How I got clear skin! (Finally) ♥


Good morning class,

Today I’d like to chat about skin.

I haven’t really done any posts about skin before, and this is due to the fact that I am a self-confessed skin n00b (as they say on the internet). I suck at skin. I hate spending money on it cause it’s not as exciting as makeup and I just don’t “get” skin.

However, after much struggle, research (on Makeup Obsessives) and dreaded chin pimps I have finally found a routine that suits my oil slick of a face. Joy!

Lucky for you I’ve decided to share it with you! I think the time that made me realize I need to sort out my skin was when I started teaching I touched my face all the time and got pimples on my chin quite often. A 5 year old (bless) tried to touch my chin and was like “What are those bumps Miss White?”. Shame. I went to Lush on the way home.

I’ve always used makeup remover wipes to take off my makeup each night, and although I do still use those every second day, I realize they aren’t really ideal for cleansing alone. (I use the Kmart ones – on sale for $2 at the moment! Craaazy!?).

Okay before I start rambling about skin I’m going to talk about my daily routine, show you the products I use and talk about which I use each one for, and show a picture of my skin. It’s not perfect yet, as I am only human, and it’s not suuuuper recent because I’ve got a few hormonal pimples at the moment (I think it’s from a couple of weeks ago). As I say to the kids at school, deal with it.

The Body Shop Trilogy Rosehip oil Lush Karen


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