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BH Cosmetics Blush Palette Glamourous


Good afternoon class,

Ahh blush, it has the power to make you look angelic, embarrassed, child-like, hot, orange, glowing or potentially, sunburned. What a lot of power that is. I can almost feel the rays of emotion coming from this palette.


Today I’d like to chat to you about this blush palette I received recently from an order on Beauty Joint ( It is the BH Cosmetics Glamorous 10 Blush Palette. I have heard really great things about BH cosmetics so I thought I’d give it a wee go (why not eh?). I have always wanted a blush palette purely because I always buy pink blush shades and I wanted to mix it up a bit. I love this palette because it’s so cheap – so I was able to justify my purchase of $13.29US on an entire palette – even though I may not use all the shades!

The worst thing about this palette is that the shades don’t have names so it’s going to be difficult to describe which shade I’m referring to but hopefully we will get there and if that’s the worst thing then it must be pretty fab!

The packaging is very simple and sleek, it’s nothing special really. As a warning – it is quite thin and I feel as though it could break fairly easily. Or at least it probably isn’t great protection for your blushes. That being said, I’d recommend not taking this one away travelling with you, and be careful where you store it.

I was most excited to get this palette because of the gorgeous lavender shade in the bottom middle. Like, what? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blush in that shade before! It is gorgeous. I have no idea what it would look like on the cheek (perhaps like I’ve smothered lavender flowers over my cheeks) but it’s gorgeous all the same.

When swatching the colours I realised that there is a range of matte and shimmer shades and a fantastic range of colours and tones. You’ve got your deep berry shade, lavender, some pink toned shades, nudes, golden tones, red, beige… it’s got it all! It’s a fantastic palette for someone who is building their collection because it’s an inexpensive way to find out which shades suit your skin tones or which shades you like and want to buy more of. It also gives you a huge range of colours to play with and have as part of your collection. ♥

BH Cosmetics Blush Palette SwatchesBH Cosmetics Blush Palette Swatches

The arm on the left shows one swipe swatches of the bottom row of colours and the arm on the right shows the top row of colours. You can see that not every colour is super pigmented but they are all of a decent pigment quality. I especially love the shade on the top left. A gorgeous shimmer bronze-gold colour. I quite like the fact that they’re not too pigmented though because they are blush colours, and we don’t want our blushes too pigmented anyway because you can add more colour to the cheek but you can’t take it off as easy.

Overall, what a BARGAIN! I will definitely be trying out some of these shades, and I think the girls at school will be fond of the pinks and lavenders (they have been known to comment on my blush from time to time). I would definitely recommend this palette and I think that the colours are of a really high quality for the price point. It probably worked out at around $20NZ including shipping which is pretty cray cray for 10 blushes! I also think it would be quite versatile, some of the shades would make fantastic eye shadow colours (both crease and lid), and you could do a spot of light contour/bronzing with the shade on the top left.

I know not everyone is a blush fiend like me, but be a part of the craze and get some colour on yo cheeks!

Let me know what your favourite blush colour is! I hope to have another post on my faves coming soon. I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow my blog for updates by email, and my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I promise there will be a giveaway coming very soon I’ll keep you posted on Facebook… sniff sniff can I smell high end?? Ssssh. It’ll be our little secret 😉 ♥

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