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Good morning class,

I have been wanting to wax my man’s chest for a wee while now. It’s not that I find it unattractive or anything and of course I’d love him no matter how he looks. But, why not? The hairs on his chest weren’t thick like a bearded caveman, they were sort of sporadically spaced and I quite like that smooth-chest look on a man. Plus I rather enjoyed inflicting him some pain in an evil way…

After much persuasion, I managed to convince (beg?!) him to let me do it. I don’t know why, but he agreed. The next step was finding the right sort of wax strips. Not being a wax expert myself (I’ve never waxed anything in my entire life), I was a little bit anxious about what to buy and if I’d inflict any serious damage on him.

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In a weird sort of coincidence I was contacted by a company who sold hair removal products in NZ. Marzena sells a range of waxing strips, hair removal creams, hair lighteners, and various other products. Their products are made in NZ which is great, I love to support NZ companies! However their products are sold internationally too – woohoo! They have some fantastic looking products on there and are definitely worth a look! They’re sold in NZ and Australia at supermarkets and if you’re in the USA you can buy online 🙂

How to Wax Mans Chest with Wax Strips Marzena Zeno Athlete Boyfriend

Of course, I asked if I could have a go with the Men’s Waxing Strips. I was sold by the attractive pic on the box (ooh la la!).

The pack contains 20 waxing strips which is awesome and an extensive instruction booklet – which was fantastic for me considering I have no idea what I’m doing.

The wax strips are made of natural pine wax which sounds attractive in an extremely natural way. I think it made my man feel a little more relaxed as he has quite sensitive skin.

Now, the sensitive skin part should have been a huge alarm bell. However we decided not to patch test, nor to get anything special to chuck on after the waxing. Neither of us know anything about waxing so we were both in the dark.

The bae had a shower and dried himself then nervously posed for some “before” photos.

wax mans chest waxing strips


See what I mean about that random hair?

He mentally prepared himself while I nervously warmed up the wax strips in my hands. I carefully peeled them apart… (there’s two wax strips per individual pack and you peel them apart and you can use both sides which is cool!). It was really difficult to see which way the hair was growing as you were supposed to pull in the opposite direction. I figured I’d just go with it so I slapped one on, squashed it down and ripped it off.

EEEK! He wasn’t impressed. However he did state that it only hurts for a split second then is fine straight after, so he was keen for me to keep going.

I found that if you didn’t do it the opposite way to which the hair was growing then it barely pulled off any hair. This proved to be frustrating for the boy as I found it difficult to see which way they grew and often caused him pain with no reward. After a while I got the hang of it and did all the main parts. There was a lot of redness but no bumps or anything.

When it came to around the nipples I was nervous as it said on the box not to use on nipples. Boyf wouldn’t let me stop because it would look weird apparently. So I carefully went around the nipple area, making sure not to place the wax over the nipple. It seemed to work fine and didn’t cause him an extra pain. So I’d say they probably write “not for use on nipple area” because they assume people will stick it straight over the nipple and rip it off.

The wax strips were really easy to use, it was semi annoying having to use two as when I finished I still had one left over from a pair that I had to use or it was a waste. However, it didn’t bother me too much and I ended up using 10 or 5 pairs. I did stuff up a few times, and I did use some of them twice so you may be able to use less if you were a little more experienced than me.

We chucked some chilled aloe vera on the area afterwards and left it. It was nice and smooth and a little red but nothing major. YAY! We thought we’d mastered it.



Alas – a few hours after he came up with an itchy red rash. However I spoke to my brow waxer about it (Lisa from Loft Beauty Boutique) and she informed me that it wasn’t the wax strips, or the way I’d waxed him (although the way I did it may have irritated him a little, as I’m a complete amateur) it is actually just an allergic reaction that happens with males + waxing. She said that for some reason men are prone to developing a rash after waxing – especially the first few times. She suggested taking antihistamines before and after the waxing process.

I read up on rashes on males after waxing as well. I found out that obviously when waxing it opens up the pores, and males tend to sweat quite a bit. Therefore the sweat can block the pores really easily and cause an itchy rash. I was also advised to ensure he avoids hot showers, chemicals and exercise after the waxing process!

So, it didn’t quite go as I’d planned. However the one positive gained from this experience was that I’d totally recommend using the Zeno Marzena wax strips! (As long as you read up about taking care of the skin before and after). The strips themselves were easy to use, natural, and plentiful. I absolutely loved them & I am super duper confident that they didn’t have anything to do with the mans rash. I’m actually keen to have a try with the female ones next…

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. I let my mind wander back to those times that my boyfriend really annoyed me and somewhat enjoyed inflicting a little bit of light pain towards him. Hehe. (Is that bad?) However, he has since informed me that “I will NEVER let you wax my chest again!”. So as for a part II Men’s Grooming Edition… well, you might be waiting a while.

Let me know if you’ve got any waxing tips! Have you ever given your man (or woman) a wax before? How did it go! Comment down below.

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  1. Loved this! I waxed my ex’s back and he got terrible ingrown hairs. So next he went to an expert and the same thing happened, ingrown hairs and irritation. Interesting to read that it’s common in men!

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