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American English Candy Snacks Taste Test Review


Good morning class,

I wanted to do something a little bit different for Easter over on my blog – and since I don’t like chocolate that much I decided to do one of the ever-so-popular ‘American snack taste test’ type posts. Usually these are done as videos but ‘aint nobody got time for that!

The worst part about this post is that I gave up candy and chips (among other things) for Lent and I ordered these about 3 weeks before Lent so I’ve really been feeling like Jesus in the desert getting tested this Lent –  I’ll tell you that for nothing!

Anyway finally it’s Easter Sunday and Tom and I sat down for a wee taste.

I ordered all of these goodies off an awesome local website called United Sweets – shipping to Auckland is literally $3.50 so get ordering! They are the

Right, let’s get into it! I’m salivating!

American Candy Test Haul

Cookie Dough Bites – Choc Chip

The Verdict: Gross. Way WAY too rich and strong chocolate tasting. Sort of tastes like that super cheap chocolate you get from the warehouse. NOT good. 1/10 would never repurchase.


American Candy Test

Cookie Dough Bites – Fudge Brownie

The verdict: Better than the last ones (slightly). They are just SO strong! I don’t understand how people like these. I don’t think they taste like cookie dough because cookie dough would have a more mild chocolate taste I’d think. Not my cuppa tea – and I hate to say it but we ate about 2 per box and threw the rest out. 1/1 would never repurchase.

American Candy Test Runts

Wonka Runts

The Verdict: Omg I used to have these as a child! It was like 10 for 5c at the dairy down the street. I LOVED the green ones as a kid cause they were lime flavour but I’m sad they’ve changed the flavour to apple now! All in all; I still hate the Banana ones, Orange are ok, Grape is delish, LOVE Strawb and Green Apple is all good. Yum! 8/10 would probably repurchase but there are other Wonka things I like better than these.

Laffy Taffy American Candy Test

Laffy Taffy – Strawberry

The Verdict: this literally tastes of nothing. Like literally nothing. Perhaps a mild strawberry flavour but that is it. Wonka! I was expecting more from you! I’d been excited by this one. I think Zombie Chews (NZ candy that’s similar) is WAY better! 1/10 would never repurchase

Airheads American Candy test

Airheads – White ‘Mystery’ Flavour

The Verdict: These look freaking weird. It feels as though I’m eating white plastic. Tom was NOT a fan although I thought they were ok. Not super flavoursome (not as good as Zombie Chews) but still good. I think mine was Strawberry flavour. Lots of strawberry tonight it seems! 4/10 would maybe repurchase

Cry Baby American Candy test

Extra Sour Cry Baby

The Verdict: These were mildly sour. You’d expect for something advertising “EXTRA sour” and “Cry baby” that it would be fairly sour. Tom and I were going to take a selfie of our funny sour faces but alas we didn’t even get them. Huge anti climax. After taste of the bubble gum was horrendous. 2/10 would never repurchase

Sour Patch Kids American Candy Test

Sour Patch Kids EXTREME #@$%! Sour

The Verdict: A joke. These must surely be a joke. Speaking of an anti climax these were perhaps the biggest anti climax I have experienced in my life. Like I thought these things were known for being sour?! And I got the EXtreme sour ones. There’s even a swear word to explain how sour these are. THERE IS NO SOURNESS WHAT-SO-EVER. THESE ARE TERRIBLE. We threw out the entire packet and we were super disappointed. The sugar on the outside was not sour at all it was merely sugar. The flavours were alright though. Like they tasted OK, just not sour. I’m disappointed Sour Patch Kids company!!! 2/10 would never repurchase

Mike & Ike Zours American Candy

Mike and Ike Zours

The Verdict: After the last two flops I thought these would be even worse but they were delish!! Not super sour but like Sour Skittles sour. Which is perfect. The Sour Watermelon flavour is freaking amazing and I searched through the pack to find them all. It’s the perfect fake watermelon flavour! The white on the outside isn’t sour sugary stuff though (which is what it looks like) they’re just smooth and have white spots to give that sour effect which is strange. However these are delish! I love them! Thank goodness. 8/10 would repurchase.

Hula Hoops American Snacks

Hula Hoops Original

The Verdict: OMG I love these! They remind me of “taties” which are these things you used to get at a resturant in NZ called Cobb & Co. I ate the whole bag. Tom wasn’t fussed on them but I loved them! Right up my alley and (spoiler alert) these were my fave out of the whole haul of snacks! Would love them in another flavour – OMG do they do salt & vinegar?! 10/10 would DEFINITELY repurchase. In fact I want more NOW!

Walkers crisps British Snacks test

Walkers Ready Salted crisps(?)

The Verdict: They call them crisps right? These are basically like regular ready salted chips. But they are good! Nice and thin cut and super crispy. I like them! A good brand of chips. 6/10 would repurchase (if I had onion dip)


Worchester Sauce Walker crisps

Walkers Worcester Sauce Crisps

The Verdict: These tasted exactly like Worcester sauce! Luckily I happen to like Worcester sauce. It’s really hard to explain but they were sort of salty but also sweet. If you know the sauce you’ll know the flavour. They were eatable but not amazingly delicious! 5/10 probably wouldn’t repurchase because I’d prefer salt & vinegar 🙂

Walkers Pickled Onion Crisps

Walkers Pickled Onion Crisps

The Verdict: These. Are. Delish! I absolutely love pickled onions! I eat them out of the jar at home. These taste exactly like these amazing pickled onions we buy in Central Otago in a small town called Roxburgh I really liked these – they tasted basically like onion and vinegar. Really tangy and tasty! 8/10 would repurchase.

Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps

Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps

The Verdict: These are just like normal salt & vinegar chips. Not flavoursome enough for me. I like a strong vinegar flavour. Nothing to write home about in regards to Salt & Vinegar. I prefer the Pickled Onion. 6/10 would probably buy another brand over these.


Nerds Double dipped

Double Dipped Nerds (Lemonade Wild Cherry & Apple Watermelon)

The Verdict: I LOVE Nerds and these ones are fab! I could definitely taste both flavours in there but the nicer flavours were more prominent. So Lemonade was the dominant flavour and Watermelon was the other. These were fab! 9/10 would definitely repurchase.


Twinkies American Snack Taste test


The Verdict: I have been waiting to try these literally all my life! I don’t know why but ever since I was a kid and I watched Richie Rich and they ate them on various TV shows and movies since then I’ve always wanted to try them! I actually thought now that I’m an adult that they’d be disgusting and fake tasting however I was mildly surprised. These are delicious. So soft – perfect consistency of cake to what we call in NZ “mock cream”. Yum. I love mock cream! I could eat like 4 of these. 9/10 would definitely repurchase.


Confetti poptarts

Birthday Cake Pop Tart

The Verdict: Another thing I have been waiting all my life to try. We tried one dry and one heated. They were definitely better heated but they are delish! I love them! I definitely couldn’t eat them for breakfast (urgh) but I could eat them as a treat or a dessert. They were a nice firm cakey texture with icing on the top and a bit in the middle. A pleasant snack. Would be nice warm with some ice cream. Didn’t taste much like Birthday Cake but I think it was the look they were going for rather than the taste. 7/0 would maybe repurchase.


Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk

Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk

The Verdict: Okay – this one is a NZ drink but we found some and we thought we would include it too for those people overseas who were wondering what the fuss was about. This my friends is the chocolate milk that had body guards at the supermarket. There is still a limit of 2 per customer at all supermarkets and it’s still hard to find! Anyway it tastes like heaven. It’s thick, it’s creamy and it tastes SO thick and chocolately. It’s rich and not too sweet. I could only drink a wee bit cause I’m lactose intolerant. 9/10 would definitely repurchase (if I could ever find it!)


Phew! There we go folks. Here’s my HUGE American/British Snacks Taste Test post. This was so much fun to do – although I feel a little bit ill now! Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this or tell me if I should just stick to beauty!

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17 thoughts on “Kiwi Tastes American & English Snacks/Candy ♥

  1. It is so weird reading about you trying products that I have been able to get form the corner shop all my life! Walkers are the best crisps in the UK and I love hula hoops too, there are soooo many flavours 😀
    ~ The Mechanic x

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  2. Hula Hoops are the best! They do so many flavours and my personal favourite is the salt and vinegar – you need to try them!! Walkers crisps are well good, their salt&vinegar ones are so good, not that I really eat crisps that much, as I’m not a big crisps fan! x

    Jasmine ||

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