The products I wouldn’t write home about ♥

Products I would not repurchase NAKED Flushed Lime Crime Bourjois Bronzer

Good morning class,

Today I want to have a chat about something I don’t usually mention over here on my blog. I’m going to talk about the products in my collection that I would not repurchase. Usually, I like to keep things fairly positive, because I don’t really enjoy talking about the negative. However, you can’t go through life being positive all the time and I think it’s good to share with you the products I don’t like to show that I’m not just a ‘serial raver’.

So, the following products are ones which I have in my collection that are either empties or I just can’t use them any longer for one reason or another, OR I’m not a HUGE fan and I probably wouldn’t repurchase them when I run out.

It doesn’t mean that the brand is bad in any way, in fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad. It simply means that in my opinion the product did not work for me. You may love these products – and that’s A-OK!

First up: this product is raved about EVERYWHERE and I had no trouble selling my back up of this bronzer but it just doesn’t seem to like me. The Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder – aka the Chocolate BronzerBourjois Chocolate Bronzer


I found this product extremely hard to work with. When I purchased it I didn’t know a lot about makeup and wasn’t sure how to use it. This product was probably the worst one to buy for a starting bronzer. It definitely smells nice. However I got the middle shade and it’s far too muddy on me. I also find that the top of the bronzer dries up quite quickly (you know what I mean? When the top part goes all hard?). So yeah, not a really bad product, just not my favourite. I have tried some other products by Bourjois and I LOVE them, so there we go!

The balm Sexy Mama Powder


The Balm Sexy Mama powder was another one of those products I bought on a whim. I Didn’t use a powder to set my foundation at that stage, and I knew nothing about this product, but I bought it anyway. For me, this powder doesn’t really DO anything. It’s really powdery (for want of a better word) and it just doesn’t look great on my skin. I’ll still finish it up over time, but I won’t repurchase it.

NYX jumbo Eye pencil milk sparkle Nude

This one is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Nude. This time it’s definitely nothing to do with the product itself that I have an issue with. It’s all about that shade. This shade just isn’t my jam. I never reach for it, it’s sort of meh on the lid, and I have eye shadows that are similar which look better. It’s nothing terrible but I definitely won’t buy it again. However, NYX Jumbo eye pencils are the BOMB.COM! I have one in Milk and it’s my HG. ❤ ❤

Models Own lipsticks


These two are the Models Own lipsticks in Hot Pink and Annalise’s Pink and they are as dry as a desert. Honestly these things are dry. They were two of my very first lipsticks and I loved them (and still do) for the colour. However now that I’ve bought about 1000 lipsticks I can safely say the formula is NOT my favourite. It’s just epic-ally.dry. Like it’s ridiculous. The skin would be peeling off my lips after a few hours of wearing these. Not my faves. Prob won’t finish them.

Lime Crime Geranium Airborne Unicorn


This is my collection of Lime Crime lipsticks and I feel as though you all know where I’m going to go with this. I will not be repurchasing any of Lime Crime’s products because of the scandal surrounding the brand. Usually I don’t give in to these sorts of scandals and rumors. However one of my lovely friends has been affected by the hacking of the site and I seem to hear nothing but bad things about the brand so I feel as though I’d prefer to spend my money elsewhere. In saying that, I love the colours and I love the formulas and I’ll definitely keep using these until they run out. I Just won’t be buying more.

Lime Crime Velvetines pink purple


Now, before I even decided I’d write about Lime Crime in general, I picked these two up to chat about. These are the Lime Crime Velvetines in Utopia and Pink Velvet. The thing I don’t like about these is that the colours come off WAY darker on my lips than they do in swatches and on the stock photos! I thought Utopia would be a lighter, bright purple and Pink Velvet would be a bright, hot pink. However they’re both darker than that. Utopia is more of a dark plum colour on my lips and Pink Velvet is a reddy-pink. I think my lips are just quite dark in colour, but it’s still disappointing!

Colourpop Hanky Panky Matte


I bet none of you thought I’d write about Colourpop did you!? This is the Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Hanky Panky. This is my least favourite Colourpop shade (although as you can see, I’ve still used it). However it’s just not that pigmented and I found I needed MOUNDS of it on my lids to do anything. The colour itself wasn’t anything amazing and I think that Colourpop do their shimmery colours much better than their mattes.



I’ve heard a bit of hate surrounding the EOS lip balms and I sort of agree. They’re really cool looking and they smell divine, but they just don’t do much for my lips. Like at all. I think they’re more of a novelty.

Bite Beauty Lipstick


This is a Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Vigne. THE FORMULA IS AMAZING. However the colour looks awful on me! I wouldn’t repurchase the colour, but I would like to repurchase this lipstick in a different shade. The colour just looks too mature for me I think 😀

Chi Chi Creamy Matte Lipstick Socialite


This one is the Chi Chi Creamy Matte Lipstick in Socialite and usually I adore Chi Chi products but this one I was disappointed by! It doesn’t dry matte like other matte lipsticks and that was what I was looking for out of this product. It’s more of a creamy, thick lipstick. I don’t like lip products that sit on the lips and you can feel it moving around like lip glosses. So I don’t really like the feel of this one. Also the shade is far too light for me and I don’t know what I was thinking! I Love Chi Chi, but I don’t love this product.

NAKED Flushed Palette in NATIVE


Last but not least is the NAKED Flushed palette in Native – don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Urban Decay products and I do sort of like this palette. There are two things that put me off and that’s that the bronzer shade is a bit too pigmented/dark/powdery for me, and the price is a bit steep. I know Urban Decay is an expensive brand and I own a lot of their products. But I just think that I could nearly buy a NAKED eye shadow palette for that price, and if I don’t like the bronzer then it becomes a waste of money to me. The upside is that the highlighter is TO DIE FOR. Like it’s amazing. I wish they sold the highlighter separately. The blush is nice too, although again, very pigmented. Overall, it’s definitely a nice palette and totally useable! But a bit on the expensive side in my opinion.


And that’s it my lovelies! Those are the products currently in my collection that I don’t LOVE. What are some products that you don’t like that much or that you wouldn’t repurchase? Are there any of these products that you have and also dislike? OR do you have any of these products and love them!? Let me know! I always love to hear from you. x

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One thought on “The products I wouldn’t write home about ♥

  1. I agree with you with the EOS lip balm. I bought it because everyone raved about it on YT and blogs but besides the cute factor, it’s a horrible lip balm and dried out my lips more. I haven’t tried anything else in this except for the Lime Crime Velvetines but I have it in Red Velvet which I love as red shade. I bought it 2 years ago though and haven’t purchased any since. I won’t be repurchasing from them either. Too much drama going on around that brand. I actually love knowing what products didn’t work well on others. 🙂


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