Matte Lip Creams Part 2 – Sleek Matte Me ♥



Sleek matte me lip creams review swatches birthday suit

Good morning class,

Today I want to talk to you about something I have been MEANING to post about ever since I started this blog. The Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams.

I’m trying to remember whether I bought one of these or one of the Australis Velourlips first. I am pretty sure it was one of these. Back in the day these were raved about upon Makeup Obsessives on Facebook but nowadays I don’t hear much about them any more. Which, is sad, because these are absolutely FANTASTIC products. I bought mine straight from the Sleek website which is where they are the cheapest. Shipping is EXTREMELY cheap. Like literally $2 for 2 products type thing. However it does take a LONG time to get to NZ from there. The Sleek website has been sold out of a few colours for quite a while now which is frustrating. I’d recommend buying off which is still SUPER DUPER cheap ($13.95NZ) and they have all the colours in stock and their shipping is super quick.

I have the whole set APART from the red one which is really frustrating, but I think I’ll be ordering off very soon to complete my collection. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, a red is a red. These next swatches you are about to see will blow your mind. They are a BIG hit with the kids at school too. Especially Brink Pink.

Matte Me


Those are wet swatches but basically these lip creams apply wet and dry matte. I would say the formula is in between the consistencies of the Australis Velourlips and the Lime Crime Velevetines. It’s wetter than the Velourlips but not as wet as the Velvetines.

The colours are absolutely amazing though, aren’t they?! So vibrant and as pigmented as that on the lips. I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear these shades. ALWAYS.

They’re obviously a bit drying on the lips, being matte lip creams but they’re not TOO bad compared to some similar products. They’re probably my favourite formula that I’ve tried of this type of product. They last for forever, they don’t transfer, they’re vibrant and pigmented and they look BOSS.

Brink Pink was my first shade and it’s my favourite. There’s something about it and it’s unlike any pink shade I own. The colour is out of this world.

Birthday suit is a gorgeous Kylie Jenner nude and the best thing is – it lasts all day! Very flattering on the lips and suits anyone. Probably the most popular and well known shade too – and first to sell out so get in quick!

Petal is a gorgeous nude pink shade which is super flattering and doesn’t wash me out at all. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love shades like these! It’s slightly darker on the lips when it’s dry but I like it like that.

Fandango Purple is a SUPER bright purple that gets ALOT of attention. Don’t wear this one if you don’t want to be noticed. It’s an amazing colour and I love it with a neutral eye.

Party Pink is a reddy pink and it looks so nice. Really wearable and good for everyday. I don’t get as much wear out of it as I do with the others but I think it’s because I’ve got so many similar colours. I find it very similar to Impassioned by Mac.

Overall, these lip creams are the I would 10000% recommend them and honestly, I find them so underrated. If you don’t have one in your collection then what are you doing!? They’re so cheap but such great quality and HEAPS of product inside. Sleek is a fantastic brand I’d recommend checking them out.

Have you tried these before? Tell me your thoughts! What other matte lip cream brands should I try? What is your favourite shade? Let me know!

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Matte Lip Cremes Part 1 – Australis ♥


Good afternoon class,

Personally I love to hate (or hate to love?) wearing lipstick. I think we have a sibling relationship. It annoys the crap out of me but I still love it unconditionally. The thing I think that irks me the most about wearing lipstick is reapplying. I NEED to invest in a wee mirror for my classroom at school – that would be a godsend. However at school presently it’s way too annoying to reapply my lippy or touch up my makeup because I’m always so busy and I can’t be bothered taking my wee makeup bag all the way from my classroom to the bathroom. Yep. I’m lazy. But also I think I’d get laughed at. I am one of the only makeup wearers at my school! At least, a full face that is. So basically by the end of the day I look like the witch off The Wizard of Oz… melting. I’m meltingggg!

Where I’m getting at with this wee rant is that the discovery of Matte Lip creams was the purpose of my existence. It made my life worth living again. A lipstick. That stayed put. Didn’t wear off. I didn’t rub it all over my face. I don’t get it on the mugs at school. I barely need to reapply. Alleluia!

I’m going to talk today about one of my favourite brands of matte lip creams – the Australis Velourlips. Note: this is part 1, which means yes! There will be a part 2 and perhaps even a part 3 so stay tuned for that!

I first heard about the Australis Velourlips when they were released in NZ as a free gift with the “Girlfriend” magazine which is a teen mag here in NZ/Australia. It felt weird buying 2 copies of this magazine aimed at 13 year olds with a huge picture of Tay Swizzle on the front but I did enjoy reading about 1D. Plus I was able to nab two of the three colours released with the magazines. A bright pink called “MAL-I-BOO” and a bright orange called “RIO-D”. The pink itself got me hooked. (I get the chills over bright pinks). Since then I’ve purchased 3 more shades and I have another one in the mail (haul coming soon).

From bottom to top: PAR-EE, HO-CHEE-MIN, LUN-DUN, MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D

From bottom to top: PAR-EE, HO-CHEE-MIN, LUN-DUN, MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D

I absolutely love these lip creams because they do last a really long time on the lips. They’re creamy, they’re cheap as chips (around $14 at Farmers or Kmart, $9.95 in Australia), they have heaps of shades (and are about to add some more!) the packaging is simple and sturdy AND they’re kiss proof 😉

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BH Blush Bounty

BH Cosmetics Blush Palette Glamourous


Good afternoon class,

Ahh blush, it has the power to make you look angelic, embarrassed, child-like, hot, orange, glowing or potentially, sunburned. What a lot of power that is. I can almost feel the rays of emotion coming from this palette.


Today I’d like to chat to you about this blush palette I received recently from an order on Beauty Joint ( It is the BH Cosmetics Glamorous 10 Blush Palette. I have heard really great things about BH cosmetics so I thought I’d give it a wee go (why not eh?). I have always wanted a blush palette purely because I always buy pink blush shades and I wanted to mix it up a bit. I love this palette because it’s so cheap – so I was able to justify my purchase of $13.29US on an entire palette – even though I may not use all the shades!

The worst thing about this palette is that the shades don’t have names so it’s going to be difficult to describe which shade I’m referring to but hopefully we will get there and if that’s the worst thing then it must be pretty fab!

The packaging is very simple and sleek, it’s nothing special really. As a warning – it is quite thin and I feel as though it could break fairly easily. Or at least it probably isn’t great protection for your blushes. That being said, I’d recommend not taking this one away travelling with you, and be careful where you store it.

I was most excited to get this palette because of the gorgeous lavender shade in the bottom middle. Like, what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blush in that shade before! It is gorgeous. I have no idea what it would look like on the cheek (perhaps like I’ve smothered lavender flowers over my cheeks) but it’s gorgeous all the same. Continue reading

Let’s get NAKED!

Urban Decay NAKED palettesPictured from top to bottom; Urban Decay NAKED palette, Urban Decay NAKED2 palette, Urban Decay NAKED3 palette. 

Good Morning Class,

After spending hours awake last night with my brain tick-tick-ticking I decided what I’d like my next blog post to be about. I am a member of several makeup/girl/beauty related Facebook groups and lets just say my news feed is crammed with makeup posts each day. A common topic I’ve noticed on these pages is regarding the creme-de-la-creme of eye shadow palettes… the Urban Decay ‘NAKED’ palettes. Which one should I buy? Which is good for [insert eye colour here]? Which one has the best colours? Which is most pigmented? What if I’ve already got [insert dupe here]? Luckily for all of us (and unluckily for the boyf), I’ve taken the liberty of acquiring all three so that I can review and recommend appropriately.

The Urban Decay NAKED palettes include 12 matte and shimmer shades selected from the Urban Decay shadow collection. They are all neutral shades with each palette having its own theme of colours. These palettes are perfect for creating quick on-the-go looks because they come with so many shades and each one has a double sided brush and mirror. I use these palettes regularly to create simple looks for school and I can quickly sparkle it up with some of the gorgeous shimmery shades (which the kids LOVE). I have been told “Miss White I love your eyeshadow today!” after using one of these palettes.

Today I’m going to tell you my thoughts about each palette and I might even spill which one is my number one favourite palette from the collection (which happens to include my second favourite eye shadow of all time!). Continue reading