Online Shopping Love ♥

Good afternoon class,

I thought I’d kick things off with a post about something that is commonly asked in the beauty world! I have been a part of two Facebook groups since forever – ‘Makeup Obsessives‘ which is run by the lovely Kirsty Leigh and ‘Girl Related‘ which is run by the gorgeous Libbyanna Cruickshank (two of my absolute faves!). – Go and check them out right now! I dare ya 😉

Anyway back to the point of this post, on both of those Facebook pages I feel myself constantly suggesting various online shopping sites I use to buy makeup and clothes. So here you have it, my ginormous list of fantastic websites I 100% recommend when shopping online. I have personally used all of these sites at some point and have had nothing but fantastic service!

Note: I have a very serious addiction with online shopping so please comment with any websites that you use which I haven’t mentioned (my boyfriend won’t be happy and neither will my bank balance but I will be forever grateful!)

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