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Australis Fresh & Flawless

Australis ”Fresh and Flawless” powder in the shade “Natural” ($18NZ at Kmart)

Good afternoon class,

Ahhh writing this post makes me feel sort of content and warm and comfortable inside because I am so SO SO incredibly in love with this powder that I can almost hear the wedding bells ringing and I’m just so excited to spread the love and tell you all about it too!

I remember the first time F&F and I laid eyes on each other… it was after hearing rave reviews on the likes of ‘Girl Related’ and ‘Makeup Obsessives’ on Facebook and I immediately went on a mission to K-mart to get my little white double-jointed fingers on this beautiful bounty. From that moment on I knew I’d never try another powder again. Of course I have tried other powders, because you guys know me and you know that I just can’t help myself, BUT they’ve never been as good as the Australis Fresh & Flawless powder.

I remember the urgency to buy another powder when I hit pan, and once they ran out at my local Kmart and I could not even go about my daily life as every second was spent with worry for what I would do when I ran out completely. Now, of course, I’ve got a million back-ups and I order in bulk from Australis’ website. However, they only ship to Australia so I have to ask my uncle very nicely if he can bring my beloved haul back to Auckland.

I suppose I’d better start talking about why exactly this powder is so fantastic. Firstly, the packaging (I know) isn’t anything special or amazing but I do like that you are able to see the product though the case so you can somewhat determine which colour you might need. It comes with a sponge which I never use unless I’m out on the town or in a dire emergency – however if you’re into the whole sponge thing that might be a bonus for you!

The powder itself is not only vegan friendly, but it contains a range of oils and concoctions that actually help prevent, fight and soothe breakouts and oily skin. Like, what!? Is that not just amazing? Usually I’d be skeptical of that sort of claim, but I swear to God they are telling the truth! When I first started using a powder to set my foundation they all seemed to break me out. I don’t think my oil slick of a face was used to that sort of coverage. However as soon as I switched to this powder I could even feel my pores bowing down in awe. Not a breakout to be found.

The powders come in three colours; Natural, Deep Natural, and Dark Brown. I use the shade Natural which looks fairly dark in the packaging but it is a perfect match for my fair skin tone. I would say it’s a very broad colour, as in, it would suit a range of skin tones. I know it’s not ideal that they only have three shades… but just make it work for you. It’s worth it.

Overall, the powder applies really nicely with a big fluffy powder brush, it gives a perfect amount of coverage, sets my foundation beautifully, gives me a flawless finish, doesn’t make me break out, and it’s just a little bit of heaven in a product. I wear mine absolutely every day and I am sure to have a spare one in my car, my handbag AND my teacher’s desk! It’s perfect for school because it keeps me from getting oily as I tend to touch my face (and sometimes get a little stressed out) at school. If you do anything from reading my blog, make it buying this product please! You’re worth it 😉

As I said I order mine from the Australis website, but you can find them in most Kmart and Farmers stores in NZ, and in some pharmacies. The price ranges from $18-$20.

Miss White's Makeup Desk

Here’s a wee selfie of me wearing this powder… I know my brows look like hairy slugs so ignore them please (it was before I knew what to do with them). Let me know if you’ve tried this stunning powder, and if not – which powder is your fave? I’d love to hear from you.

GIVEAWAY!!! ♥♥ Edit: Closed 

I’ve also got one Fresh & Flawless powder in the colour “Natural”  to give away to a lucky reader! ♥ To win – you just need to head over to my Facebook page and “like” it and tell me – What would you like to see more of on my blog? What sort of posts would you like to see next?

For an extra entry – follow me on twitter 🙂

Note: This giveaway is only open to people in New Zealand. Keep your eyes peeled for an international one soon!


1. Prize is one Australis Fresh & Flawless powder in the colour ‘Natural’

2. You must “like” my Facebook page – Miss White’s Makeup Desk

3. You must read this blog post and then comment on the thread on Facebook and tell me what you’d like to see on my blog & share the post.

4. Open to NZ residents only.

5. Extra entry by following me on twitter 

6. Competition closes in one week on 27th January 2015 at 7pm and winner will be announced via my Facebook page.

Good luck! ♥♥

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7 thoughts on “The best powder in the entire world ♥ Giveaway! ♥ // Closed x

  1. Loved your blog. I’ve never used an Australia make up products but your description makes me want to go and buy one asap.
    Thank you for the review it was awesome.

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