February Wish List ♥

Good afternoon class,

Today I thought I’d compile a list of all the things I want in February (hopefully you’ll see some of these products in haul posts coming soon). For a start I feel like it’s good getting them down in writing so that I don’t forget and buy something completely unnecessary. Secondly, I personally find these posts inspirational (hehe) and they help me remember things I have that I’ve forgotten about or things that I didn’t know I needed. Without further ado – here goes.


Stila Stay All day Foundation & Concealer (*not my photo)

Stila Stay All day Foundation & Concealer (*not my photo)

Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer in Bare ($61.45)

I have been lusting after this mysterious product ever since it started becoming talked about. I say mysterious because the reviews I’ve heard are mixed… however I want it all the same. I worked out my shade on www.findation.com and decided that I straight up needed this product.  Anything that says it’s going to “stay all day” is something I need on my face. At school it’s so hard to keep your makeup looking perfect because you’re dealing with a hot classroom, grumpy kids, high stress (at times), lots of movement and I’m always touching my face!! I’ve been eyeing up this product on ASOS and it was on special last week! But I’d already spent my money on other things (haul coming soon). I also love the idea of having a concealer in the lid of the product – how cute is that?! Would be handy to keep in my desk at school. Continue reading