eye area and I wear contacts so I was very pleased to see that this product is suitable for both of those needs. Often eye makeup removers sting my eye area however this one does not at all. It’s ever-so-gentle! Honestly, it is a gorgeous product.

In saying that at $34NZ it is a little pricey for a makeup remover. But I would definitely recommend it if you do have the money. I feel like I lose a few lashes each time I try to remove the They’re Real mascara with various other removers and routines and I did not find this happen with this product. I feel like because it is made specifically for removing the They’re Real mascara, and the fact that it works wonderfully and gently that it is worth the money. I’m not going to say go out and buy it if you cannot afford it but if you want a decent eye makeup remover and you use the They’re Real mascara then this one is for you!

I especially like the way it lifts away and dissolves the makeup. Plus the product itself will last quite a long time as you only need a small amount.


The other product I received was the They’re real push-up liner. I have heard a LOT of things about this particular product. Beautiful photos of the product being used, complaints, success stories, gripes and basically a whole lot of mixed reviews. However I think that my review will be one of the success stories for this product, as I said earlier, it is my saviour, my eye liner guardian angel, and I seriously think it is almost revolutionary (at least from what I’ve seen/used).

I will tell you right now, this was not the case at the beginning of our relationship. We started with a love/hate. I was feeling very negatively towards this product. I found the formula wasn’t smooth and didn’t apply well, it took ages to get the product out, it was uneven, hard to use, annoying to open the lid… the list goes on. What I didn’t realize was that this product needs one thing to make it work – TIME.

At first it takes about 20 million twists of the bottom to actually get some of the formula to the applicator so you can finally use it which is a pain. Then the formula seems to be flakey, sort of dry and uneven in colour. This makes it difficult to apply in the way that is shown in all these successful pictures of the product in use. I was at my wits end. Why couldn’t I make this thing work? I have always had trouble with winged eyeliner and I was hoping that this would change that. Winged eyeliner is something I really love to hate. I looks so good but it causes so much pain and time to get there. I had almost given up after 3 uses. I am frustrated. And then… the 4th use.

I was already having a good makeup day. I tried out some new MAC pigments (haul coming soon I promise) and my eyes looked incredible. The only thing they needed was a perfect wing. I don’t know what brought me to use the They’re Real but it took a lot of courage after my previous failures.

I took the liner, twisted the bottom, already I noticed that the product which had come to surface didn’t look so dry any longer. I started to draw a thin line from the corner of my eye and I couldn’t believe it. The liner glided along my face as if an angel was guiding it. The colour was black and opaque. The line was absolutely perfect. I filled it in and perfected it and tried again on the other side. Amazing!

#benfitlinerlove #mybenefitNZ Benefit They're Real push-up liner #benfitlinerlove #mybenefitNZ Benefit They're Real push-up liner


I swear I have never done eyeliner like it. It may not look like anything special but this took me literally about 30 seconds. I imagine it will only get better.


This eyeliner is the goddess of all eyeliners. You just need to give it a bit of time! Hidden under that rough exterior is a smooth, vibrant formula and the tip is expertly formulated to give the most amazing line. It says that it’s supposed to hug the lash line. Well it certainly does. It lasts all day with absolutely no smudging. It is waterproof (I have been swimming ALOT in this heat so I’ve tested it many times). The best thing about it is that you are able to do lots of looks with this one product which I absolutely love. This liner is everything I love in an eyeliner combined into one product. Usually I go for pen liners with a soft tip as I find them easy to use, however they run out or dry out quite quickly. I feel as though this won’t happen with this particular liner as the formula is new after each application. IMG_2596

Overall, I definitely recommend this product to anyone, but especially winged liner beginners. It’s so easy to use and once you get the hang of it and it takes only a matter of seconds to achieved a nice winged look. I was so pleasantly surprised by this product. I can safely say I LOVE the They’re Real range and I would recommend it to everyone! At least if you haven’t already go and buy the mascara and the liner. Seriously, I don’t think you’ll regret it! It’s $45 NZ from Smith and Caughey’s or $24 US from the benefit website. Buy from the Benefit website if you want to order a few things or if you want to order with friends as it’s free shipping to NZ if you spend over $125! 🙂 Happy shopping x



Please let me know if you’ve tried these products and what you thought of them! I love to hear your opinions! Or if you love another similar product then let me know and I might give it a try.

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  1. I tried a sample size of the eyeliner, and wasn’t a huge fan. However, my sister uses the full size one and she loooves it, so maybe I should give it a try. I do really like the They’re real mascara. makes my lashes look so full.

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