Shhh! Miss White’s Beauty Secrets – (7 tricks I couldn’t live without!) ♥

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Sssh! Today I want to share with you my TOP beauty secrets – straight from the head of Miss White herself. They’re probably nothing too mind-blowing but I always find it helpful to hear other people’s tips and tricks that they’ve come across over time so I thought I’d let you know mine. (I am LOVING both gifs and Pretty Little Liars at the moment – for any PLL chat, comment below! I love to gossip about it!)

Note: these top secret secrets may have been taken from various websites, gurus, magazines, people, grandmas, friends etc. Nothing’s original these days is it. However these tips are ones that I personally use daily and that work for me, so I feel like that’s all that matters here.

Tip #1: SARD WONDER SOAP. It’s the stain remover of the Gods. It’s the ONLY bar of soap you need in your lives. It. Is. King of the Soaps


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I always see people on Facebook (especially my beloved Makeup Obsessives) in a complete panic over a simple stain on a favourite dress or something similar. Truly I tell you, you will never have this problem again after purchasing this $3.50 goodness from your local supermarket. This will take out basically any stain it gets it’s greasy mitts on. I’ve found if you get at a stain early and with this soap, it will always come out. The same cannot always be said for older stains, but it does fade the tougher ones and gets out most of the others. I also use this soap to wash my brushes if they’re packed with product, my beauty blender, dresses with fake tan or makeup on them, my tanning mitt, my white shoes, the list goes on. I go through a bar of this stuff every few months and it’s the most handy cleaning product I own.

This one I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram etc, so it’s on oldie but a goodie. I’m sorry if you’ve seen it before but it’s something I couldn’t live without knowing now. So in case you haven’t seen it, here we go.

beauty secret tip tricks drying brushes

Tip #2: Using hair ties to dry your makeup brushes. Whoever came up with this idea should have seriously copyrighted it or something because it is genius!

Basically, you wash your makeup brushes (I use a mixture of SARD wonder soap (for really foundationy brushes), Shampoo, Conditioner and Garnier Micellar Water – if you were wondering), then I give them a big ole shake to shake off the excess water (and it helps them stay in shape) and then I hang them off something (towel rail, drawer handles, coat hangers) upside down by getting a thick hair tie and making a loop around the towel rail and putting the brush handle through the loops. They usually dry within a day and they always stay in shape! Plus it means that water doesn’t run into the handle and loosen the glue!

Tip #3 Using cellotape to get the perfect winged eyeliner! This one I’ve seen Shaaanxo do on her videos and since then I’ve been using that little trick nonstop! I’ve also used an old fly buys card or a paper card as well.

You hold the card or stick the tape on an angle from the corner of your eye. Then you’ve got a perfect line to draw your liner on and it’s extremely straight and sharp. It’s also ideal because you can use any type of eyeliner with it. So if you’ve got one that’s super hard to wing with then you can use that with this technique!

Tip #4 follows a similar road and it’s using an old card (eftpos, fly buys, coupon etc) to apply your lower lash mascara. I use this trick ALL the time! Honestly whenever I remember. I have quite long bottom lashes but I always get mascara all over my lower lash line and it’s a pain in the butt! So when I use a card or something it makes them look SUPER long and there’s no mascara all over the show!

Basically, you put the card underneath your lower lashes and apply your mascara as usual. Warning – you will have mascara all over the card or whatever you used but it’s a small price to pay for bangin’ lashes!

Tip #5 Shave your legs with conditioner. I buy crappy cheap conditioner and slather it on my legs when I shave. It’s a way cheaper shaving cream and it’s just as easy. It makes my legs feel SO good afterwards as well. The only downside with this one is it makes your razors last slightly less longer if you don’t clean them well afterwards. But, we can deal with that for super smooth silky legs right?


makeup obsessives


Tip #6 Join Makeup Obsessives on Facebook. Honestly, I learn tips and tricks from that page every day! It’s amazing! There’s something like 20,000 girls and guys on there who are all as obsessed with makeup as I am. They’re always posting about new things, and wee tricks and ideas. They post about good sales, where to buy their favourite products, what their favourite products are, the products they don’t like… etc. It’s the best kept beauty secret if you’re not a member. Get on and join! Plus their Queen and page creator Kirsty Leigh is an absolute babe and is super friendly and easy to talk to!

Tip #7: EXFOLIATE your lips before lipstick! I am super lazy when it comes to doing my makeup and I’m usually in a rush, but I’ve found that every time I don’t use a lip exfoliate I regret it. It ALWAYS makes my lipstick last hours longer. It exfoliates and moisturizes my lips and basically just gets them all ready for some lippy. Seriously, if you don’t exfoliate those babies get on to it. I use the Lush Lip Scrub (bubblegum is my personal favourite) which retails at about $12. I know it seems like a waste of money but it seriously lasts for ages and tastes so delicious! If you didn’t want to spend money then I’m sure you could make your own with some sugar 🙂


Okay class, that’s it for today. I know I haven’t done “50 beauty tips and tricks” and there’s only 7… but that’s because I wanted to use ones that I actually use like every day! Let me know if you want to see more of these, or if you never want to hear about them again! Hopefully some of you picked up some new tricks and you hadn’t heard of them all before!

Also if you have a good tip you’d like to share with me PLEASE do! I love hearing people’s ideas and let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to make their beauty regime faster & more efficient?

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