Colourpop Haul Part 3! The obsession will never end…! ♥

Colourpop haul review

Good morning class,

I told you I was obsessed with Colourpop! I have since sneaked into an order with a friend and got ANOTHER Lippie Stick which I will put in my next haul (Part 4) because they have highlighters coming out soon so I’m definitely going to make another (LARGE) order.

The sad fact is that I actually need to buy myself some more storage purely for my Colourpop range. (Show me your storage! I need some inspo)

Okay, anyway this time I purchased 5 Super Shock Eye Shadows, 2 Super Shock Cheeks and 3 Lippie Stix. Not as large as my last haul but it was a goodie & I am in LOVE!

Colourpop haul review blush shadows

I’ll start with the Super Shock Shadows – now today’s haul is all about the mat(te) (get it? Anyone?) – teacher jokes are fab.

I got THREE matte shades and two shimmery/glittery/metallic ones which is a little bit different because I had been wary about trying out the matte shades before as I have SO MANY MATTES throughout my palette collection and I am more of a sparkle girl myself. However after trying out the blush in my last haul I was (easily) convinced.

Colourpop shadows bill fringe la la girl crush hanky panky swatches swatch

Colourpop review Bill swatch


Bill is a gorgeous medium brown colour – a little more on the warm side and maybe mixed with a little bit of grey? I find if I stare at things for too long I find it hard to describe the colours… this is the case right now.

Either way it’s an AWESOME crease/all-over-lid colour. The consistency is different to the shimmery shades. It’s thicker and it moves around in the pan more and I think it will run out faster as these are not as pigmented and you need a decent amount for a good colour pay off.

Colourpop review La La swatch

Every time I see this one I think of La La from the Teletubbies… and the bit where she(?) says her name gets into my head like “La La, Po” – anyone?

Anyway this is an ULTRA METALLIC and dayum boi that colour payoff is to die for. You only need a little bit and BOOM your lid is transformed. I love this shadow! Super easy to work with and a gorgeous bronze colour.


Colourpop review girl crush swatch

Girl Crush is my fave out of the mattes! It’s like a brown/grey/lilac and it looks as good on the lid as it does in the pan!

I’ve been using it as a crease and all-over-lid colour with a pop of something sparkly in the middle of my lid for a super quick look when I’m late for work!

If this shadow is female then I totally have a girl crush on it! A must have!


Colourpop review hanky panky swatch

Hanky Panky (forgive the photo I got the name wrong at first) is probably my least favourite of the shadows – mainly because I have like a billion medium browns in my collection and as I said before you need a fair bit for a good colour payoff. Plus it’s hard to work with if you want it just in your crease as I don’t like using brushes with the Colourpop shadows. However fingers are a bit too big.

I dunno I just wasn’t overly phased on this one. Fairly “meh” in my opinion.

Colourpop review fringe swatch

Fringe is gorgeous! It’s very similar to I ♥ This – maybe a bit lighter – (so you’d only really need one of the two) but it’s gorgeous all the same!

A nice shimmery reflective champagne colour which looks great on the lid with a bit of Girl Crush underneath!

I am obsessed with colours like these because I think I suit light colours on the lid. Plus I get scared working with dark colours. More room for error.


Colourpop super shock cheek blush swatches holiday prenup review


The two blushes I got are Holiday and Prenup. Holiday is a matte shade and Prenup is a satin. I am in love with them both!

Holiday is a bright, fun colour which I love to use to jazz up a boring, everyday look. Fab pigmentation and it looks gorge on the cheeks! I like to use it when I don’t have a really bronzed look with a light highlight. Looks A+

Prenup isn’t like anything I have in my collection already which is a plus. It’s like a muted rose pink and it looks unreal on the cheek. It’s such a subtle hue and sort of a “my-cheeks-but-better” look. I adore it!

Colourpop super shock cheek blush swatches holiday prenup review


Finally, only 3 lip purchases today which is unlike me! However they are the reason I made the order. After having Pony and Lumiere Lippie Pencils I HAD to buy the Lippie Stix as well!


Colourpop review haul swatches lippie stix frida pony lumiere


So I got Pony, Lumiere and Frida. Lumiere is a collaboration with the amazing Kathleen Lights over on YouTube who I absolutely LOVE to watch! I’m sure you’ve heard of her but if you haven’t – check her out now!

Pony is a gorgeous dusky pink – sort of like Snob by Mac but perhaps a little bit darker? It wears really nicely with the pencil underneath, but on it’s own it can get quite dry. I love the colour though it’s totally wearable and goes with most eye looks!

Lumiere is basically my one true love. I NEVER would have reached for these sorts of lip colours if they weren’t “in”. They look like something my mum or one of the Spice Girls would wear… not my cuppa tea. However now that I own something like this and I’ve worn it  – I realize just how flattering it looks! It’s like a browny nude colour and it’s got that Kylie Jenner thing goin’ on.

Frida is another one of those colours I never would have reached for if it hadn’t been ‘all about that nude’ this season. It’s a gorgeous medium brown-nude colour. It’s super wearable, looks uber flattering and it’s just the perfect everyday sort of colour. I feel like it would look great on any skin tone!


Colourpop review haul swatches lippie stix frida pony lumiere


Overall, I am still obsessed with Colourpop and you guys know me, I’ll be making another order asap – especially with all these new goodies they’re releasing!

If you haven’t checked them out already go and find them at

Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils, Super Shock Eye shadows are only $5US each and the Super Shock Cheek products are $8US each! So super cheap! & shipping is around $20-$30 US.

Let me know what you’ve got in your Colourpop collection!! Have you tried them out yet? Which is your favourite shade!?

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14 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul Part 3! The obsession will never end…! ♥

  1. Awesome haul as always! Glad you got Lumiere. It’s still my fav lippie stix from Colourpop. Lala looks gorgeous. It reminds me of Woodwinked from MAC. You will LOVE Prenup. It’s soo perfect for the spring. I’ve been reaching a lot for it this season. Have you seen their new pastel spring collection?! I just got mine today!

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      • Oh right lol whoops forgot. I got the Forget the Fruit Cake set during winter here and I loved it. They’re all matte shades too. Would be great for Autumn too.

        Liked by 1 person

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