Sleek Highlighting Palette | Midas Touch

Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches

Bula Vinaka class!

(A ‘warm’ hello in Fijian today!)

Today I need to talk to you about the Sleek Highlighting palette in Midas Touch. The newest member of the Sleek highlighting family, Midas Touch is a blue/cool toned palette that has once again, stolen my heart. Can Sleek do no wrong with their highlighters? Let us go back in time to my review on the Solstice Highlighting Palette by Sleek. It was wonderful. The Angels were singing. The birds were chirping. The sun was out. Everything was warm and sparkly and happy.

Today I feel like I’m in the movie Frozen. The snow is glistening. The ice is cracking. The air is crisp and fresh. Everything is quiet… too quiet. But in a good way. The kind of quiet when you know you’re waking up to a snow day (and a day off school). This palette feels even better than a snow day. It’s the sparkly, glittery, out-of-this-world pigmented little brother of the Solstice palette and I couldn’t be any more excited about it.

The Solstice palette wasn’t all warm toned… but this little baby is definitely all cool-toned and I absolutely love it.

Have you seen a blue-cool-toned highlighter before? It’s pretty exciting I must say. I haven’t gone hard with the blue highlight yet but when I do I can assure you I will be transforming into Elsa from Frozen. And the kids are going to love it.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches Review

Shades + Formula

Again we have four brilliant shades in the palette. Three baked powders and one gorgeous cream formula.  There’s Solitaire (cream), Tanzanite (baked powder), Rhinestone (baked powder), and Cubic Zirconia (baked powder).

Solitaire is a gun metal, blue-toned, silvery shade. Like last time, being a cream formula, it’s definitely the least pigmented of the bunch. It’s sort of difficult to work with too on my skin and to be fair I don’t know what I’d use it for on my face. However, on my eyes I think it would make a gorgeous lid colour with a shimmery powder packed on top to set it!

Tanzanite is a stunning shimmery rose-pink shade and a super flattering highlighter – especially matched with a light blush. It’s intensely pigmented – as are all the baked formulas – and I adore it. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day look! I have used it to highlight my inner corner as well as a teeny bit on my cheek bones.

Rhinestone must surely be Elsa-inspired as it’s this spectacular freezing cold-toned blue in the baked formula. It is so unique and of course super pigmented. I would use it as a subtle pop of colour on the cheek bones or a lid or lower lash line colour on the eyes.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches Rhinestone on cheeks

Wearing Rhinestone on my cheeks to show you!

Cubic Zirconia is my fave of the bunch. It’s literally a snow white shade. It’s the truest white I’ve ever seen. It quite honestly reminds me of glimmering snow in the sun. I have been looking for a shade like this for some time. It’s gorgeous on the inner corner, brow bone and lid on the eyes as well as the cupid’s bow and a tiny sprinkle on the cheek bones. I love it on my pale skin.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches



This time the packaging is a matte black NARS-esque colour with metallic gold lettering. It’s literally sleek-looking and has that sort of sophisticated classic look about it. Again it’s sort of light and cheap feeling when you’ve got it in your hands, but I sort of like it because it makes it easy to travel with and handle. It’s got the same brush as last time (who uses those!?) and a humongous mirror (which I love). The pans are generous and all-in-all I sort of like the packaging this time round. Even though it’s almost identical to last time. I think I’ve grown to love it.

I would have LOVED if it was Cinderella baby-blue inspired though. That would have been a game changer for me and would have foreshadowed the contents inside.Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches


The price is the same as the Solstice palette which I find really decent. Huge pans, easy to get your hands on, unique shades, it’s a must have for a Makeup Obsessive in my opinion. I got mine from the Sleek Website again. It was $14.99 US which ended up being around $28NZ including shipping. The shipping is ridiculously cheap from the Sleek Website which is ideal and always great service from them. Takes a while to come to NZ, but for like $3 shipping, who am I to complain? As it can be used as eye shadow colours as well as highlighters I think it’s a bit of a steal.


Sleek as a brand continues to impress me. I love their Matte Me Lip creams, their lipsticks are fantastic, their eye shadow palettes are fantastic, their blushes and bronzers are gorgeous and these highlighters are out-of-this-world. If you haven’t tried out the brand yet then GO AND DO IT PLEASE. That is a warning. If you don’t, you will regret it.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Midas Touch Swatches


I’d pick up the Solstice palette over this one just because it’s a little bit more mainstream and the colours are more wearable. However, if you love to play around with different colours, or you need some new eye shadows, or you’re obsessed with makeup, or you like cool tones, go ahead and pick this one up too! I’d probably buy it just for the white shade… in fact I think that’s sort of why I bought it in the first place. I definitely love this palette, and I’d totally still repurchase it, but the Solstice is more wearable if you can only choose one.

Have you tried this wee gem yet? What are your faves from the brand Sleek? I’m sure there’s more I need to try! Let me know down below 🙂



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