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I thought I’d kick things off with a post about something that is commonly asked in the beauty world! I have been a part of two Facebook groups since forever – ‘Makeup Obsessives‘ which is run by the lovely Kirsty Leigh and ‘Girl Related‘ which is run by the gorgeous Libbyanna Cruickshank (two of my absolute faves!). – Go and check them out right now! I dare ya 😉

Anyway back to the point of this post, on both of those Facebook pages I feel myself constantly suggesting various online shopping sites I use to buy makeup and clothes. So here you have it, my ginormous list of fantastic websites I 100% recommend when shopping online. I have personally used all of these sites at some point and have had nothing but fantastic service!

Note: I have a very serious addiction with online shopping so please comment with any websites that you use which I haven’t mentioned (my boyfriend won’t be happy and neither will my bank balance but I will be forever grateful!)

My favourite website for food, healthy stuff, Real Techniques brushes, face masks and e.l.f. makeup is the one and onliHerb rewards picturey… iHerb. iHerb is awesome because everything on it is US pricing! Which means that certain items (especially the ever sought after Real Techniques brushes) are much cheaper than what we could get them for in NZ or Australia! I buy some of the health foods as well, they sell these amazing coconut chips that I’m going to show you in a haul post very soon. I use the second cheapest shipping as I’ve had problems with the cheapest one taking forever! The shipping cost does halve if you spend over $40 AND if you’re a new customer you can use my code below to get $10 off if you spend over $40 – what better excuse to spend over $40?!

The next website I’m going to share with you is one of two that I probably shop on most often! This one is where I buy most of my high end products. However to justify that… they have free shipping internationally. Woohoo! I think you have to spend over $19 here in NZ and Australia but it’s not like that’s very hard is it? Whoops – in my excitement I nearly forgot to tell you the website – Beauty Bay!

Beauty Bay sells some of my favourite brands like Stila, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Eyeko, to name a few and I feature these brands on my blog all the time. Sorry in advance (your wallet is going to hate me!). Beauty Bay

Next up, the second website which I shop on most often – Beauty Joint. Beauty Joint sells all of my favourite drug store (or cheaper) brands for super cheap prices! I use the cheapest shipping and it usually takes around two weeks. I’ve never had any problems with them and they package their items SO well. This is the one website that I browse on the most. I have a HUGE shopping cart waiting for me to purchase as we speak! They sell some of my favourite brands as well. NYX, e.l.f., Lime Crime, Real Techniques, TheBalm, Ardell, Duo, Jordana, BH Cosmetics, LA Girl, LÓreal, Rimmel London… the list goes on! The shipping is quite reasonable so go and check it out!Beauty Joint

Next up – a local fave for a quick fix of beauty products.  I’m sorry to all you international readers but I think this one only ships to NZ! However listen up NZ girls – this is seriously your one stop shop. They sell all my favourite brands! Ardell (they make my fave lashes), Beauty Blender (must have!), e.l.f., Duo, Lime Crime, Lioele, NYX, Real Techniques, theBalm, Sigma, Sleek, Rimmel London… Seriously? I’m getting excited just thinking about it! They are a tiny bit pricier than the US websites but if you factor in the exchange rate, international shipping then they’re really almost the same in pricing – plus your goodies arrive much faster than usual! Shipping is free on orders over $50 – so a good excuse to spend $50 I’d say!

Another local fave – Pagan Marie! However they ship worldwide! Not only that but free shipping worldwide on orders over $250, $15 express shipping to AUS, and free shipping to anywhere in NZ with no minimum spend (unless it’s a rural address). Pagan Marie is a gorgeous boutique site which sells a range of stunning clothing items, shoes, accessories and some beauty products. I have bought off Pagan Marie many times and have always experienced the most amazing service. They have amazing sales so make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep updated! Currently they’re stocking Loving Tan which is a product I’ve been dying to get my hands on – hopefully I’ll save up some $$ to purchase some and feature it in a blog post soon.

logo (1)

This next one is a recent favourite and I am SO excited to tell you about it! I’m sure you’ve all heard of AMAZON but did you know that they sell makeup? Genuine makeup? For US prices? Cheap shipping? YES!

The one thing to remember when buying from Amazon is that you need to ensure that they are the seller (Amazon) because then you know it’s 100% genuine. An easy way to tell is that if it has a tick with the Amazon Prime logo –      download (1)    you know it’s okay 🙂 Amazon sells LORAC, Stila and theBalm as well as a million other brands and types of product! I also buy my kindle books from there as quite often they have them for just 99c! Plus books that I like reading are usually much cheaper on there than buying them from the shop. If you have a kindle or an iPad or tablet – check it out!!


My last online shopping website for today is one that I have been using ever since I became obsessed with online shopping… the glorious – ASOS. ASOS is a UK clothing website which sells not only men’s and woman’s clothing but also a lot of beauty products and accessories as well! I’ve bought everything from clothes for the boyfriend, clothes for myself, togs, hats, wallets, shoes, makeup, gifts, self tanner… etc etc. I couldn’t count on my two hands and two feet the number of orders I’ve made there. They have free shipping to NZ if you spend over $40 and they sell lots of awesome makeup brands (although some won’t ship to NZ). I could spend hours looking around ASOS – and you will too! Sorry!

download (2)

That’s all for today – I’m getting a little bit anxious because all this talk of online shopping is making me want to add-to-cart, add-to-cart, add-to-cart! Let me know what your favourite online shopping sites are! Also if you liked this post – let me know! I might do a part 2 soon – I still have HEAPS of websites up my sleeve 😉

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