5 Photos that make me happy ♥

Good morning class,

I was tagged to do this post by my wonderful friend and fellow admin over on Girl Related Jordanne who also runs the AMAZING blog A Little Pinch of Wonder

I’m going to tag Beauty and the Mechanic, and a new friend Katie from Plus+ Beauty .

Basically, I’m going to have a wee look through my old photo albums and post 5 pictures that make me happy and tell you why 🙂



The first photo I chose is literally the first photo Tom and I ever took together and I am pretty sure this was taken on the first or second day we met. (Long story, if you want me to post about how we met then let me know in the comments below – it’s pretty cute!). Anyway I love it because I still feel just as happy, if not happier than I look in this photo 5 years later ♥♥



Aside from the dreaded double chin hanging around in this picture it makes me so happy! This is my whole family on the day I graduated (for the second time). I love looking at it, and I actually have a printed canvas type thing of it beside my bed. I miss my family so much while I’m living in Auckland and I like to have a wee reminisce sometimes. Plus it is the epitome of how silly we are together. Although you can’t tell by the photo – trust me the boys are just as silly as mum and I!



There are a million and one versions of this photo because my absolute bestie and I like to take lots of selfies! I chose this one because we both look goooood 😉 Anyway, any photo of me and Soph makes me happy because she is the best best friend any girl could have! I live away from her now but we still text all the time and she ALWAYS makes me smile! We have the same sense of humor and we can just be silly around each other.



I know this photo isn’t the most interesting but it will always make me happy because it’s a picture of my first art display on my practicum for teaching. It reminds me of my awesome wee class and how far I’ve come since then. I love looking back on old photos from this class and thinking about how wonderful my job is. Plus those cows look pretty cool!



This is a picture of Pope Benedict XVI at World Youth Day in Sydney 2008. Yes I was that close to him. Although he’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, this photo reminds me of one of the most amazing experience’s I’ve ever had when I went to WYD08. It’s a Catholic Youth week-long festival(?) type thing which happens every few years around the world. 400,000 people came from all over the world to celebrate their faith and it was the most amazing atmosphere I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I doubt anything will ever live up to that particular environment. I can’t explain what it was like but if you’ve ever been to a WYD event let me know in the comments below! It is unreal!

Well, that was super difficult! I uploaded about 20 photos before I was able to narrow it down to 5! But the good thing is that now I feel all warm and happy thinking back on all these awesome experiences.

Let me know if you do this tag in the comments below!!

Also – I am thinking of doing a post about the Pretty Little Liars finale – let me know if you’re interested in seeing some TV/food reviews in the future or should I just stick to beauty?

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