Garnier Micellar Water ♥

Garnier Micellar Water review

Good morning class,

This is how the Garnier Micellar Water makes me feel –


If there’s ever a time that I’ve felt like a beauty product has been sent to me by God himself it’s right now. Just as I’d been thinking about the Garnier Micellar Water and if it was actually going to be good – doesn’t it just look exactly like water? How could micellar water take off my makeup any better than water? What the heck is Micellar water anyway?  Will I even ever be able to get my hands on this product? I bet it will cost like a bazillion dollars in NZ… etc etc I got an email from the lovely ladies over at Beauty Review telling me that I was invited to trial this product! Uhhh, yes please! Hey-yo!

So, for the past month (?) I’ve been testing out this bad boy for you (and for Beauty Review) because I know you’ll all have questions about it just like I did. Here are the answers!!

First of all, yes this water is actually made of unicorn tears and God’s spit. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Bible, but I read a story to my children last week and it’s the one where Jesus heals a blind beggar. Basically, he gets some dirt from the ground, spits in it, makes it mud, smears it on this dude’s eyes and washes it off in a river. Voila! He can see! I’m almost certain he’s spat into this water as well because it magically takes off my makeup like nothing I’ve ever used before.

I am blown away with the effectiveness of this product. It’s unreal. I usually use makeup wipes to take my makeup off and I know it’s naughty but I’m kinda lazy at night time because I’m usually so tired. This stuff however takes off your makeup with ONE SWIPE. Like, I know it says that on the bottle but I swear to you, it’s literally one swipe. And I am a total cake face. I promise I’m not exaggerating!

I use a wee bit on a Kmart Makeup Remover pad and swipe it across my face or eye or whatever and then I look down at my pad to see my face staring up at me. The beauty about this compared to makeup wipes is that there’s no rubbing involved! I also usually pull out like 5 eye lashes each time I use a makeup wipe but that doesn’t happen with this product! It doesn’t sting my eyes either.

The ONLY downside is that I use like 10 of the Makeup remover pads because I wear too much makeup. The upside to that is that the pads cost like $3 for 200 so it’s no biggie. I suppose you could probably fork out on thicker pads too like some fancy Swisspers ones or something but I can’t be bothered with that.

All in all, I think that this stuff is a must-buy! It’s $12 at your local supermarket – and even if you don’t end up liking it, for $12 it’s worth a try! I 100% recommend it

Please let me know if you’ve tried it and what you thought! Or go and buy it and try it and tell me how it’s changed your life!

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10 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water ♥

  1. SOOO it’s a cleansing oil(water) without the sticky oily feel…..*suddenly hears a hallelujah course*…………………………..

    K I’ll pick it up first time tomorrow ^.^

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