MAC Cosmetics Haul/review! ♥

MAC Cosmetics Haul

Good morning class,

Eeeeep I am so excited to write this post! I’m sorry it’s so late but I wanted to use the products a little before I wrote about them – plus their arrival coincided with the start of the school year so it’s been a little hectic thus far. But here I am, ready to rave and tell you all about my wee haul.

Basically, I bought two eyeshadow pans and a quad a wee while ago and I’ve been dying to fill up the other two spaces in the quad ever since. I used this as an excuse to order from  of course! I used YouShop to get the products to NZ and I had absolutely no problems. My friend and I ordered quite a bit of stuff and we only got charged $9 each in shipping which was ideal. I would 100% recommend YouShop as a way of getting makeup or other packages from the US to NZ.

If you’re not from NZ or the US then have a look out for other forwarding sites where you can send your goodies. Mac in the US is so much cheaper than Mac in New Zealand! I would be spending over double the price if I purchased here!

Anyway let’s get started. The first thing I’d like to chat about is the Objects of Affection Gold/Beige Pigments set. It was $35 and you can buy it here

Mac Cosmetics Objects of affection Pigments

I was so excited about these because I’ve never tried Mac pigments before – and in fact I’ve barely tried any type of pigment before. These were crazy cheap. They’re only sized-to-go pigments, but it’s not like I’ll ever use a full size one up anyway so I’m happy with that. It was $35 US for this set. $35! And you get the gorgeous box it comes in. It comes with three shimmer pigments, one matte and one glitter. I read on Cassandra Myee’s blog that the glitter isn’t deemed “safe” for eye use however I used a primer to stick it down and it was fine on my eyes. I had no reactions so I suppose just use it at your own risk. I’m not sure why they’d include a glitter which isn’t safe for eye use in a pigment set but that’s okay.

MAC Objects of Affection Beige Pigments swatches


I am absolutely in love with each colour I recieved and I’ve used them all in various looks and they all look amazing. Great pigmentation, gorgeous shades, awesome lasting power and they all work really well together too. I am impressed!

The top shade “Deep Brown” is a gorgeous matte brown which looks amazing in the crease. You only need the tiniest bit and it makes the whole lid stand out. Great for a look with these pigments as it works well with their metallic finish.

The “Gold Glitter” despite not being safe for eyes, is gorgeous. I used it on my lids and it stayed there all night (used with Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray). It was so gorgeous over the English Gilt colour and it made my eyes pop! I didn’t have an issue with fall out, just what you would expect.

Pretty It Up” the next shade was scary for me. I’ll be the first to admit I’m afraid of darker colours. However this is amazing. It’s like a metallic taupey browny colour with gold glitter/shimmer throughout it. It looks so good on the lid. It’s not too dark and scary at all. It had the most wonderful vibrant finish.

“English Gilt” is probably my favourite out of the shades. It’s just right up my alley. I love super shimmery/glittery lighter shades and it’s like a golden/bronze shade with gold glitter/shimmer throughout. It is a stand out shade. My kids at school absolutely loved it. I wore it on the second day and it lasted the entirety.

Lithe” is a gorgeous champagne yellow toned shade with a subtle shimmer. Not as full on shimmery/metallic as the others it’s great as a highlight or a lid colour if you’re feeling like toning it down a tad. This one is great for everyday use and looks stunning as well.

I am so obsessed with pigments! Lord! Someone help me!

The next thing I bought was a Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Perfect Topping and I think it’s limited edition with the Lightness of Being collection but I am also aware that they’ve released it before which is probably why I didn’t have to wait up until 3am to buy it! It was $32 and you can still buy it here

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

This is a gorgeous rose-toned highlight colour. It reminds me of Lightscapade with the different colours marbled through it and it’s got the same light, bright finish. It is absolutely stunning. It looks similar to Lightscapade when dusted over the cheek bones too – but you can see that hint of rosey pink. So beautiful! I love these Mineralize Skinfinish products because the powders are so finely milled and just amazing. The packaging is great too, I like it how you can see the product through the window and it’s nice a sturdy and easy to open which is a plus! You also get a tonne of product which is a huge tick in my book! I am so happy to have this in my huge collection of highlighters! I’ve been using it every day! Swatch of MAC Perfect Topping


Super hard to see the swatch but it’s right in the middle of my arm! I think we all need to petition to my boyfriend that I need a new iPhone so I can take better photos! Go instagram him @gilly00 saying “Miss White needs an iPhone 6!”



Next up, and last purchase (until next time of course… it’s never-ending) is my eye shadow quad which I made up myself. As I said earlier I chose two of the colours in an earlier haul and then this haul was dedicated to purchasing the last two colours to fill the quad. But I figure I’ll just talk about all of them because I don’t think I’ve shown them before on the blog!

Mac Quad Nylon, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, All That Glitters

Okay so the two colours on the left were the ones I bought first and on the right were the more recent ones. They were US $10 each for the pans and the palette itself was $8US – you can buy them here. I love the way it’s so easy to make up your palette, the colours just pop in and out really easily!

The colours from top left to bottom right are; Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, All That Glitters and Nylon.

Swatches of Mac shadows from top to bottom; All That Glitters, nylon, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe

Swatches of Mac shadows from top to bottom; All That Glitters, Nylon, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe


All That Glitters is one I thought would be overrated because you hear so much about it but I absolutely love it. It’s super glittery and pigmented and looks gorgeous on the lid!

Nylon was the reason for making this quad. I’ve been obsessed with it for forever. I always swatch it in the shop. It’s the perfect highlight colour and it’s super pigmented. My only gripe would be it’s a bit powdery.

Woodwinked I bought because I thought it sort of went well with the other colours and I could use it as an outer V colour if I were to use all the colours for one look. It’s a shimmery brown colour. Gorgeous.

Satin Taupe is one of those ones everyone talked about it. I don’t have a lot of taupe-y colours in my collection so I thought I’d pick it up. It’s a nice crease colour to give a wee razzle-dazzle to your look. I love it! Love taupe colours.

Okay folks, that was my Mac haul! Please encourage me to buy more and tell me if you liked this – I need any excuse I can get! 😛 ColourPop haul is coming up next so keep your eyes peeled!

Also – I was thinking about my posts and how they’re suuuuper long. Could you let me know if you prefer them long or would you like them a bit shorter? I’m a bit of a rambler…

Have a fantastic week! Go and buy yourself some Mac!

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