My Proposal Haul

Proposal Haul Engagement Lush Pandora Intergalactic Mac Cosmetics

Good morning class,

If you read my previous post you would know that when my partner Tom proposed to me, he sent me on a treasure hunt around the mall with his credit card! I was lucky enough to pick out some gorgeous things from some of my favourite shops. Stay tuned to see what I chose.

The first shop I was sent to was Pandora. Tom had chosen a charm for my bracelet from there and pre-paid for it. It was this beautiful wee angel with a gold halo. I am Catholic and Tom doesn’t have any opinion on religion but he respects my beliefs so this was a really sweet choice. He also noted later that he chose it because I’m his angel… awwww.

Pandora Angel charm proposal haul engagement

Next I went for a wee trip to Lush.You guys know I love Lush, but Tom hates it because he thinks it stinks! Personally, I think it smells pretty delish but each to their own I guess. I didnt’t go crazy at Lush because I felt sort of bad spending all of Tom’s money, and I literally have my own Lush store at home anyway. I chose the Intergalactic Bath BombThe Comforter Shower Gel, and a Think Pink Bath Bomb. I haven’t used the Think Pink bomb before so I thought I’d pick it up and give it a go. Intergalactic is my all time fave so I had to get a back up of that. The Comforter Shower Gel smells ridiculously good, I think it’s my favourite Lush smell and I’ve been dying for it for weeks now.

Proposal Haul Engagement Lush Pandora Intergalactic Mac Cosmetics

Next I went in to MAC and picked up two things that I’ve been wanting for ages! Liv gave me some good advice – not to get something that I need, but to get something that is a splurge that I don’t really need but I want. I chose a Mineralize Blush in the shade Just a Wisp and one of the new Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade DivineDivine. I am in love with both products! The blush is like a highlight and blush in one – so beautiful and the lipstick is an amazing formula and a super fun colour which I don’t really own in liquid lipstick form yet.

Swatches Just a Wisp DivineDivine

Lastly I was able to get an outfit and I chose a dress from Max. I don’t have a photo of the dress because I forgot! But I’m wearing it in the proposal photo and here’s the photo of it from the website.

Max cocoon dress proposal engagement

I hope you enjoyed my haul! I absolutely loved the day – it couldn’t have been more perfect! I was 100% spoiled. Thank you so much Tom! ❤


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