I ADOPTED A BABY!? (Jk, it’s a kitten) | Story time

cute kitten sleeping story time
Good morning class,

I am way too excited about writing this post, especially because I’m currently experiencing the calming feeling of having a cat press against my leg, purring like the soft hum of a Lambo…

I know this isn’t makeup related, and I know I’ve already posted like a million pictures of him on my social media accounts already… but I HAD to tell you about my little bundle of joy!

Recently my partner and I talked about our longing for a puppy, or a baby, or a kitten. Basically, something to love and care for. We discussed possible future baby names, (don’t stress mum, we’re not having one for a long time!) puppy and kitten breeds we would prefer and linked each other to a multitude of cute cat + dog videos on Facebook. We came to the conclusion that we couldn’t get any of these creatures until we’ve purchased a house and all that responsible, grown up stuff.

That was, until our lovely neighbor told us that she was getting a kitten and sort of convinced us to as well! At first we had our heart set on a Bengal or a Burmese breed. However, we decided that we would rather adopt one rather than buy off a breeder.

Then it came to the obsession with checking the SPCA Facebook page for kitty updates and deciding on our game plan. We were told by a little birdie that the best time for kitten selection would be on a Friday as that is when they usually have the most kittys hanging around, waiting for a new mum and dad.

Alas! 9:30am on Tuesday I was woken by the abrupt sound that is the lovely iPhone alarm.
“What on earth is that?” I thought to myself, as I hadn’t set an alarm for the past three weeks. I mean dude, I’m on holiday! I squinted over at my phone and saw that I was actually getting a call from my SPCA friend! As quick as my kitten (when he’s hyperactive) I answered the call and received the glorious news that there would be 20+ kittens up for adoption that day and to come in as soon as poss!

Naturally, I jumped out of bed and did my makeup quickly first, then set off on my journey to the SPCA to meet my future baby!

Our first meeting!

At the SPCA there were not only plenty of kittens, but plenty of people too! They were all looking at the cute ginger kittens at the front of the room. I slyly snuck down the back and spied the creme-de-la-creme. A gorgeous grey-blue kitten doing a massive poop. Like, when I say massive I mean this thing was as big as his head! I like his style I decided and had a look at his information card. “”Freeway” He is friendly and loves cuddles. Eats with gusto. 11 weeks”. It was that second I knew I had to have him. Anyone who loves good food is a must-have on my friends list. It wasn’t the climbing of the cage that followed, or the way he so meticulously buried his poop, it wasn’t because he played with a ball like a little nutbar, or because of his crazy eyes (although they all helped the cause).

After an hour of paperwork and waiting (I told you the place was busy!) I finally had my little grey boy in a box in my front seat and $100 worth of supplies in the boot. He talked to me on the way home and poked his wee eye out of the hole in the box to scope me out.

Playing in his climbing tree

I set up his room (you’re supposed to keep new cats or kittens in one room for a couple of days before you let them in the whole house) and he showed off his eating skills. We played, cuddled and talked to each other. It was love at first sight.


My other man came home and instantly fell in love too, but we couldn’t think of a name! Later on, after plenty of name ideas from our fantastic friends on Facebook (alliteration!) we were settling down to watch one of my absolute faves (RIP Snape/Alan) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I had a brain wave. Harry! Harry is the most perfect name! Not only is he named after one of the greats (Harry Potter), but also after Harry Styles (we all know I love One Direction) and Prince Harry (probably my favourite prince).

Sneak peek of an upcoming post! Feat: Harry

So, Harry, Tom and I rode off into the sunset…

Sorry for the ending, I sort of didn’t know where I was going with this post to begin with and I fell short on the ending. Basically, we’ve been getting to know each other and having lots of cuddles and games together.

In between the mattress and the window sill

Anyway, I’d totally recommend adopting a kitten from the SPCA if you’re up for a life-long friend! Remember cats can live up to 10+ years! They were really helpful and understanding, he cost us $175 and he was wormed, no fleas, vaccinated and desexed and came with two weeks of health insurance. He’s such a gorgeous addition to our wee family already. Show me your fur babies! I’d love to see them! x

Teacher quote Miss White

8 thoughts on “I ADOPTED A BABY!? (Jk, it’s a kitten) | Story time

      • Kittens aye. They’re full of energy. Give it a week or two. Turbo used to just sleep on my arm or feet but the past few days he has been the sweetest and had come to my face to give me a kiss and cuddled up to me to sleep. It makes my heart melt. I definitely would blog about him. I just haven’t decided if I should write a whole post or include him in my birthday haul instead as he was my birthday gift from my boyfriend. Haha

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      • Awwwww cute!! Harry gives me cuddles but he won’t sleep with me! I think it’s cause I interrupt his sleeping by picking him up and cuddling him all the time haha I need to stop but it’s so hard to resist! 😂 yay! I’m excited to read it! I think you should do both 😉


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