Wish List May ’15 (It’s my birthday this week guys!) ♥

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Good morning class,

Today (seeing as it’s my birthday on Friday!) i thought it’s a perfect time to share with you my current wish list ♥

I LOVE reading about other people’s wish lists as it helps to inspire me about what I should buy next and I always discover new products I need!

(Note: None of these photos are my own (obviously as I do not own the products yet) they are all stock photos taken from the websites that sell these products).

benefit roller lash


First up is a product that I just don’t stop hearing about! Benefit’s latest and greatest mascara – the Roller Lash! You know I love my Benefit They’re Real mascara but this one is intriguing me… I  like the idea of the Roller Lash because I LOVE a bit of curl on my lashes! The packaging, as per usual, is also to DIE for. Basically, from what I’ve heard, this sounds like a fantastic product and I am dying to get my hands on it.

Wishlist ambient lighting palette hourglass

Okay guys the struggle is real. This is probably my MOST WANTED make-up item ever. This is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and I am dying for this. I’ve put it in and out of my cart so many times, I’ve swatched it, I’ve researched it, and I’ve just stared at it. It is amazing. I literally need it. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but then again I think that keeps the allure of the product alive. I feel like it needs me too. For the love of God could one of these make it’s way to my mail box asap. ♥♥

wishlist anastasia beverly hills contour kit

I believe this was in my previous Wish List post see here but SPOILER ALERT I haven’t got my hands on it as of yet! I feel as though the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and I could be good friends. I love the look of it and I love the idea of it and really, I just want to get my hands on SOMETHING Anastasia Beverly Hills before I spontaneously combust.

juicy couture perfume

There’s probably about ten perfumes on my wish list at the moment because I am literally addicted to them (anyone want to see a perfume collection – let me know), however this Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal perfume just looks and smells divine! I love the stars on the packaging, I love the sweet fruity smell, and I just love perfume! I’ve never owned a Juicy Couture perfume but they’re right at the top of my smell list (the list of perfumes I smell whenever I’m at a shop that sells them). Perfume gods – hear my prayer!

hula hoops salt and vinegar

Honestly guys, ever since that candy/snack taste test post I’ve been craving these babies like no tomorrow. ESPECIALLY in Salt and Vinegar flavour. I feel like that would just take the cake. I’m almost dreaming about these delicious chips. They are honestly making my mouth water right now. I’ve found the originals at my local New World Supermarket (plug) but the packets are just SO small and expensive I can’t justify it.

jeffree star prom night jeffree star lipsticks celebrity skin

Okay. LOOK. At these lipsticks. These are the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Prom Night (left) and Celebrity Skin. These look like they’re to DIE for. I’ve seen Shannon Harris wearing the Prom Night one and I have the mad envy. Just look at them for a minute guys. C’mon. Oh they’re so perfect. Why am I not rich!? Sigh.

kat von d tattoo liner

Can everyone stop talking about the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner? It’s really getting me down. I want it so badly! I do have some amazing liner pens already, which I LOVE, but this one is so elusive and gossiped about I feel like I NEED it in my collection. I feel like it might be the best liner in the world. I love Kat Von D products so I know this would be good. Let’s be fair, it’s sitting in a few carts already. 😉

colourpop highlighters


Let’s face it. I’ve already made and recieved an order of these Colourpop Highlighters… but now that I’ve seen them I absolutely NEED the rest of the collection. Never have I been so obsessed with a brand and/or a product. These are the epitome of perfect. I actually need every one of them. Don’t worry I’ve got a haul coming soon but for the love of God Colourpop – send me the whole collection I’m begging you!

Okay ladies and gents, that’s it for today. My complete wish list. Have you got any of these products? Do you love them? Do you hate them? *gasp*. What else do I NEED in my life? Are you lusting after any of these things as well! Let’s chat!

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