Haul | Uhhh, So No-one Helped Me… and I Still Can’t Stop Shopping!

I cant stop buying makeup haul Help Me

Good morning class,

This is the worst time of the year for shopping, because you’re supposed to be shopping for other people for Christmas but there’s all these sales and good stuff and I don’t know about you, but I end up buying just as much for myself as I do for my family and friends… (and I go CRAZY shopping for family and friends at Christmas!).

This haul has been collected over the past month (and I apologize I haven’t made a blog post for a month but I’ve been busy applying for a job and having a friend stay). I was going to make a few posts about individual items I’ve got in this haul however I figured I’d haul it first and the other posts will be coming soon!

If you desperately want to see a post about an individual item from this haul then please let me know.

Sleek Highlighting Palette in ‘Solstice’ $28 NZ

Sleek highlighting palette strobing Solstice

I purchased my Solstice palette directly from the Sleek Website which, including the $3US shipping fee, cost me around $28NZ. It’s $14.99 US on the website though for those of you who aren’t from NZ. This palette called out to me for three reasons. #1. It has three powder shades and one cream shade as opposed to their other highlighting palette which includes three cream shades and one powder shade. I definitely prefer to work with powder highlighting products personally. #2. The shades are really unique and unlike anything I already own (which is good when you own the equivalent of a makeup store. #3. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I am currently writing a strobing-focused post with a little more insight into this product so stay tuned. However I am very happy so far!

Too Faced ‘Love Flush’ blush in ‘Love Hangover’

Too Faced Love Flush Blush Love Hangover

I was lucky enough to have a friend visit the states whom I asked to bring this back for me, so I didn’t pay any shipping fees. However it ended up being $45 NZ which I worked out was actually a little bit more expensive than buying it from Mecca in Australia! That exchange rate is really breaking my heart right now!! However I’m so happy I picked this one up because I really LOVE it (ha!) and I’ve just ordered another one off Beauty Bay (although I think they’ve just sold out!)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone’

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone

I bought this little gem from RY.com.au and I can’t remember exactly how much it was in NZD when I paid for it but it’s going for $43.64 AUS at the moment on the site (which I hope isn’t cheaper than what I paid!). RY was a fantastic site to buy from and their shipping to NZ was only around $10 which I thought was quite decent. Of course, I LOVE this highlighter. You know me, any highlighter gets me excited, and this is one of THE most talked about highlighters of 2015. You’d almost think Kylie Jenner had been promoting it the amount I’ve heard about it this year. Obviously I had to get it in my hot little hands.

Becca Shimmering Skin Moonstone Too Faced Love Flush

Smashbox On The Rocks Eyeshadow Palette

Smashbox On The Rocks palette

I bought mine from Once It for $30 NZ which is a pretty insane price! I know this one is from last years holiday collection but I am a little bit obsessed with palettes and I hadn’t tried much from Smashbox before so I thought I’d pick it up. I am pleased I did, actually because it includes a lot of shades I don’t really own. I tend to stick to more neutral shades generally, but this one has a burst of colour which I’m excited to try out.

Mac Mini Vanilla Pigment

Mini Mac Cosmetics Pigment Vanilla

These only cost $15 from your local Mac store in NZ which I think is a total steal considering they’re $10 US usually. I find Mac is generally cheaper from the US but not in the case of the minis range. I am LOVING this pigment so much, it’s just the right cool-toned light shimmery shade that I find myself drawn too. I don’t think you’d ever need to buy a full-sized Mac pigment because you’d just never use it all! I love these mini sizes so much and have already been eyeing up some more shades!

Essence ‘Lash Princess’ Mascara and Rimmel ‘Scandaleyes’ Eyeliner in Nude

Essence Lash Princess Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude

I picked these ones up while shopping at the new mall out in West Auckland. They sell Essence at nearly every Farmers store in Auckland, aside from the one in Botany which is closest to me! So whenever I’m at another Farmers store I always stalk the Essence stand for some cheap goodies. I had been wanting a new mascara for a while as I seem to have collected plenty of Waterproof mascaras and they’ve been a right pain to get off. I liked the other ‘Lash Princess’ mascara by Essence so I thought I’d give this one a go. This is the false lashes effect version and I am really enjoying it! I have also had the Rimmel Nude liner in my Beauty Joint cart for goodness knows how long so I decided to bite the bullet and pick that up too. #NoRagrets

ZA Airy Flawless Powder Foundation + Liquid Eyeliner Pen

ZA Airy flawless foundation

I was lucky enough to be sent these goodies from the amazing ladies at ZA Cosmetics (along with a few lippies too which I shall post about another time). Thank GOODNESS I received another Liquid Eyeliner as you guys know I am obsessed with the stuff and I really was getting anxious about running out. The Airy Flawless Powder foundation looks gorgeous as well. I am a huge sucker for the pink packaging. It is my favourite packaging yet! Pink is the way to any girls heart I feel. The product itself looks really nice and although I haven’t got a chance to try it out yet, I will definitely keep you posted on it. Maybe it’s time I give my beloved Australis Fresh & Flawless powder a break and try something new?

LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealers $12 NZ

LA Girl PRO Conceal Green Yellow Porcelain

I bought these ones from Makeup.co.nz which was such a pleasant shopping experience (which I’m all about)! I received them the next day! I got three shades Porcelain, Yellow and Green. I’m excited to try out the Green and Yellow shades and write up a post on them for you (as I know you love LA Girl!) and the Porcelain is the perfect highlighting shade for my skin tone.

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks 5 Brush Set

Real Techniques Nics Picks Set Brushes

I got these from iHerb and I would recommend both the website and these brushes for beginners! If you don’t have many makeup brushes, or if your makeup brushes are scratchy or if you’ve only got a flat foundation brush then I urge you to make a Real Techniques purchase! Their brushes are heaven. You will never look back. Plus they’re so much more reasonably priced than at Life Pharmacy in NZ. If you enter my code KPN384 at checkout then you also get $5-10 off depending on how much you spend! Do it!

Phew! Finally we are finished. That was a long haul – obviously I’ve been buying makeup instead of writing posts this month. I think I’ll try to reverse that for next month 😉

What have you been buying this month? Have you tried any of these things I’ve picked up? Is there anything here that you’d like to know more about? Let me know down below! 🙂

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  1. Ooh I love nosying at other peoples hauls! 🙂 I also adore Essence mascara, found it as good as the expensive brands but sooo much cheaper. And the ZA liquid eyeliner is so good too, so easy to use (I’m completely un-coordinated).

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