ANOTHER Colourpop haul (Warning: one more on the way as well) ♥

Colourpop haul review

Good morning class,

Okay I’m gonna be real with you all. If you haven’t figured this out I have a SERIOUS addiction to Colourpop cosmetics. This is no joke. I swear to you, every time I recieve my Colourpop goodies, literally as soon as I’ve swatched them I go straight on to the Colourpop website and make a new cart and I’ve usually ordered by the next week. It’s a vicious cycle. Especially since I’m moving soon and my partner and I have been buying all sorts for the new place so I don’t really have the money to spend! (House tour anyone?! – I DO need to do a makeup storage/collection video too but I want to grab a couple more things first)

I like that when I was on my account – beside my previous orders were the options “View/Get Help”. Yes Colourpop, I’d like to get some help for my addiction please.

In saying that, Colourpop people – if you are reading this, I’d love a bit of free shipping to NZ on order over $100 or something!? 😉

Anyway, enough rambling, let’s begin! I’m going to try my hardest to make this short and sweet – I think I need to cut down my ‘raving’!

This time I bought 1 x Super Shock  Cheek blush, 5 x Lip pencils and 5 x Super Shock Eye shadows. The pencils and shadows are $5 US each and the blushes are $8 US. Shipping to NZ was $28 US however I ordered with a friend 🙂

I decided to step outside my comfort zone for this order with regards to the eye shadow colours, and I picked up some lip pencils which I knew would suit lipsticks I already owned and I played it super safe with my blush colour.

The Super Shock Cheek product I picked up was a nice bright pink called Thumper. I actually bought it because I had/still actually have a soft toy bunny which I named Thumper as I child because I always loved that name. Pretty much the only reason why I chose this one as the decision itself was too hard to be based on colour alone!

Colourpop Thumper Review

Colourpop Thumper Swatch

I absolutely love this product, the formula/texture is much creamier and lighter than the eye shadows (although I haven’t tried a matte shadow yet – got some on the way though!). It was quite moveable if that makes sense, like it moved around in the tub a lot because of it’s thin texture in comparison with the shadows. Personally, I LOVE the texture, it blends beautifully on the cheek, and seriously lasts ALL DAY. + the colour is right up my alley and it’s freaking gorgeous!

The lip pencils I got were in the colours: Lumiere, Pony, Leather, Brills, and Wifey. I have the Wifey and Brills Lippie Stix already which you probably already know from my last haul, and I now have Pony and Lumiere on the way too. I got Leather because I have a lot of dark purple lip colours in my collection so I thought it might be helpful in that regard.

Colourpop Lip swatch

I love the formula of these pencils as well. Nice and creamy for a lip pencil, pigmented, matte but not super drying. I am so obsessed with Lumiere I’ve been wearing it alone like every day (for the record it’s the perfect ‘your lips but better’ colour! – Thank-you Kathleen!)

The ONLY downside is that they packaging is made of plastic and it needs to be sharpened. So you’d need a sharp sharpener and one that fits the pencil. I haven’t tried to sharpen them yet as I don’t need to but I’d assume from observation that a normal sized pencil sharpener would work for this pencil. Will update when I’ve tried it!

I love all of the colours of these pencils – Lumiere being my favourite just because it’s like almost my exact lip colour so just really suits my face! Pony would be a good one to work with Snob by Mac, Leather reminds me of the Nightmoth pencil by Mac, and I think Wifey would be good for any bright pink (Australis Velourlips, Candy Yum-Yum etc). Brills would work perfectly with Airborne Unicorn or something similar!

I was so excited about the Super Shock Eyeshadows I picked up because they’re just a little bit different to the colours I’d normally wear. I got Tea Party, Bubbly, I ❤ This, Meow and Eye Candy. The formula of these is exactly the same quality as the other ones I already own which is fab! The colours are absolutely gorgeous and remind me of princesses and fairies! The kids at school love all the glitter and pink!

Colourpop Tea Party Review Colourpop Meow Review Colourpop Bubbly Review Colourpop Eye Candy reviewColourpop I ♥ This review

My favourite colour from this haul is definitely Bubbly. It’s SUCH a gorgeous pink! I wear it with a matte mauve colour in the crease (I used the NAKED 3 palette – there’s some goodies in there), then a darker warm-toned brown on the inner lid and the outer lid and then Bubbly in the middle of the lid and it just looks unreal. (Sorry – no pics. I NEED to invest in a decent camera asap).

Meow is a fab gunmetal colour which is versatile and I love it, I ♥ This is another versatile colour and one I’ve reached for quite a lot so far, Eye Candy is a fab lavender colour but it’s pink/silver enough to be subtle on the lid, and Tea Party is a peach which I haven’t played around with yet because I’m not sure what to pair it with!

Colourpop eyeshadow swatches super shock cheek

Overall, another amazing haul! This time my parcel only took just over a week to arrive which was impressive! It sure made my sick week off school WAY better! Really impressed with Colourpop’s service so far and aside from my other order which is on the way, I’ll definitely be ordering again in the future!

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  1. I just got my order in a few days ago but I am thinking doing another order since they came out with new sets. Any sneak peeks on the upcoming haul?

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