Fantastic Freelancers… And Where To Find Them

MAC Cosmetics flat lay beauty book makeup artist

Mālō e lelei class,

I just want to start this off by saying if you got the Harry Potter reference in the title then Yaaaas Kween!! We can be bffs (and if you got the Broad City reference I made just then, we are soul mates).

Giveaway Beauty Book NZ Freelance Makeup Artists how to find them

Okay so today we’re talking Freelancers (obvs) and by Freelancers I mean the Makeup Artist kind. I have been on the HUNT for a Freelance Makeup Artist lately (for my wedding) and it got me thinking about them in general. What was I looking for in a Freelance Makeup Artist? Why didn’t I go to a counter artist? Who are some of my fave Freelancers in NZ that I wish I could afford to fly down for it? And most importantly WHY is it so hard to find important information about Freelance Makeup Artists on their website? (Think, products they use, pictures of their work, price lists etc). Is there an easier way? (Spoiler alert – there is! See below)

Alright, I am a picky woman with regards to hiring a Makeup Artist because A. I own  A LOT  of makeup, B. I like to think I’m alright at doing my own makeup and C. I know my face like the back of my hand (well maybe not quite as well as the back of my hand, but you get the idea).

I had some very specific things I was looking for while hunting for the perfect artist which totally filled my picky needs. Although, to be fair, my wedding is one of the most important days of my life, and my skin is very oily and I have hooded eyelids which aren’t exactly the easiest things to work with. This is what I was looking for;

  • I didn’t want someone who used only one brand of makeup (because I don’t know of a brand that has a perfect product for every makeup need, I feel like you need a good mixture of things that you love).
  • I wanted a trained makeup artist – although that’s not to say that untrained artists aren’t amazing (trust me, I’ve seen some AMAZING self-trained artists) but my skin is difficult to work with and often someone untrained doesn’t always have the extensive knowledge of how to work with different skin types etc
  • As I have such a large collection of makeup, I sort of wanted someone who knew about new on-trend products and brands as there are some Holy-Grail type products out there which I felt like I couldn’t live without on my big day. I actually used Makeup Geek as an example of this because I figured if an artist knew about Makeup Geek eye shadows (arguably one of the most popular shadow brands on the market) then they would be up with the current trends (bit silly, but I am a bit silly sometimes).
  • I also wanted someone reasonably priced reflecting the products they use and the training they’ve had – NOW I am all about paying someone (especially in this business) what they deserve so it wasn’t about skimping on the cash, but I also couldn’t afford to go overboard and I wasn’t about to pay hundreds for an artist that used only drugstore products for example.

Now I’m 100% sure you wouldn’t be as fussy as me but these are some things to consider! What is your skin and eyes like? What exactly are you looking for? What sort of products are your holy grail? How much are you willing to spend? OR if you’re a Makeup Artist then this list may be interesting for you.

Photo 21-05-16, 9 00 01 AM (1)


Okay, remember how I said earlier that I was going to tell you about an EASY way of getting clients as a Freelance Makeup Artist AND finding a Freelance Makeup Artist if you’re the consumer? Well, guys, bear with me on this because I am excited! And also a little bit annoyed (I wish this existed when I was looking for a Makeup Artist a month ago!!!!)If you are a Freelancer then definitely keep reading too because I have a sweet coupon code for you!

There is a new website which is live now for Makeup Artists to sign up and it launches on the 10th of June for customer bookings – which makes it ridiculously easy to find an awesome Makeup Artist especially if you’re picky like me. AND if you ARE a Makeup Artist then I know it’s not always easy to get your name out there and make flashy websites or Instagram photos so this makes it ridiculously easy for you to get clients that genuinely want what you are offering. What is this magical site you ask? Beauty Book!

Beauty Book NZ Freelance Makeup Artists how to find them

Beauty Book* (aside from the super cute name) is an idea I wish I came up with. It’s a booking website which allows Freelancers to create a profile which encompasses all those important details us clients look for in a makeup artist. Pricing? What’s in your kit? Looks you’ve created? Qualifications? How many years in the industry? As well as some super cute additions like – Your best beauty tip? Your Beauty Philosophy. What you LOVE about being a Makeup Artist?

Beauty Book NZ Freelance Makeup Artists how to find them

The great part too is that you can see what other artists pricing is like or the products they have in their kit and use that to help you see what is popular or what a normal price is to charge. Not to mention you will be getting clients that genuinely like what YOU do and appreciate YOUR work which I think would make your job that much easier.


Beauty Book also allows you to update your availability so you don’t have to go through the emails back and forward asking all the minor questions like that (a feature which is also attractive to me as a consumer), plus it let’s you put in your travel preferences and then includes appropriate travel costs and timing in between clients FOR YOU. It’s like your own personal PA!Beauty Book NZ Freelance Makeup Artists how to find them

IF YOU ARE A FREELANCER and you sign up NOW then you could also be in to win a flipping amazing Freelance Makeup Kit including some MAC goodies, the Morphe 350 Palette, and some brushes (see photo below). Honestly, why wouldn’t you sign up? I know I will definitely be using the site as a consumer.

giveaway freelance makeup artist kit nz beauty book nars mac
I ALSO have that coupon code for you lovely Freelancers which is running at the moment. The code is just BB and it basically reduces their yearly subscription fee from $109-$80 (making their services roughly the SAME price as one makeup application! C’MON NOW).

If you are a prospective client then check out Beauty Book’s Instagram because I know they’re going to be doing some exciting giveaways for us too! And don’t forget their site will be live for us on the 10th of June.

Beauty Book NZ Freelance Makeup Artists how to find them

Now while we’re doing all this talking about Freelance Makeup Artists I felt like I just HAD to mention some of my favourites in NZ (and Australia).

Fiona Clare

Beauty Book Fiona Clare Beauty Freelance Makeup Artist

This woman is TALENTED. Not only does she do amazing makeup but she is also a hair stylist! Sort of a double whammy. If I could afford it I would be 1000% flying her down for my wedding makeup and hair! She is based in Auckland (so sorry if you’re in the rest of the country) but she is mobile so she can come to you! Check her out on her Facebook Page  and her super underrated YouTube channel. She is one of the sweetest people I know and definitely keeps up with the latest beauty trends (and products, eh Fiona! 😉 ) She would be an amazing, calm artist for your wedding or special event.

Victoria Nunns

Beauty Book Victoria Nunns Freelance Makeup Artist

I was planning on getting married in Queenstown and quickly booked Victoria for my wedding makeup but ALAS we ended up changing the venues to Dunedin so I had to cancel with her which was HEARTBREAKING because she is a fantastically talented artist. Go and look at her Facebook page because you will be in awe. Fun fact – she is also a super talented illustrator/designer!

Jahleshia Deflavelle

Beauty Book Makeup By Jah Freelance Makeup Artist

Jah is a bit of a big deal over on YouTube (I think so anyway) and a HUGE talent. She actually works at Inglot Cosmetics in Sydney (sorry NZ!) but she is a New Zealander. There ARE some fantastic and knowledgeable artists that work on counters around the place and she is one of them. She is also a LOVELY girl and super down to earth and easy to talk to!

Jordanne Leigh

Jordanne Leigh Beauty Book NZ Makeup Freelance Artist

Jordanne is a beauty blogger, YouTuber and newly trained makeup artist. She is horrendously talented and even offers a free workshop over on her blog for aspiring makeup artists! She is always sporting some gorgeous colour on her lids which I envy because I’m too scared to work with colour!

That’s my take on Freelance Makeup Artists and where to find them – and where to sign up if you ARE a Freelance Artist! Have you got a favourite Freelance Makeup Artist you want to share?

If you have ANY questions about Beauty Book then please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer them!

*This post was sponsored by Beauty Book NZ however all opinions are my own and I genuinely think the website is fantastic and I will DEFINITELY be using it myself.



GIVEAWAY + Haul + Review | Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches GiveawayHaul Review


Good morning class,

Today I’d like to chat about something close to my heart. If you follow my blog, you know I am self-confessed OBSESSED with Colourpop Cosmetics. I already have about 5 or 6 blog posts on their products and I cannot get enough. (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Obviously I still love them because I keep coming back for more!

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Za Cosmetics foundation & BB cream review + ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! ♥ ♥

ZA Cosmetics Foundation


Good morning class,

Today I’m excited to share with you a review on the three Za Cosmetics foundation-type products I own! I’ve been trialing these for a month or two now and I’m getting ants in my pants because I just want to tell you all about them! I’ve also got a Za Cosmetics Blender Sponge to giveaway as well which is one of my FAVE cheaper versions of the Beauty Blender. Stay tuned for how to win!

I’ve got the Za True White Liquid Foundation, the Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV and the Za Skin Beauty Liquid Foundation to review and I will do a wee bonus review on the Za Blender Sponge as well!

Za Cosmetics were kind enough to gift me one of these products (the True White Liquid Foundation) but I got the other two myself. You can buy Za Products from these stockists in store or here online

Za True White Liquid Foundation

This one is my FAVOURITE of the three because it’s more up my alley. It’s medium coverage but easily blended to a full coverage, it lasts for most of the day (which is pretty good considering my skin is literally an oil slick, and it has an awesome range of lighter shades! Which is great if you’ve got fair to medium skin tones but not so great if you’ve got a darker skin tone. It’s also the most expensive at $25 NZ – however $25 for a foundation = pretty awesome in my books! I think this one is great value and it looks gorgeous, dewy and BRIGHT on the skin. It sinks into the skin and feels really lightweight despite being a medium/full coverage foundation. I like to wear this one when I want fuller coverage but I don’t want to feel all cakey and I don’t NEED it to last all day flawlessly. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This stuff does have great lasting power! However when you’re an oily teacher in a hot classroom who likes to touch her face, NOTHING lasts long on that mug. I’d say it would last all day on most people. It doesn’t slide off my face either which is great! Not sure about dry skin – however my good friend Olivia (Xlivlovesmakeup) over on YouTube did a review of it as well here and she has dry skin! Subscribe to her please – shes a total babe!

ZA Cosmetics Foundation


Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV

Okay – I just want to start by telling a little story. One day I had a few pimps on my tomato-red chin (ladies time) and I was mucking round home but wanted to chuck on SOMETHING so I didn’t have to screw my face up in disgust every time I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I popped on a bit of this BB cream with my Za Blender Sponge and set it with a tiny touch of powder, a swipe of mascara and went on my way. Fast Forward to about 30 mins later. Tom comes in. Looks at me and is like “WOW you look gorgeous without makeup babe”. Moral of the story – men can’t tell whether your wearing makeup or not, and this BB cream is my new fave. It gives a really decent amount of coverage for a BB cream. It’s SUPER lightweight on the skin. It actually FEELS amazing on the skin – like it’s definitely hydrating! I really love it for a BB cream and I’d definitely wear it out (which is a big call because I rarely leave the house without a full face – mainly due to the fact I love applying makeup more than anything but also slightly because of that dreaded tomato chin). Would totes recommend it – plus it only costs $15! Steal.

ZA Cosmetics Foundation


Za Skin Beauty Foundation (apparently in the swatch I thought it was called Perfect Fit for some reason… excuse that)

This foundation is definitely my least favourite of the bunch. With my skin type and my preferences it really doesn’t do much for me. It’s definitely a light coverage – lighter than the BB cream. It doesn’t sit on my skin nicely and I don’t think it mixes well with my oily skin. It is advertised to “instantly even out skin tone and minimize the appearance of pores” which is definitely not the case for me. My skin is quite scarred from break outs on my chin which is probably why I don’t like it because it’s simply not pigmented enough to satisfy my coverage needs. However, it would be perfect for someone who was only after a light coverage, matte finish foundation. It’s definitely not a bad foundation, it feels nice on the skin, it blends out nicely and applies well, the colours are great for fair skin and it does give some coverage, however I cannot get it to work for me unfortunately! This one retails for $20 🙂


I think Za Cosmetics makes some pretty decent foundations + products in general. I’ve recently acquired a whole lot of their products (some gifted to me by the company, and some from friends or purchased myself) and I am really loving them! They have a great price point for New Zealand, they’re good quality, they have a HUGE range of makeup and skincare and their sister brand Moisture Mist is also fantastic. They also have great customer service and they do a whole lot of giveaways and deals over on their Facebook page – check it out!  

ZA Cosmetics blender sponge

Za Blender Sponge review + giveaway

So I also got two of the Blender Sponge’s from Za and I am LOVING using my one! It’s definitely not beauty blender – however it’s difficult to compare it to the beauty blender because the bb is so different to this product. The Za sponge is larger and more dense than the beauty blender and is more comparable to the Real Techniques sponge. I actually prefer it to the RT sponge because it’s bigger and a better shape which makes it easier and quicker to use. Lord knows I’m always trying to find ways of making my makeup routine quicker in the morning when I’m running late and this product does that! I find the application of the product itself no different to that of the beauty blender or Real Techniques sponge and I actually find this product much easier to clean. It doesn’t store away old product inside the sponge like the beauty blender does. It’s easy to get out ALL of the product from inside the sponge and then it’s as good as new again. Personally, for the price (around $20 but they often have deals where this is free with another face purchase etc), I think that this is a fantastic sponge. It applies product nicely, is quick and easy, simple to wash and lasts longer than the other sponges I’ve tried.

I’ve got one of these sponges to give away to a lucky reader in NZ + some other Za goodies! The reason why it’s only NZ is because when I do an international giveaway I want to give away something expensive to make it worthwhile because of shipping etc. If I posted this sponge internationally then the postage could cost nearly as much as the sponge itself! So stay tuned for an international giveaway.

To enter you MUST:

  • Follow my blog via email or WordPress. (If via email then you must confirm your subscription in the email sent to the address you subscribed with. Otherwise I can’t see who you are).
  • Comment on this blog post and tell me what your favourite foundation is (and why!)

For an extra entry you can:

Competition open to NZ residents only, prize consists of 1x Za Cosmetics Blender Sponge in “pink” and some other Za Cosmetics goodies, winner must contact me within 48 hours of being announced or I will redraw. Winner must be following my blog and must have commented on this blog post. Competition closes on 31st May 2015 NZ time.

Good luck my darlings!

CLICK HERE to enter quickly


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Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Haul + Review + Giveaway ♥♥

Gerard Cosmetics Swatches 1995 Underground Buttercup Giveaway


Good morning class,

It’s my BIRTHDAY TODAY! Woohoo! Although I don’t know why I’m celebrating because I’m basically an old woman now.

Today I want to share with you my Gerard Cosmetics haul. If you want to buy some of these products check out the range here

They have fantastic sales and discount codes running all the time, so follow their social media for updates! They often have free shipping which is the ultimate winner for me!

I picked up 6 of the lipsticks in their range (one for the giveaway and 5 for me). I got the shades 1995, Underground, Buttercup, All Dolled Up and Cherry Cordial + an extra Underground for you guys because I assumed that would be the colour I’d love the most (I was right!).

I was unbelievably excited for this order to come. The swatches online looked so good, the packaging is gorgeous and I’d ordered lots of nude/neutral shades which I’m loving at the moment. It did take about 2 weeks and the tracking doesn’t work properly for us in NZ which sucked because I was being super impatient. I just wanted to swatch them!

Finally the order came, packaged quite well with an information card + discount code for my next order. Quite impressed. The only downside was that the lipsticks don’t come in any packaging like plastic wrap or a wee box – this sort of freaks me out a bit. Although when I opened them for a look they all look untouched (+ I promise the giveaway one has been untouched as well!).

Here are the swatches;

Gerard Cosmetics Swatches 1995 Underground Buttercup Giveaway


I have found all the lipsticks apart from Buttercup to be well pigmented. Buttercup is quite light and not pigmented enough to cover my natural lip colour. So I’ve been using it over the top of a nude lip liner which is worked okay. (Although I actually left Buttercup in the car and it melted and got a little bit deformed – hopefully you can’t tell in the pictures though). Don’t get me wrong, I love the shade of Buttercup and it looks great over a lip liner but the pigmentation is definitely not consistent.

As for the formula as a whole, it’s quite a matte formula which i like and it’s smooth and creamy to apply at first, although I find it gets quite drying on the lips and my lips looked a bit gross after a day at school because they were just SO dry. They’re not those lipsticks that you can just keep re-applying over the top, you actually have to take the lipstick off, put a bit of balm on and then reapply. Which is admittedly a bit of a pain, but the colours are SO gorgeous that it’s worth it.

The packaging looks gorgeous but it is quite tinny. It’s not quite as luxurious as I imagined, however for the price you pay for the lipstick + the look of it, it’s still fantastic in my books. I love the way it’s like a mirror (although that makes it hard to take photos). They look great on display and are easy to find in your bag.

Although these lipsticks aren’t super long-wearing, they do feel nice on the lips at first application. The colours (bar Buttercup) are super pigmented and creamy, they are just awesome colours, the packaging does LOOK gorgeous, they’re super cheap, they do free shipping and many of them have matching lip glosses (which I want to try next!) Overall, all things considered, these lipsticks are awesome for the price! I probably wouldn’t buy them full price (although I hate paying full price for anything), but when you’ve got a discount code I think they’re a good product especially with the range of colours. I recommend them!

My personal favourites are all of them. I LOVE Underground, it’s such a different colour. One I don’t have in my collection but it looks super flattering on the lips. I am OBSESSED. 1995 I thought would be way too dark for me, but in fact it looks perfect. Makes me feel like a 90’s kid again. All Dolled Up is the perfect Candy Yum-Yum alternative. It’s a Miss White sort of colour. Cherry Cordial is AMAZING and it’s my FAVE I think. It’s so flattering on my skin tone and perfect for autumn. Buttercup is a nice almost glossy finish, perfect for over the top of a lip liner.

Gerard Cosmetics Swatches 1995 Underground Buttercup Giveaway


Check out my Facebook page here for a chance to win your very own Underground lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics + I’ll probably chuck some extras in there. Super easy to enter just find the giveaway photo and tag 3 friends in it to enter! Make sure you like my Facebook page to ensure you’re in the draw. ❤

Have you tried any Gerard Cosmetics products? I want to try Shaaanxo’s lipgloss next! What do you think of them? Are there any that are on your wish list now? Let me know!

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The best powder in the entire world ♥ Giveaway! ♥ // Closed x

Australis Fresh & Flawless

Australis ”Fresh and Flawless” powder in the shade “Natural” ($18NZ at Kmart)

Good afternoon class,

Ahhh writing this post makes me feel sort of content and warm and comfortable inside because I am so SO SO incredibly in love with this powder that I can almost hear the wedding bells ringing and I’m just so excited to spread the love and tell you all about it too!

I remember the first time F&F and I laid eyes on each other… it was after hearing rave reviews on the likes of ‘Girl Related’ and ‘Makeup Obsessives’ on Facebook and I immediately went on a mission to K-mart to get my little white double-jointed fingers on this beautiful bounty. From that moment on I knew I’d never try another powder again. Of course I have tried other powders, because you guys know me and you know that I just can’t help myself, BUT they’ve never been as good as the Australis Fresh & Flawless powder.

I remember the urgency to buy another powder when I hit pan, and once they ran out at my local Kmart and I could not even go about my daily life as every second was spent with worry for what I would do when I ran out completely. Now, of course, I’ve got a million back-ups and I order in bulk from Australis’ website. However, they only ship to Australia so I have to ask my uncle very nicely if he can bring my beloved haul back to Auckland. Continue reading