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Coco+Dawn Jorge Dress Fashion Haul

Good morning class,

Today I wanted to chat about some gorgeous clothing items I’ve received lately. It’s taken me awhile to get this post together because the lighting is SO bad for pictures. I haven’t even been able to get any decent pics of these on. So I apologize for that.

I absolutely love seeing the different clothing items people choose to wear. It’s so interesting and I love the look of fashion even though I’m not very fashionable! It’s hard to be fashionable when you work with kids all day.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be sent a voucher from Coco+Dawn, then Farmers had a sale, and then I went shopping with mum in Wellington so I thought, for something different, I’d show you what I got.

Note: Everything is slightly boring and school-worthy but that’s okay πŸ˜‰


Coco+Dawn Β is a New Zealand-based clothing website with some absolutely gorgeous pieces. They have a good mix of ‘pretty’, ‘cool’ and ‘party’ items if that makes any sense what-so-ever. They ship worldwide for $9 NZ which is OUTRAGEOUSLY cheap considering the amount us NZers have to pay for shipping from other countries. They also have FREE SHIPPING for anyone in NZ which is also outrageous and awesome and it’s super duper fast. There’s something about free or cheap shipping that really gets me going.

Anyway the lovely ladies at Coco+Dawn kindly sent me a voucher which I promptlyΒ spent… and then some. So these items were partly purchased by me and partly sent as a gift.

I got two lovely dresses which I’ve had a tonne of wear out of so far at school, in the weekend casually and on a night out or special event.

First up I got this gorgeous LBD (Little Black Dress) by the brand Jorge. it was around the $50 mark. It has lace detailing along the bottom and across the top which is perfect because it means you can totally dress this up or down depending on the occasion. It’s got buttons running the whole way down it, and it has adjustable straps which is good for controlling cleavage. It looks lovely with a long cardi, or sometimes when it’s cold I pop a sweater over the top so you can just see the skirt sticking out which is nice too.

Coco+Dawn Jorge Dress Fashion Haul Coco+Dawn Jorge Dress Fashion Haul Coco+Dawn Jorge Dress Fashion Haul


I also picked up this black and white number by the brand Ava. It was $45ish which is a bit pricey but totally worth it considering the feel and quality. It runs quite large and I probably should’ve gone down a size but I can make it work. I absolutely love the pattern on this one, it’s quite bright and stands out. Looks really good in photos. It also sits really nicely when worn, and is super flattering! It’s got sort of an cut out in the hem which is nice for something different and I think it will be perfect in the summer.Β I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of this one with a plain black jumper over the top at school.

Coco+Dawn Ava Dress Fashion Haul Coco+Dawn Ava Dress Fashion Haul

You can tell that both these dresses are high quality and made with nice fabric if you get me? Like they feel good. I am so pleased with them and you’ve probably noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I’ve got about 5 pictures wearing the black and white dress already! I would 100% recommend them. A+ from me!


Okay, I’m all about a good sale. All about that life. When somewhere has 50% off everything I get a little bit excited. I’d been eyeing up some items in Farmers for ages, because I always go in there for makeup. When I saw they were having 50% off I dragged Tom there at 8pm on Β Thursday night so I could have a wee “look”. Unfortunately the items that I desperately wanted weren’t there or weren’t in my size. However I did pick up two other things which I thought would be good for winter & school. I cannot remember the prices of these but I think all up I spent about $50-$60 which isn’t bad for two items.

I got this blouse/dress type thing because I am obsessed with wearing plain black leggings as they’re so easy to put on and comfortable to wear at school. However you’ve gotta wear something long enough to cover yourself, but short enough so that it doesn’t look like you’re just being lazy by wearing leggings instead of tights. I am always on the look out for something meeting this criteria and this dress is it. I also quite like the design on it, and I don’t have many clothing items with those sorts of colours through them.

Farmers Fashion clothing haul

I’d been wanting a cardi like this for a long while because I am drawn to things that are fluffy. Ask my friend Olivia, we always joke about how I can’t walk past something fluffy without touching it. Well, I couldn’t walk past this cardigan without touching and buying it. Plus Tom told me to buy it, so I wasn’t going to walk past that opportunity. It’s nice and warm for winter and it’s something a bit different.

Farmers Fashion clothing haul


I had been eyeing up this particular style of top for a while now. I wasn’t sure if it would look good on me, or how I’d wear it. When I was shopping with mum I decided to take the plunge and try it on. It looked great with the outfit I was wearing and I loved the baby blue colour. I convinced mum to buy it for me and here we are! I wear this one to school over the top of a plain black dress or with a black skirt and it looks really cute! I’m a sucker for frills and girly things. It costed (mum) around $20-$25 on sale.

Glassons Fashion Haul clothing

Note: I don’t know why it looks so dirty in the photo! It wasn’t dirty and I think it’s some sort of shadow or something. Sorry!

Valleygirl (I think)

Usually I’m not a huge fan of Valleygirl because their stuff is weird with sizing. However their clothes are really cheap and I find it’s quite good for basics or on-trend items that you don’t want to pay full price for because you know they won’t be in style for a long time.

I have a nice cropped black jumper that I’ve worn to death from Dotti, however it’s getting a bit rough so I’ve been on the look out for another one for a while now. I spotted this and then I saw the sleeves and fell in love! It’s plain black all over (and not remotely warm, it’s made out of that cottony-type material that looks like it should be warm but the wind blows straight through it) and on the elbows of the sleeves there’s this awesome lace/crochet design which is also in black. It looks really cool with your bare arm showing through, and I just love having a plain black jumper with a bit of a twist. It’s so versatile and I can wear it with anything! I think it was around $30.

Fashion Haul Valleygirl jumper crochet Fashion Haul Valleygirl jumper crochet

So here’s my little clothing haul! Sorry there’s no good try-on pictures. Follow me on Instagram and I’ll probably post a few on there at some point. Let me know if you’d like to see more fashion posts like these on the blog, or if I should stick with makeup.

Where do you like to shop for clothes? Are there any websites you use? I’d love to know! Always keen to fuel the addiction.

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