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Good morning class,

This post is exceptionally exciting because not only is it my first ever favourites post – BUT it’s also a collab with the lovely Claire from the blog https://irishbeaut.wordpress.com/ and YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUJuKFOGumHUJ_AlkcgfdFw/featured

irish beaut

She was one of my first subscribers to my blog and I am in love with her accent (and her videos!) So please go and check her out and check out her favourites post over on her blog 🙂

Alright, we have decided to feature not only beauty products but other things we are obsessed with this month too like food, TV shows, songs etc.

I’m going to start with beauty I think because I know that’s what you’ll all be interested in – this being a beauty blog and all.


I have three favourite face products for this month. I’ve chosen these ones because I’ve used them the most in January although I don’t use them everyday normally (probably because I’ve been on holiday so I’ve had more time to put on makeup therefore wearing a full face each day and experimenting with lots of different products!).Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-It Foundation in Light 46

My first fave is the Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-It foundation (mine’s in the colour Light 46). This product is near impossible to buy from New Zealand however I got a friend to bring it over from Sephora in America. I know Sephora are a bit funny with NZ cards being used to purchase online but if you want to risk it you can check it out here. It’s my fave because I’ve recently discovered mixing it with my Estee Lauder Double Wear in Bone 1W1 is like discovering dinosaurs or cloning – VERY exciting. It gives me the most perfect matte finish and full coverage and then I am able to dewify (totes a word) my face with powders and things. They are also like exactly the same colour which is great.


Mac Lightscapade reviewThe second face fave (does anyone else misspell fave as face all the time on the iPhone?!) is my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. I have been going for a glowy bright look under the eyes lately to balance out the matte finish I’ve been getting and I’ve found Lightscapade just does it amazingly. I bought mine from MAC and used Youshop to get it here. One of my FAVE highlighters especially for fair skin!Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review

Third face fave is my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 01. I got mine from Countdown in NZ and I just bought a back up because they were on sale! Score! I use this one under my eyes to brighten them. It’s seriously one of my all time favourite concealers. It’s so cheap, nice and pale, awesome creamy consistency, lasts for forever and it looks amazing! It makes any darkness under the eyes disappear and makes them all bright and glowy. Best of all – it doesn’t crease! Amen!


My favourite lip product of January is actually a combo! I’ve been loving the Chi Chi Lip Pencil in Totally Nude paired with the MAC lipstick in Myth (over the top). This is my version of the Kylie Jenner lip craze because I’m a little pale so I don’t seem to suit the darker nude look I find this combo is the perfect tone for my skin. MAC Myth Chi Chi Totally Nude!


My skin favourite for this month is something that I have used for the last few months but I’ve decided it’s the best and I’m going to stop looking for more skincare. It’s the Lush Dark Angels fresh cleanser! Da da! It looks super scary in the tub because it’s all black and my boyfriend ALWAYS has a bit of a laugh when I’ve got it smothered all over my face (however he is now in love with it being smothered over his face too!) but this thing is amaaazing. I’ve tried most of the fresh cleansers by Lush and this is my favourite for my oily skin. It seriously eliminates oil like nothing else. It also is the right scrub consistency to make it feel like it’s doing something to you without feeling like it’s ripping the skin off your face! A nice medium. If you have oily skin go into your closest Lush and ask for a sample!! Lush Dark Angels


I was trying to think of my favourite for this month and I can’t get past the They’re Real Push-Up liner. It’s just so good! I’ve just written a review of it here – so go and check that out to see why I think it’s so amazing! I’ve literally used it like every day since I got it. My winged saviour!

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Special mention goes to my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. No jokes. It’s the bomb.com. I am feeling anxious about using it though because it’s sold out everywhere I’d buy Too Faced from and I desperately need a back up. I have talked about why I love it in my Mascara Madness post.



I’m not big on hair products (possibly because I spend so much on makeup I literally have no money left for hair) but I did get this Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection product for Christmas from my brother. (Obviously I asked for this as my brother is not a hairdresser). I had a sample of it and I desperately wanted it in the full size so I was glad to see that my bro followed through and was able to nab this for me! He bought it from Vivo and it was pretty fast shipping! This is a fab product for defrizzing my hair. It makes it feel all shiny and soft and it’s apparently waterproof which I doubt but it does work well at keeping my frizz at bay in this God -forsaken heat.


I’ve been quite into my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume this month. I bought it on a Christmas sale (for myself) and I think the fact that it’s new, plus I’m obsessed with T-Swizzle at the moment, plus it smells delish, has made it my most used/favourite smell for this month!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck


I feel like this is what I’m most excited to write about – potentially because I have an episode loading as we speak, and because I’ve been watching it non-stop but my fave TV show of January is BY FAR American Horror Story. I am seriously obsessed. I’ve watched three out of the four seasons this month. (I have been on holiday…). I am in love with Tate/Kit/Kyle (I think I loved Tate most though… weird?). I LOVED each of the seasons equally. I actually cannot decide which one is the best. If you like horror movies (which I am obsessed with) then why haven’t you watched this show yet!? I don’t know why I took so long to watch it. It’s addictive. And amazing. Just watch it. Comment down below if you love it and we can goss about how great it is!

American Horror Story

(Not my photo)


Crap. I haven’t really been to the movies that much this month. I think I’ve seen Into The Woods which was okay but I thought the songs weren’t catchy enough for a full-on musical (it’s no Les Miserables/Jesus Christ Superstar). I’ve also seen American Sniper which I’m going to say is my favourite movie for this month mainly because of a lack of content watched. However it was a really great movie and I’m not a fan of war-type movies usually so it’s good that I even sat through it, let alone liked it. Eye candy was pretty good, and the story line was good too. Thumbs up from me!

American Sniper

(Not my photo)


Easy. Easy Peasy. Obviously T-Swizz. I got 1989 for Christmas (so did one of my 5 year old students… shame) and I can either listen to the radio or to CDs in my car. So I’ve been listening to her CD non-stop because it’s the only CD I own from this decade pretty much. Unless you count the likes of Panic @ The Disco and such from my emo stage. I LOVE “I Know Places” and “Bad Blood” – I think they’re my faves for now but I don’t dislike any song on the whole album which is a plus! I have been rockin’ out with the windows down and Tay-Tay up really loud and my I ♥ Makeup sticker on the back of my car looking like a dork this month.


(Not my photo)


The boyfriend and I have been slightly obsessed with Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 on PS3 at the moment. We have already played Years 5-7 which was epic. I love the Lego games (again, as does one of my 5 year old students) but they’re actually fun for adults too alright? Plus it combines my love of the games with my love for Harry Potter which is just lovely. It goes through all the books/movies in order and each level is an important part of the movie you’re on.

Lego Harry Potter

(Not my photo)


My fave food this month is tricky because food is amazing – how does anyone choose just one favourite?! Plus I’m trying to think of something that might be in other countries and other areas of NZ… I think my fave would be Pita Pit. I go there every week at least once. It’s always good. I’ve never had a bad pita. It’s healthy. It’s fresh. It’s filling. It’s cheap. I am in love with Pita Pit. If you have them where you live then go there! My personal fave is the Chicken ‘n’ Fala (Falafel). So delish!

Pita pit

(Not my photo)


Alright kids that’s it for my January Faves! Please let me know if you’d like to see any other categories in my favourites for next month/next time I do one. Let me know if you liked this post and what are your faves for January!?

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