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Good morning class,

I am the luckiest girl alive. This week was a stressful week to say the least but I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing package from the ladies at Mellow Cosmetics for me to have a try of. Mellow Cosmetics are a new brand to emerge in the lovely little New Zealand. They sell a “range of high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices”. They are cruelty-free, paraben-free, made of natural minerals and are all made and tested in New Zealand! They have free shipping to NZ and Australia on orders over $40 and ship internationally for a FLAT RATE OF $12!? Like, are you serious? Order with a friend! You can also pay with PayPal which is something I value in an online shopping website after the whole Lime Crime debacle.

I was sent four Creamy Matte Lipsticks, a Gel Eyeliner, two Baked Eye shadows and one gorgeous Blush. I was absolutely spoilt and I love every thing I received!

Mellow Cosmetics Swatches

To the left I’ve added swatches of all the products I got. I thought it would be easier to see them all swatched together, although I’ll talk about them separately. As you can see – the pigmentation of EVERYTHING is simply amazing! I am so impressed.

The lipsticks are the first four swatches. To be completely honest – the packaging of their lipsticks is very tinny and cheap-feeling. It feels as though if I drop it, it will shatter into a million pieces which makes me nervous. However, I hear through the grapevine that they are changing their lipstick packaging! So thank goodness for that.

I wore Candy Floss to school the other day and found it wore beautifully. It lasted a good few hours without reapplying, and it was easy enough to reapply over the top without it getting gross. A+

Nude reminds me SO much of Lime Crime Cashmere – and with the debacle surrounding Lime Crime at the moment – a dupe is exactly what you want!

Danger Zone is gorgeous – actually a little bit like Suedeberry by Lime Crime – a pinky red.

Atomic Rose is more of a true red and reminds me of old school Rose McGowan (anyone?). That was weird.

The lipsticks are creamy and are just the right amount of matte – of that makes any sense at all. They’re not matte, matte. Like ‘drying out your lips’ matte, but they’re more like ‘not shiny or frosty and lasts for ages’ matte. Which is the type of matte I like.

I’d totally recommend these gorgeous lipsticks and I want more already! (next on my list is Passion – looks gorgeous!). I would love it if Mellow had a hand or arm swatch on their website as well as the lips swatch! Makes it easier to compare. Check them out for yourself – Shop Matte Lipsticks $15 – cheaper than a cocktail!

Mellow Danger Zone Atomic Rose Mellow Nude Candy Floss

Next up is the gorgeous Baked Eye shadows. Now I love shimmer shadows (if you couldn’t tell after reading my Colourpop haul and these are gorgeous!

A lovely creamy texture and they glide on gorgeously. The swatches are ONE SWIPE. I repeat; ONE SWIPE. Amazing. They’re a normal powder shadow, and they’re great lid colours both of them. I’m excited to have a green colour for two reasons. #1. It’s nearly St Patrick’s Day. #2. I have no green colours! Bronze is seriously to die for as well! I am actually so impressed with the pigmentation and the quality of these shadows – especially for the price!

I have my eye on Lilac and Cream next- they look stunning. Cream looks like the perfect inner corner colour & if they’re anything in pigmentation like the ones I’ve already got they’ll be amazing.

$9.50 NZ – go and buy one, or five. Shop Baked Eyeshadows

Mellow Cosmetics Blush Eye shadow Eye liner









Okay, OMG. The blush. Like, are you serious right now? The pigmentation on this thing is unreal! The swatch is literally one light swipe. It’s crazy! I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m thinking good thing! Because you can always just be gentle with your brush and it will last for ages! + these blushes are only $11 NZ! (That’s like $8 for you US people!).

I absolutely love the colour, it’s the perfect peach in my opinion. I don’t really have a blush like it either which is awesome! It’s not too powdery but it’s nice and matte which is how I like my blushes.

My only issue with the blush is that it’s near impossible to get open! I don’t know if it’s just my one but I’m really struggling… maybe I’m doing it wrong? I mean I can get it open but it reminds me of the Sleek packaging in that it’s just not easy to get into.

Lastly, the Gel Eye liner. I don’t have a gel liner either – Mellow Cosmetics, get out of my head!? How do they know all about me… The gel liner is gorgeous, it comes in a wee box with a brush. The brush is actually pretty good too, considering I almost never use brushes that come with products. I think I’ll be using this one. The liner literally does not come off. I had to scrub with some Micellar water to get this baby off.

It’s so black as well – it’s just gorgeous. I haven’t tried putting it along my lash line yet because I’m scared it might smudge (although I’m thinking it won’t know because of the way it wouldn’t come off!). I’ve had it on my outer V and it looked stunning. I LOVE a good eyeliner!

They also have a fantastic eye shadow palette which looks similar to the NAKED palette. If the pigmentation and quality is the same as everything else they stock then I’d say -BUY IT.  (I can see some Orgasm/Laguna dupes in there too!)

Mellow Eye shadow Palette


Overall, I’d totally recommend Mellow Cosmetics. I mean, I’ve already got a wish list that I need to buy for next time! Aside from a few packaging issues (which are being fixed) the products themselves are fantastic. Perfect for a long day because they all last beautifully. They’re cheap and cheerful, they’ve got some gorgeous shades and great formulas and a range of products which I’m sure will start to grow even more. This brand is one to watch my friends.

Let me know if you’ve tried Mellow Cosmetics before & what you think? Or if you’re going to try them out then please keep me posted!

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