Super Lush Cosmetics Boxing Day Haul

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Good morning class,

Well, 2015 was the year of the Lush obsession… anyone else? There’s literally nothing better than a Lush bath after a long, hard day of teaching 6 year olds. I became mildly obsessed with having a bath each week featuring a Lush goodie (like a bath bomb, bubble bar or some FUN!) since becoming a bath owner earlier in 2015. It had been a good 5-6 years since I had lived in a house with a bath before then. The last bath-house was my beloved parents home – I wish I still lived there… anyone else?

Anyway because of this obsession I was able to try out a huge variety of bath bombs and bubble bars, and I also attended the LUSH PR Christmas Event where I learned about all the amazing Halloween and Christmas products coming out for the year. When the infamous Boxing Day sale (the sale is 50% off all Christmasy products and gift sets and Lush only goes on sale once a year during Boxing Day and the following few weeks after) came around I was an expert. I knew just what I wanted and had the inside scoop regarding how and when to get it – before it sold out. I am part of a cult group on Facebook called “Lush Addicts NZ” which gave me the means and spun my addiction out of control.

Here is the aftermath of Christmas and the Boxing Day sale (which never ended. Like  – it literally never ended. I think it officially ended about a week ago… one MONTH after Boxing Day!).

Featuring an absolute horrific amount of bath products, and a few other goodies here and there. Don’t ask me how much I spent because I am trying to forget (also I don’t want my partner to know – hehe).

Now – and Lush Addicts NZ will back me up here although I’m not 100% sure they would be regarded as an appropriate source – it didn’t start out this way. There were many times when I was content with my purchases and was happy that the sale was apparently over. But they JUST KEPT ADDING THINGS TO THE SALE, LIKE EVERY WEEK. It was fantastic for their marketing because the frenzy started again each time something new was added  after previously being sold out and you just HAD to have it before it was gone.

Anyway, lets get down to the good stuff… here is what I bought/received

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2 x Golden Wonder gift packs (which include a Golden Wonder bath bomb and a Stardust bath bomb)

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Nightmare Before Christmas

1 x The Nightmare Before Christmas gift pack (which includes an Intergalactic bath bomb and a Cinders bath bomb.

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Snow Fairy Twilight

1 x Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500ml

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Secret Santa

2 x Secret Santa gift pack (which includes the Father Christmas bath bomb and Dashing Santa bath bomb)

1 x 5 Gold Rings bubble bars

1 x Peeping Santa bubble bar

Lush Christmas Collection 2015 Christingle

1 x Christingle Body Conditioner 500ml

1 x The Magic of Christmas FUN

1 x Lush Relax gift pack (which includes a Phoenix Rising bath bomb, A French Kiss bubble bar and Twilight shower gel)

Lush Firecracker Christmas 2015

1 x Firecracker gift pack (which includes an Intergalactic bath bomb, The Experimenter bath bomb and Candy Mountain bubble bar)

1 x Yog Nog soap 100gm


1 x Stardust gift pack (which includes The Comforter bubble bar, Rock Star soap, Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Stardust bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bar and Snow Fairy 100g.

1 x Sunnyside bubble bar

1 x Butterbear bath bomb

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

1 x Lord of Misrule bath bomb

1 x Dark Angels Facial Scrub (not really in the sale but it’s my favourite ever cleanser and I bought a new one so I thought I’d mention it).

There we have it! Far too many bath products for one person, and I know I’ll probably keep buying more, but man my room smells delicious.

Lush Cosmetics Bath Bomb Haul

My personal favourites that I’ve used so far are as follows;

  • Snow Fairy shower gel – it makes me smell AMAZING and creates great bubbles in the bath.
  • Intergalactic bath bomb is literally the best bath bomb in the entire world! It smells like peppermint and makes your bath like this;Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb in Bath


  • The Comforter bath bomb is the best smell in the entire world. I honestly want to eat it so badly.
  • Golden Wonder bath bomb makes your bath smell AMAZING and it’s huge so the smell is quite strong – in a good way.
  • The Lord of Misrule bath bomb is my second favourite! It also looks and smells amazing.
  • I have a new found love for FUN – it makes awesome bubbles and you can use it as a cleanser and a shampoo as well (among other things…)
  • Christingle Body Conditioner is flipping amazing. It is a peppermint conditioner that you smother over yourself and then wash off. I use it on my legs after shaving and it’s amazing.
  • I know I keep using the word amazing but I literally can’t think of anything else. I’m too excited about Lush. All my bath bombs are sitting around me right now and I’m just basking in the smell.

Overall, if you have a bath you NEED Lush bath products in your life, if you don’t have a bath then you need to buy a bath and then buy some Lush bath products! (Just kidding! Try out the shower gels and body conditioners and SOAPS!! They are fab).


What did you get from the Lush Boxing Day sale? I love that they have the sale once a year – it’s ridicuously exciting. I thought Lush had some fantastic Christmas products this year and I look forward to all the baths to come with these goodies.




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