About me ♥

Kia ora! Talofa! Bonjour! Bula! Welcome to Miss White’s Makeup Desk. I suppose you’re wondering why I decided to say hello in Maori, Samoan, French and Fijian… well, basically, I get greeted like this every morning by my 22 children… 

Miss White ♥

Miss White ♥

Uhh WHAT? 22 kids… how can you even afford a mascara? Don’t worry, I am a primary school teacher, and I teach a class of 5 year olds that just love to comment on my face of the day.

I am also a self confessed makeup-addict and I’m sure my boyfriend wants to put me in some sort of makeup rehab but I just can’t get enough! 

As a teacher, I love to procrastinate and write down my thoughts. So, I decided why not hit two birds with one stone and share my reviews, hauls, comparisons, and thoughts on makeup in blog form? Therefore both procrastinating, writing, AND justifying my makeup purchases (all while adding a spot of humor with some cute comments my kids make on various products). 

I am not in any way a makeup artist or a beauty professional of any kind. I simply love to play, experiment and purchase makeup! I think of it as a good thing because it means my views are entirely honest and are peer-to-peer! Let’s face it, we’re all a little obsessed, right?


Yours sincerely,

Miss White 



22 thoughts on “About me ♥

  1. Can I come with you to the rehab.. My husband thinks the same for me.. lol.. Loved your intro.. and yes I am now giving thanks to my teachers after reading your tag lines in the posts 🙂

    Let’s stay connected 🙂

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  2. Visitng from #brunchclub 🙂 Loving your blog! I’m a teacher by trade too, which is partly why I got into blogging. I miss writing and keeping my brain busy now that I’m a stay at home mama. Looking forward to following you on your blogging journey xx

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