Mac Toledo Collection & Miley Viva Glam review, swatches & dupes! ♥

Mac Toledo Oxblood Viva Glam Miley


Good morning class,

Oh. My. Goodness. Inside this post you’re going to find swatches galore, dupes, photos, love, raving, and awesome packaging. A few weeks ago my lovely, amazing friend xlivlovesmakeup from YouTube (Check her out if you haven’t already!) stayed up late and ordered us these goodies from Mac. I was poor that week unfortunately so I was only able to pick up these two lipsticks, but I am in LOVE.Mac Viva Glam Miley

Mac Viva Glam Miley Swatch

The Mac Viva GMac Viva Glam Miley Swatch on lipslam Mileylipstick is utterly amazing. 100% of the proceeds from each lipstick goes to HIV/AIDS which makes for some guilt-free buying! (How do you think I convinced my boyfriend, and myself?!).

It’s an amplified formula so it’s super creamy and pigmented and it lasts most of the day on the lips. Mine faded after eating but I was still left with a gorgeous stain so it didn’t look all gross around my lips. It was fine for reapplying too – didn’t go crusty!

It’s my favourite colour – PINK! And it’s a gorgeous bright hot pink which is awesome because I thought for some reason it’d be like a bright red/pink. Thankfully, it’s not. It’s just straight out pink.

It’s got the classic Viva Glam packaging with the pink part on the container and Miley’s signature on both the packaging and the box.





I know, I know the Mac Toledo collection is only limited edition. BUT. Firstly I know some of you like to see hauls and things like that, and I’ve found some super cheap dupes for you from my collection! So you can be jealous and then spend 1/4 of the price and get something equally as gorgeous 🙂

Mac Toledo OxbloodMac Toledo Oxblood swatch on lipsMac Toledo Oxblood Swatch

I only got the lipstick in Oxblood which is a matte formula. The packaging is to die for and I’m so glad I’ve got it in my collection! It’s sort of similar to the NARS packaging – it has that rubbery feel. So unfortunately it has my little foundation fingerprints on it already! Let’s hope I don’t commit a crime because all this rubber packaging is giving lots of fingerprint evidence 🙂

Oxblood is not a blood red colour, in fact I don’t “get” why it’s called Oxblood at all, but we’ll roll with it. It’s a Kylie Jenner, light-ish, matte, nude colour. It’s like a matte & slightly darker version of Myth which is my favourite nude of all time! It is to die for, and not to mention totally on trend! Ka pai Mac!

It isn’t too drying, it lasts most of the day (with re-application after eating) and it looks like a gorgeous “my-lips-but-way-way-better” colour. I am in love with it. I feel like we could get married.

Mac Toledo Oxblood dupes swatches

Dupes-wise I wanted to find some colours from my collection which are both affordable and similar in shade. I know they’re not perfect, but they’re a similar ‘thing’.

I’ve choses Colourpop’s Cookie because I think it’s both very similar in colour and a matte shade so it’s similar to Oxblood in a lot of ways. I’d totally recommend it, plus it’s only $5!

Mellow Cosmetics’s Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Nude’ isn’t quite the same colour but oh boy it’s gorgeous all the same! it’s super affordable at $15 and easy to find in NZ. Watch out for Mellow – they’re going to be popular!!

Australis’s Velour Lips in PAR-EE is a creamy matte liquid lipstick which dries to a matte formula. It’s a little bit lighter than Oxblood but the most comparable in consistency I’d say. Depending on your skin tone it could give off a similar look, plus it’s just awesome!


Overall, I hope you enjoyed this haul! Let me know if you picked up anything from Mac’s new collections & what you think! Let me know if you go out and buy any of these dupes – I know you’ll love them!




10 thoughts on “Mac Toledo Collection & Miley Viva Glam review, swatches & dupes! ♥

  1. So I have colourpop cookie, but it is so pink on my lips for some reason D:!! I really want to try Oxblood because it looks more paler and tanner in pictures. I will try cookie again, but maybe I just can’t make it work… :C

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