Haul | Someone Help Me, I Can’t Stop Buying Makeup! ♥

Makeup haul review Urban Decay Stila Anastasia

Good morning class,

It is true. My savings account hates me, my boyfriend hates me, my mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes. House prices are going up, up, up and all I want to do is shop, shop, shop!

Here’s another (of many) makeup haul post. I really hope you guys like reading about these (please tell me if you don’t!) because I enjoy reading/watching them so that’s why I keep doing them! I think it’s my curious side coming through, I love to see what other people buy!

This haul contains bits and bobs from all over the show. I didn’t go crazy in one place, I sort of just saw various sales and deals and needed to replenish some nearly-finished items, and here we are.

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Online Shopping Love ♥

Good afternoon class,

I thought I’d kick things off with a post about something that is commonly asked in the beauty world! I have been a part of two Facebook groups since forever – ‘Makeup Obsessives‘ which is run by the lovely Kirsty Leigh and ‘Girl Related‘ which is run by the gorgeous Libbyanna Cruickshank (two of my absolute faves!). – Go and check them out right now! I dare ya 😉

Anyway back to the point of this post, on both of those Facebook pages I feel myself constantly suggesting various online shopping sites I use to buy makeup and clothes. So here you have it, my ginormous list of fantastic websites I 100% recommend when shopping online. I have personally used all of these sites at some point and have had nothing but fantastic service!

Note: I have a very serious addiction with online shopping so please comment with any websites that you use which I haven’t mentioned (my boyfriend won’t be happy and neither will my bank balance but I will be forever grateful!)

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