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How I met my Fiance Boyfriend Story on Facebook

Mōrena class,

I have just being doing a spot of wedding planning and I thought what better time to sit down and tell you all about how my fiance Tom and I first met. Like, it’s a goodie mate. Go grab a snack, get comfy (I like to snuggle in bed) and prepare yourselves for a super cute story.

On October the 24th 2009 I went to a raging party in the student area in my home town. I partied with a whole lot of people from my home town and met lots of new people. I vaguely remember the night although I was (in all my 19 year old glory) intoxicated.

Fast forward to October the 27th 2009 and I was browsing Facebook (as you do) and I was probably doing a spot of Facebook stalking (as you do) and I came across someone in my “People you may know” section called Thomas. Now I certainly remember talking to some handsome young bloke at the party called Tom. This profile was quite private although he had the same sort of mutual friends as were at the party. So being my confident and immature 19 year old self I decided I might as well just give him an add. What have I got to lose? All his photos were of golfers (and I assumed they were famous ones, although in actual fact I think it was actually him). I’m not going to lie, I sort of knew it may not have been the bloke I chatted up at the party, but I was pretty boy-crazy in my youth so added him anyway.

The Facebook Add

ADDED. Boom. I didn’t really think much of it, and I sort of thought he probably wouldn’t accept me, or he would accept me and we would just never talk (as was fairly usual among 19 year olds on Facebook).

I’d just like to point out too that I only joined Facebook in 2008 and 2009 was sort of the rise of Facebook. Before then, it was Bebo and let’s face it, everyone added everyone on Bebo. There were no privacy warnings or tales of predators back then. It was a naive little world. So, adding a random person on Facebook wasn’t that uncommon back then. Now, it wouldn’t be as regular.

Probably about 30 minutes later he accepted my friend request and GUESS WHAT!? It wasn’t the Tom I had chatted up at the party. Oops. However finally I could stalk his photos and he was a bit of a babe.

I spend about 30 minutes trying to find the beginning of our chat for you guys but I think we must have deleted it at some point because the earliest I could find was November the 11th 2009. Anyway I remember he opened with “Hey do I know you?” and I was like “Were you at a party on Saturday night in Dunedin?” (Even though I knew now he wasn’t…hehe)

Earliest Facebook Chat

This is all I could find… bit cute though!

Then we talked LITERALLY every single day from that point on over Facebook, MSN (yes, those good old days) and text up until about 2012 when he went away for camp with University. Anyway, we talked for about a month or two until we figured out we had a bit of a crush on each other. He lived in Queenstown and I lived in Dunedin so we didn’t meet until three months into our Facebook friendship. I think it was really beneficial talking to someone online first because we talked about everything and really got to know each other before we finally met up. I think it really helped start up our relationship. Even though before we met there were other people in our lives in a romantic way.

MSN Messenger Chat Relationship

Cute wee screenshot of MSN I found

The First Meeting

I was nervous. He was coming to Dunedin for golf and by this point we had really figured out we liked each other. We developed a really sweet relationship online and felt a real connection.

I spent hours getting ready. Fake tan, showering, perfect hair, clean room, makeup… I did it all. My flatmates were just as excited as me. I waited very patiently (I think) in the lounge for him to arrive. We had a plan. We were going to get my favourite food (Thai) for dinner and watch a movie at my place. I think the thought of being somewhere I felt safe at was comforting (even though we’d established that we weren’t 40 year old internet predators).

*Knock knock* I remember he had a very strong knock. I think we commented on it. I was wearing my favourite dress (see photo) and I literally bounced down the stairs of the flat to answer the door. I remember that vividly. I think I was trying to be cute. Probably succeeded. Palms were sweaty… just like Eminem. I opened the door and there he was in all his glory! Even better looking in person! Was that even possible?

Cute dress Arrowtown Golf club

We hugged (I think) and nervously exchanged small talk. We quickly went and met the flatmates and then went for a walk to the restaurant. We had previously decided to get takeaways in case it was awkward. (We were, and still are, very up front and honest about our feelings). We ordered our food and walked back to the flat. I don’t really remember the walk, but I do remember he held my hand on the way back (cute!).

We got back to my place and before we ate we shared our first kiss! It was on the sofa in my room with the sweet smell of Thai takeaways wafting around us. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect kiss. Perfect guy, perfect smell.

We munched our takeaways and hung out and watched movies for the rest of the evening and then at some point that evening he asked me to be his girlfriend! On the first day we met! I think I made him take a selfie with me too and here it is…

Cute couple how I met my Fiance on Facebook

In the photo it sort of looks like we have been dating for ages. We sort of had I guess, but it was over the internet.

Since then we have had an amazing relationship. Some highlights include; staying the night at Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown, 5th year anniversary trip to Rotorua, HIS AMAZING PROPOSAL, getting Harry our kitten, driving up to a lookout point and watching a movie on my laptop in the back of his car, meeting his parents (and him meeting mine) and various special occasions.

Cute couple how I met my Fiance on Facebook

Tom and I going up the Gondola in Queenstown

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect relationship and I absolutely love the special story we have together.

Let me know down below how you met your current partner! I LOVE hearing these stories! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ❤ ❤

If you have ANY questions then feel free to ask me in the comments section! I’m more than happy to answer them 🙂


3 thoughts on “How I Met My Fiance <3 | Story Time

  1. I feel like such a dork because I’ve got tears in my eyes but this is SO ADORABLE. I’m really happy for you Emily! Thank you for sharing this with us xx


  2. Loooooved reading this ! I love reading how couples met stories too! haha

    Met my boyfriend while we were both working at Noel Leeming (haha – classy! xD) and I essentially liked almost all the guys I met (bar the not single ones lol of course) and apparently it was obvious – just started to hang out back with him (I was admin so had a reason or I made up reasons lol~) and talked to him… pretty much exchanged emails for him to send me some songs and emailed back and forth (like txts hahaha) then he was just like ‘eh, txt me on *number* and yeah… pretty much just gave no f— coz before I was txting this other guy heaps too but uh, he ignored me and this time was just like whatever happens, if nothing happens it was good but obviously hoping for something more ❤ – 3 years this year – don't want anybody else… one of a kind for suuures ^_^

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