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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches GiveawayHaul Review


Good morning class,

Today I’d like to chat about something close to my heart. If you follow my blog, you know I am self-confessed OBSESSED with Colourpop Cosmetics. I already have about 5 or 6 blog posts on their products and I cannot get enough. (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Obviously I still love them because I keep coming back for more!

When I heard that Colourpop Cosmetics were launching one of my favourite makeup products I flipped my lid. Are you serious Colourpop?! Just when I thought I had bought enough from you, you do THIS to me!? Super matte lipsticks are my favourite sort of makeup products (+highlighters!) and I’ve tried out plenty of brands. Colourpop has released their own version of the typical matte lip cream in a huge variety of colours! They’ve actually just released new colours this week too! They’re an affordable $6 and you get a decent amount of product housed in high-quality packaging. You can have a browse here.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches Giveaway Haul Review


This haul was made from two orders – both with my friend Olivia from xlivlovesmakeup. The first time the lipsticks were released they sold out super fast (we managed to snap up the ones we wanted). This time, they’re all still in stock – bar one of the new shades. Our shipping was like lighting speed for both orders! I ordered on a Tuesday and it arrived on the Friday or Saturday of that same week FROM THE USA TO NZ!!

Although their shipping is still pricey, it’s not bad when ordering with a friend and their service is definitely getting much better!

The first order, I picked up the colours Buds, Trap, Midi and Koala. I immediately fell in love. The second order I picked up Shimmy, Solow, Seesaw, Koala (double up), Trap (double up), Succulent, LAX and Zipper.


There’s two types of matte lipstick lovers in this world. The super matte drying formula lovers, and the creamy, tacky and thick formula lovers. This is definitely in the super matte drying category. If you don’t like a drying formula, you may not like these. Personally, I love a thin, dry formula over a creamy, tacky one. I absolutely hate my matte lipsticks to be tacky. The Chi Chi formula is far too tacky for me! However each to their own. I have friends who absolutely adore the Chi Chi formula!

This formula is a definite dupe for the Lime Crime Velvetines which is fantastic because I love that formula. It’s very wet and liquidy – is that a word? It’s runny, like if you held the tube upside down it would probably run out onto the carpet and paint it like a rainbow. You only need a thin coat as it’s still very pigmented and it dries quite quickly. It’s probably slightly less pigmented as the Velvetines but it’s literally about 1/5 of the price. Plus there’s a much larger range of colours.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches Haul Review Midi Trap Shimmy Solow Koala Buds Succulent Zipper LAX Giveaway


Not gonna lie. I’m basically obsessed with all of the colours. My personal favourites at the moment are Koala, Trap, Succulent and Seesaw. However I picked them all out so obviously I liked them all. I find them true to the colour on the website and very true to these swatches.

Koala is honestly amazing. It’s similar to Dodgy Girl from the Mac Cosmetics Kelly Osborne collection! Trap is one of those Cashmere/Underground dupes and is also a dupe for Tootsie in the Colourpop Lippie Stix range.

Which colour looks like your cup of tea?


These wear like a pair of your all-time favourite jeans. They’re bloody brilliant if you ask me. They last pretty well through eating and drinking. They are as dry as the Sahara desert but it’s not the worst, you know? I just chuck a lip balm underneath and they’re not too bad.

The best thing about them is that the formula is so thin, it’s able to be reapplied over the top without peeling off or getting all gunky.

I find that during a normal school day with eating and drinking and raising my voice, I reapply them over the top maybe once or twice and they’ll last until bed time.

They’re not out-of-this-world in regards to their wear, but they definitely fare well against other drugstore matte lipstick brands.

Price + Packaging

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Giveaway Swatches Haul Review

Price? Why are we even discussing it. Dude, they’re $6. Enough said.

The packaging is really nice! I’ve found with some lip gloss/liquidy lip product packaging it tends to leak everywhere. This will not happen with the Colourpop Ultra Mattes. They’re in a thick, quality, hard, plastic tube with a silver screw lid. The lid screws right in tightly which is just fab. I like the packaging and I think it’s actually rather high quality for the price!

They have your usual doe foot applicator which doesn’t quite pick up enough product for my liking, I find you have to have a few dips per application. However it’s not the end of the world, I’m really just nit picking now.

Overall, I struggle to find a lot wrong with the Colourpop Cosmetics brand. These Ultra Matte Lip products are awesome. If you weigh up the pros and cons, the pros definitely outweigh. I’d recommend these to everyone – especially if you like that super matte, dry formula that is 10000% not tacky. There’s a colour in there for EVERYONE and they’re $6. If you haven’t already, add one (or five) to your next cart. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

GIVEAWAY – I am giving away TWO Ultra Matte Lippies in my favourite shades! To find out more details – go to my Facebook page! 

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