Kiwi Tastes American & English Snacks/Candy ♥

American English Candy Snacks Taste Test Review


Good morning class,

I wanted to do something a little bit different for Easter over on my blog – and since I don’t like chocolate that much I decided to do one of the ever-so-popular ‘American snack taste test’ type posts. Usually these are done as videos but ‘aint nobody got time for that!

The worst part about this post is that I gave up candy and chips (among other things) for Lent and I ordered these about 3 weeks before Lent so I’ve really been feeling like Jesus in the desert getting tested this Lent –  I’ll tell you that for nothing!

Anyway finally it’s Easter Sunday and Tom and I sat down for a wee taste.

I ordered all of these goodies off an awesome local website called United Sweets – shipping to Auckland is literally $3.50 so get ordering! They are the

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