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My dress made me have a weird tummy look going on – so don’t judge it please!

Good morning class,


Today I’m so excited because I GOT ENGAGED!!!

I didn’t get engaged today – it was on the 6th of March – but I’ve been quite busy with school and wedding planning etc.

Anyway, I bet you’re all aching to hear about how it happened – and I’m so excited to tell you! It is such an amazing proposal he couldn’t have done it any better.

Side note: if you would be interested in hearing how we met, comment down below because that is a pretty different story as well.

Couple engagement proposal ring

Okay, so I literally had no idea it was going to happen on that day. I knew it was going to happen at some point because we had talked about when we wanted our wedding and I knew about the ring, however I didn’t know when it would happen.

It seemed like a normal day. I was supposed to be hanging out with two of my favourite people Olivia and Tom (my partner). Liv was coming over for lunch and we were going to go shopping afterwards and Tom was going to tag along.

As I was doing my makeup and getting ready Tom rushed into our bedroom and exclaims that he needs to go to the golf course because he forgot there was a special day where you can look at all the new clubs going on sale and he had wanted to buy some new clubs. He was in a bit of a tizz and to be quite honest I was sort of annoyed that he was leaving. Anyway, he left and about ten minutes later Liv came over. We had a wee goss, played with Harry and off we went.

I drove up the driveway and there in the letterbox was a big bunch of red roses and a whole lot of envelopes addressed to me! As soon as I opened up the first clue I knew that today would be the day. Eeeeek! There were some tears and I went back to get tissues.

The first clue had his credit card taped into it (score!) and among some very sweet words he told me that he would be paying for our lunch and Liv would look after the rest of the clues and film the day (as she is a YouTuber).

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

We ended up at Botany as the Thai restaurant where we had planned to go was closed. We opted for our friendship favourite – Nandos. Not very healthy, but pretty yum.

Time for the second clue! I worked out the cryptic clue instantly. He was sending us to Pandora where he had picked out and pre-paid for a charm. It was a gorgeous Angel. Too cute!

Proposal story clue

Next clue led me to my favourite shop… LUSH! I am such a Lush addict so I knew this clue straight away too. He said I could pick out some things and charge them to his card! Spoilt!

Liv handed me the next clue and it suggested we might need perking up after all that shopping… coffee! We headed to Starbucks and got ourselves a delicious Frappachino.

Fifth clue sent me to another favourite shop… MAC! Tom gave me a generous amount of shopping money to spend here and I picked up a couple of goodies.

Lastly, he wanted me to pick myself out an outfit. We were running out of time so it was a little bit rushed, but I ended up buying a LBD from Max. They surprisingly have some really gorgeous clothes in there. I was so impressed with the staff – they were pretty excited about my treasure hunt!

Then we were a little late home but I figured out the clue and it suggested I meet him at the golf club on the 18th hole. We ate dinner there once (there’s a table and chairs) and the view is incredible. I was brimming with excitement.

I walked shakily (little bit nervous, little bit because of my shoes) over to where I could see Tom was perched on the end of the bench. He looked sort of nervous too. He took my hands and led me closer to the beautiful view and opened with a line about “finally the time has come”. Then  he got down on one knee and popped the question! YES! I exclaimed. I shed a few more happy tears (and I think Tom did too). We embraced in front of the gorgeous view on the end of the cliff and had a cheeky pash for the gawking golfers.

Engagement ring antique

Then we celebrated our engagement by going out to dinner with Liv and her partner at the Angus Beef Steakhouse and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

The gorgeous ring which Tom proposed with has the most special family meaning to me. It’s the ring which my Mum’s Dad (my original Grandad who passed away before I was born and my Gran remarried to the man who I now know as Grandad) proposed to my Gran with. It’s so special to me because it’s a connection to my Mum’s Dad who I never had a chance to meet.I cannot stop looking at it! It’s absolutely perfect.

cute couple engaged engagement proposal

I will post a “proposal haul” in the next few days too so that you can see what I picked up from each shop. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear the story of how we met (it’s a goodie!).

Have you been proposed to? I’m not joking, I’d LOVE to hear how the question was popped to you!! I just love proposal stories – they make me feel warm and fuzzy!


16 thoughts on “HE POPPED THE QUESTION!! <3 Story Time

  1. Got your link through Beauty Review….This is the sweetest engagement story ever! He is defiantly a keeper… all the best for your wedding planning – exciting times ahead! x

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  2. Weee! I absolutely love engagements 😍
    my fiancé and I got engaged in August, I work Saturdays so I got up as per usual , got ready and went to leave (we always kiss eachother goodbye) but this day he said to me “come home in a good mood” then gave me a kiss. I went to work, came home 4 hours later. And I walked in , and his friend was with him. (Little did I know he had, stored the ring up at his friends house so he was dropping it off) my dad had also just left , as he did asked my dad and he was more then happy to say yes! Haha anyway ! I love feeding the ducks, so he said ” we are going down to the lake” I was super happy because I love it there, his friend said he was going home , I was a little confused but still oblivious. We went to the lake and were on the jetty, I used all my bread and he had too. Then we watched the swans as the male one was protecting his female, next thing you know they are kissing !! It was so cute! Haha. I was like “okay let’s go babe” he grabbed my hand and next thing you know he’s down on one knee (I actually had to take a moment to think about what was going on) he popped the question and I was so over the moon! Such an unreal feeling saying yes. Our wedding is in 10 months and I cannot wait. Xx

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  4. Congratulations babe! That’s so amazing 😍 I actually proposed to my hubby the day before last leap year tehehe I took him over to Waiheke Island where we did a winery tour (he had always wanted to), then we had dinner at Mudbrick Vineyard looking back towards the city lights, then I took him to a place I’d booked called Bach on Burell with an amazing view & two level deck with spa and proposed using a scrap book full of things from our relationship with the big question on the last page (I had a ring for him too hehe) and we drank chanpagne to celebrate and stayed the night 😁❤️

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