Colourpop update – my thoughts after using the products for two weeks ♥

Colourpop Review swatches

Good morning class,

I have been so obsessed with my Colourpop haul that I just HAD to write another post about the products because I felt like there was so much more I needed to tell you about them.

Colourpop is actually amazing. The Super Shock Eye Shadows, Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are all $5 US each, and the Blushes are $8 US each. Like what!? Excuse me but that is a seriously good price. At first I thought the products would be average because the price is simply so low. I would pay more for these products hands down (not that I want to Colourpop… so don’t get any ideas!). However the products, especially for the price, are (in a word) amazing. There’s no other way to describe them. Ladies and Gents – The hype is real. Continue reading

Colourpop Haul – I am now obsessed… ♥

Colourpop haul

Good morning class,

Yay! Another haul! I know you all love hauls, because I absolutely love them as well. It’s interesting to see what other people buy and then get jealous over it and make a shopping cart ourselves… don’t tell me I’m the only person who does this.

Anyway – make a cart yourself after reading this one because you won’t be jealous! The Colourpop range of Super Shock Eye Shadows, Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are only $5 each! $5US! Crazy talk! Plus they have just released some gorgeous blush products which are $8 – and they’re double the size of the eye shadows so sweet deal!

I picked up four Super Shock Eye Shadows and three Lippie Stix. I didn’t get any of the Pencils… but instant regret! I wish I did and they’re already in my cart for my next purchase (which will probably be tomorrow).

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MAC Cosmetics Haul/review! ♥

MAC Cosmetics Haul

Good morning class,

Eeeeep I am so excited to write this post! I’m sorry it’s so late but I wanted to use the products a little before I wrote about them – plus their arrival coincided with the start of the school year so it’s been a little hectic thus far. But here I am, ready to rave and tell you all about my wee haul.

Basically, I bought two eyeshadow pans and a quad a wee while ago and I’ve been dying to fill up the other two spaces in the quad ever since. I used this as an excuse to order from  of course! I used YouShop to get the products to NZ and I had absolutely no problems. My friend and I ordered quite a bit of stuff and we only got charged $9 each in shipping which was ideal. I would 100% recommend YouShop as a way of getting makeup or other packages from the US to NZ.

If you’re not from NZ or the US then have a look out for other forwarding sites where you can send your goodies. Mac in the US is so much cheaper than Mac in New Zealand! I would be spending over double the price if I purchased here!

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Matte Lip Cremes Part 1 – Australis ♥


Good afternoon class,

Personally I love to hate (or hate to love?) wearing lipstick. I think we have a sibling relationship. It annoys the crap out of me but I still love it unconditionally. The thing I think that irks me the most about wearing lipstick is reapplying. I NEED to invest in a wee mirror for my classroom at school – that would be a godsend. However at school presently it’s way too annoying to reapply my lippy or touch up my makeup because I’m always so busy and I can’t be bothered taking my wee makeup bag all the way from my classroom to the bathroom. Yep. I’m lazy. But also I think I’d get laughed at. I am one of the only makeup wearers at my school! At least, a full face that is. So basically by the end of the day I look like the witch off The Wizard of Oz… melting. I’m meltingggg!

Where I’m getting at with this wee rant is that the discovery of Matte Lip creams was the purpose of my existence. It made my life worth living again. A lipstick. That stayed put. Didn’t wear off. I didn’t rub it all over my face. I don’t get it on the mugs at school. I barely need to reapply. Alleluia!

I’m going to talk today about one of my favourite brands of matte lip creams – the Australis Velourlips. Note: this is part 1, which means yes! There will be a part 2 and perhaps even a part 3 so stay tuned for that!

I first heard about the Australis Velourlips when they were released in NZ as a free gift with the “Girlfriend” magazine which is a teen mag here in NZ/Australia. It felt weird buying 2 copies of this magazine aimed at 13 year olds with a huge picture of Tay Swizzle on the front but I did enjoy reading about 1D. Plus I was able to nab two of the three colours released with the magazines. A bright pink called “MAL-I-BOO” and a bright orange called “RIO-D”. The pink itself got me hooked. (I get the chills over bright pinks). Since then I’ve purchased 3 more shades and I have another one in the mail (haul coming soon).

From bottom to top: PAR-EE, HO-CHEE-MIN, LUN-DUN, MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D

From bottom to top: PAR-EE, HO-CHEE-MIN, LUN-DUN, MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D

I absolutely love these lip creams because they do last a really long time on the lips. They’re creamy, they’re cheap as chips (around $14 at Farmers or Kmart, $9.95 in Australia), they have heaps of shades (and are about to add some more!) the packaging is simple and sturdy AND they’re kiss proof 😉

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