It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas… LUSH Christmas Collection ♥

Lush Christmas Collection 2015

Good morning class,

Joy to the world, Lush Christmas collection is here! Don’t you dare try to tell me you’re not drooling all over your keyboard with excitement right now! I know it feels too early to be talking about Christmas, but personally I like it! It gets me excited because Christmas is my favourite time of the year!

If you’ve been living under a rock, Lush is one of the most amazing, innovative and exciting brands out there. Every product they make is 100% cruelty free, vegetarian, ethical and awesome. They even create their own glitter! I have never tried a Lush product I didn’t like, and I’ve mentioned them plenty of times before on Miss White’s Makeup Desk.

Lush at Christmas time is magical. I couldn’t describe it any other way. They always come out with new creations that blow me away, smells that you wish you could eat and they bring back my old favourites (like Snow Fairy!). This collection will be in stores from the 8th of October and online from early October! (I’ll see you there).


Lush Cosmetics Christmas Collection 2015

I was lucky enough to attend the Lush Christmas Collection event called Lush Bizarre with my wonderful friend xlivlovesmakeup. It was overwhelming. We were surrounded by hundreds of crazy products, delicious smells and even an acrobat! They showed us how nearly all of the products worked, and invited us to smell, touch and explore. I was really impressed with the way they ran the event, and I think it was one of the best ones I’ve been to.

Lush Christmas Collection 2015

Lush Bath Bombs Christmas Collection 2015

Some products to look out for:

❤ Snow Fairy Body Wash $12.90 NZ for 100g (this is honestly the best smell ever, and the smell lingers on your body for ages afterwards! If you like sweet, you’ll like this!)

❤ Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – $9.90 NZ (this one is in the shape of a present and it has a surprise inside! It’s super duper glittery and it smells citrus-sweet).

❤ Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb – $7.90 NZ (I’m going to chat all about the Body Cream version of this but the bath bomb is equally as amazing. It smells insane. I can’t describe the smell so I urge you to go to your local Lush store and have a smell! It also has POPPING CANDY inside it!)

❤ Yog Nog Soap –  $8.50 NZ per 100g (I wasn’t going to tell you about this one because it’s so good and I want it all for myself! However, this is the most amazing smelling thing I’ve ever smelt. It smells like chocolate, butterscotch, amazingness. I can’t wait to buy this and rub it all over myself).

❤ Salt and Peppermint Bark – $16.90 NZ (This is another one I didn’t want to tell you about! Please don’t buy it all! It’s a body scrub which makes your skin feel silky smooth and smells like peppermint, which happens to be one of my favourite flavours.)

❤ Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly – $8.50 NZ (The shower jellies that Lush make are amazing. They’re literally jelly that you use as a sort of soap in the shower. They make you feel amazing and this one smells like apples. I also like the name, very cute!)

❤ Knot Wraps – (These aren’t specifically a product, but they’re what you use to wrap your gift! They’re like a sort of scarf made out of organic cotton with all sorts of cute prints. I love the idea of a reusable wrapper as I hate seeing the mounds of wrapping paper in the bin on Christmas Day – such a fun idea!)

Obviously, these aren’t all the amazing products in the collection – however these are the ones I’m the most excited about! I’ll definitely be purchasing these as soon as they’re released, along with other things I’m sure!

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Snow Fairy

We were also lucky enough to take home a gift box and one other product of our choice to try out. I chose the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream $34.90 NZ and the Snow Fairy’s Castle  $43.90 NZ as my two gifts and I have not one single regret.

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Snow Fairy

Inside the Snow Fairy’s Castle box you receive a small Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Fairy Dust Dusting Powder,  a So White Bath Bomb and a Magic Wand Bubble Bar. It costs $43.90 NZ.

Snow Fairy is my favourite scent by Lush. I wish I could buy the scent in a bottle and bathe myself in it. However I guess this is the next best thing. All of the products in this box except for the So White bath bomb have the Snow Fairy scent.

The Snow Fairy Shower Gel (12.90 100ml NZ) I’ve talked about above is a must-have. It’s also the perfect gift!

The Fairy Dust (14.90 NZ) is an amazing shimmery powder with the incredible scent. You sprinkle it over your body and it soaks up any oils or water and makes your body shine bright like a diamond. I’ve used it heaps of times since I got it, and I’ve received plenty of compliments! Plus it seems to last forever.

I couldn’t bare to break open my So White bath bomb ($7.90 NZ) as of yet, but it’s described as calming, peaceful and it smells like apple. I am excited to try it! The bath bombs in general are never disappointing. If you have a bath then I implore you to try one! They make for a relaxing and nice-smelling bath time.

The Magic Wand (12.50 NZ) is the best idea ever! I love the Bubble Bars by Lush and I buy them often, but the brilliant thing about the Magic Wand is that it’s reusable! So you swish it around the bath while you’re filling it up and bubbles magically appear, then you can put it aside and use it again next time! It also smells like Snow Fairy and makes your bath and your body smell the same.

Last, but certainly not least (and my favourite of the bunch) is the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream. I was sneaky and picked up the 500g bottle because I never want to run out of this stuff. It’s a little bit different to the normal shower gels, as it makes your skin feel moisturized and soft. It looks a little crazy, and it makes you bright green while you’re using it – but no fear! It washes off. It smells like an alcoholic, peppery, vanillary concoction which I promise is nice – even though it doesn’t exactly sound nice.

Overall, 2015’s Lush Christmas Collection is looking to be the best one yet! If you’re a Lush virgin, or if you’ve never tried (or smelled) any of the products I’ve mentioned then you probably need to go down to your local Lush store and have a sniff. The staff at Lush are amazing with their customer service and will lather up your arm with something delicious. Trust me, you won’t walk out of there empty-handed.

Lush Christmas Collection is in stores from the 8th of October and is online from early October 2015. 

What’s your favourite Lush Christmas product? Have you tried any of these ones? Let me know what you think down below!

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