Colourpop update – my thoughts after using the products for two weeks ♥

Colourpop Review swatches

Good morning class,

I have been so obsessed with my Colourpop haul that I just HAD to write another post about the products because I felt like there was so much more I needed to tell you about them.

Colourpop is actually amazing. The Super Shock Eye Shadows, Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are all $5 US each, and the Blushes are $8 US each. Like what!? Excuse me but that is a seriously good price. At first I thought the products would be average because the price is simply so low. I would pay more for these products hands down (not that I want to Colourpop… so don’t get any ideas!). However the products, especially for the price, are (in a word) amazing. There’s no other way to describe them. Ladies and Gents – The hype is real.

You know what products I got – so I just want to have a wee catch up on each one and tell you my thoughts after frequent use (especially during the long school day).

Colourpop swatches Wifey Brills Cookie

The Lippie Stix. Here are more swatches (you can never have enough swatches) and that, my friends, is ONE SWIPE. I repeat ONE SWIPE. Yes, they are that creamy. Yes they are that pigmented. Yes they are that awesome. In a word, yes. Just yes. You need these in your life.

I know I’m a serial raver (but to be fair I’m not a fan of talking about things I don’t like unless I feel very strongly about disliking them), but for goodness sake guys, if you do anything from reading my blog then just make a Colourpop order. Order with a friend, the shipping is cheaper.

These are an absolute delight. Brills and Wifey are Satin finishes and Cookie is a matte but they all last equally as well. I have the pencils in the mail as we speak so I will comment further on the pencils working to help the Stix last longer. However I found that all three of these lippies lasted the entire day with 2-3 re-coats. The great thing is you can re-apply over the top and it doesn’t make your lips go all crusty. I am assuming that has something to do with their creamy texture.

The colours themselves I am in love with. I probably couldn’t have picked three better (Miss White) colours if I’d tried. Brills totally reminds me of both Airborne Unicorn (Lime Crime) and Dodgy Girl from the Kelly Osborne Mac collection. Wifey is similar to #49 by YSL Rouge Pur Couture or Candy Yum Yum by Mac, and Cookie reminds me of a new lipstick I’ve collected which is Oxblood from the Mac Toledo collection (Review/comparison swatches coming very soon) and that Kylie Jenner style lip. So if you have been wanting a cheaper alternative to any of those lipsticks then look no further. I would say the quality is comparable to Mac in all honestly. Try these BEFORE you spend $40 at Mac please team.

Overall, buy. There’s a colour there for everyone.

Colourpop Tassle Swatch

Tassle is my favourite out of the Super Shock Eye Shadow range. It’s like this white/semi sheer sparkle glitter bomb. It’s the most amazing colour. The swatch DOES NOT do it justice in the slightest. I have been using it primarily to apply over cream or powder shadows that I feel need a bit of oomph. It adds this gorgeous glittery glow which makes your eyes absolutely POP. If you want a hit of glitter to any look then this is the shadow for you. I will be using this like any time I go “out” ever. To be fair I’m a bit of a princess so I’ve been using it day-to-day at school as well (the kids love it). Buy this – it is so useful to have in your collection!


Colourpop Pop Rocks Swatch

Pop Rocks is that marble-like shadow with the different blues, purples and silvers. When mixed it turns into a glittery blue colour depending on where you have mixed it (e.g. if you put your finger on a purple spot it’ll be more purple). I am finding this colour harder to work for me because it’s like so blue. However it’s just as gorgeous looking as the other ones and if you’re brave/like blues/more skilled at makeup than me then I think this one would suit you!



Colourpop Liberty swatch

Liberty has totally not swatched well but it’s the most pigmented of the bunch. It’s an extremely pigmented silver metallic colour. It’s literally extreme. I wore this one and it lasted all day without budging but it ended up looking weird because the rest of my eyeshadow had worn off so it was like this line of extreme silver across each eye. My tip would be to blend the absolute crap out of it and use other shadows when creating a look. Otherwise it’ll end up taking over. AMAZING shadow though if you like silvers – great for a massive POP in the inner corner.


Colourpop Girly Swatch


Girly is the perfect highlight colour! A gorgeous iridescent champagne colour words cannot describe it and no swatch does it justice. Just buy this one. If you like highlighting buy it. I think it’d suit most skin tones and it looks killer on the inner corner. I feel like you could use it to highlight your face even.


Overall, the Super Shock Shadows have great lasting power. I’d really recommend applying with your finger as I couldn’t get a brush to work for me. They last really well, and I’ve found some of them last even better over the top of a powder shadow (it makes the colour pop more as well) especially for some of the lesser pigmented ones!

I hope you’re not sick of Colourpop yet because I have a HUGE haul coming in a few weeks…. I went a bit crazy! Let me know if you’d like to see it and what your Colourpop must haves are?! Did you have the same experiences as me? Are you as obsessed with me?

I hope this follow-up post was helpful – please let me know if you’d like a follow-up from a haul or first impressions in the future!




22 thoughts on “Colourpop update – my thoughts after using the products for two weeks ♥

  1. Lovely post! I really enjoyed reading! I just recently gotten an order from Colorpop but have yet to use anything because I have to finish taking my pictures so I can do a post on what I got as well lol. Must be a beauty blogger thing lol. I really want to get the lippie stix Cookie now! I love nude colors like that. You have a fantastic blog and I am very happy to be following each other. I look forward to more of your posts! ❤ xx

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