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What I Got For Christmas 2015 One Direction Zoeva

Good morning class,

If you aren’t following my social media accounts, then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Apologies for the lack of posts over the past few weeks, but c’mon, it was the holidays! I hope you’ve had a lovely time with your family – I sure did!

I thought, as I adore reading posts and watching videos about what people get for Christmas, that I would post about some of the lovely things I received too! Lets face it, we’re all a little bit nosey. Or curious I should say, that sounds better. We’re all a little curious.

Anyway, the usual disclaimer, of course I’m not having a brag or trying to show off or anything ridiculous like that. I am extremely grateful to everyone who I received a gift from (so thank you if you’re reading this!). I am not showing you everything I received for various reasons, including the amazing gifts received from my students. This stuff is mainly just from my family and friends ❤

Christmas to me is little to do with receiving gifts, rather it’s the giving that really makes me happy and brings me joy! That and spending some time with my family in my hometown. Perfection.

Pandora Fairy Charm

Anyway let’s get into it! From my lovely partner I received this fairy Pandora charm. Now if you didn’t know me as a 5 year old, you wouldn’t have known that I was obsessed with fairies therefore this gift is absolutely perfect for me! He is always able to find the most perfect Pandora charms for my bracelet 😀

Kmart Light Box Haul Christmas 2015

I had been eyeing up this light box for a while from Kmart and he sneakily went and picked that up for me as well which was sweet! I love this for photos and just to spice up our living room! Good old Kmart has done it again.

He also promised me some tickets to one of our favourite comedians shows when he comes to Auckland this year – Frenchy! If you don’t know him, you should totally check him out! Unless you’re one of my students… as his humor is definitely not for children! ( I literally can’t find a G-rated picture to put on here so you’ll have to Google him yourself!)

Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set

My main present from my partner was this gorgeous Zoeva brush set! I did pick this one out myself, but I figured it’s one of those things that you don’t want to buy yourself (as they are rather expensive) but you’d be over-the-moon to receive as a gift! I have two words to describe these brushes – game changer. I can do an in-depth post about them at a later date if you’re interested!?

Zoeva En Taupe

From my amazing brother (not sure why I’m sucking up to him right now as he will probably never read this) I received another item I picked out myself. I totally understand how completely boring that is – but when people are asking you directly “what do you want?” it’s easier to just tell them! The Zoeva ‘En Taupe’ Palette is mother-flippin’ amaaaaazing! Like, it’s amazing. I have been loving cool-toned taupe colours on my eyes lately and this is the ultimate cool-toned palette. I will do an in-depth review of this little baby too if you’re interested?

Apple Candle

Tony Moly Apple Hand Cream

He also got me two “apples for the teacher” which is SO thoughtful and uber cute. One of the apples is a candle – and I really need to watch out where I leave this thing lying around because IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A REAL APPLE. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to burn this piece of art. But it’s super cool! He also got me the Tony Moly Red Apple Hand Cream which is way cute! I’ve already decided I’m going to take this to school and leave it on my desk! Little did he know that Tony Moly is actually a brand I am a fan of already, it’s a Korean skincare brand with a range of quirky products – so well done little bro!

My parents got me a Ninja Master Prep Blender (which I don’t have a photo of because I’ve already used it – multiple times). I was complaining to mum that I wanted to make my own mayo like she does but my blender was for smoothies and didn’t work properly. Voila! I was NOT expecting it but she gave me this blender. It chops, blends and crushes and it’s freaking awesome! I would 110% recommend.

Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon

My parents also got me the ever coveted Viktor and Rolf ‘Bon Bon’ perfume gift set which I’ve been on-off wanting since it came out a couple of years ago. It smells divine and I am so excited to have it! Although I feel like I never want to use it because each spray is like spraying out a $10 note.

One Direction Made In The A.M. FOUR Justin Bieber Purpose

If you don’t know me in person you may not know this, but if you do know me in person then you will definitely know that I am a HUGE One Direction fan. Like, it’s embarrassing. I would say it is a secret guilty pleasure but it’s definitely not a secret. My class last year also became mildly obsessed with them too as we used ‘Drag Me Down’ and ‘Perfect’ as our packing up songs for the second half of the year. Anyway, my partners brother got me the CD’s ‘Made In The A.M.’ and ‘FOUR’ (although I do already have a digital copy of FOUR) so that I can play them in my car! My car only plays CD’s and I now have a nice wee weird mix of CD’s to listen to during my 1.5 hour round trip to and from work each day!

My partner and I also gifted ourselves the new Justin Bieber album ‘Purpose’ for Christmas too as we are closet Beliebers. All three albums received are rad. Love them.

Pandora Clip Charm

From my partners mum I received another Pandora charm. This time it’s one of those ones that clip on to the bracelet and don’t move from where they are. Like they’re not the screw ones, but the clip ones if that makes sense. It’s SO gorgeous and I absolutely love it. I’ve been wanting another clipping one for ages to help organize the charms on my bracelet and this one is perfect!

101 things to do instead of playing on your phone

She also gifted my partner and I a little book called ‘101 THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF PLAYING ON YOUR PHONE’ which really cracked me up because, let’s face it, we’re always on our blimmen’ phones! We just can’t help it. The book is really cool and has some great wee activities to do.

Lush Firecracker Christmas Gift Set Bath Bomb

Last, but certainly not least, from my gorgeous best friend I received the Lush Firecracker gift box – which contains three bath products that I have been really dying over! Two limited edition baths bombs (The Experimenter and Intergalactic) and the Candy Mountain bubble bar. I have been wanting this since it came out and I’m so excited to try the limited edition bath bombs!

theBalm The Manizer Sisters palette

She also gave me theBalm The Manizer Sisters palette which is a highlighting palette including Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manzier and Betty-Lou Manizer. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this because you guys know how much I love Mary-Lou. Like she’s my bae. Now I get her sisters too…Yaaas.

And that, my friends, is a little peek into some of the beautiful, thoughtful and exciting gifts I received this Christmas 2015. I am again so grateful for everything I was gifted and I loved giving everyone their gifts too! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got given some gorgeous presents as well!

Please let me know what else you’d like me to write about on the blog! Any requests just let me know. I’m a teacher, I’ve got some free time right now!

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