Strobing Made Easy | with the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice ♥

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Solstice Palette Strobing Review Swatches

Good morning class,

Bear with me while I contain my excitement… you know I’m obsessed with highlighters and this palette really takes the cake. Rose gold packaging, a purple shade, super pigmented, cheap… can we just take a minute to bask in it’s glory?

Okay, I’ve pulled myself together – let’s chat!

Strobing is something I am a complete amateur towards and to be honest I’m still sort of getting my head around contouring. Isn’t strobing just highlighting as per usual? Apparently not.

The way I see it, strobing is like excess highlighting. “Bulk” highlighting as Crystal Conte might put it. This palette literally does make ‘strobing’ ultra easy. I know that sounds cheesy and hopefully I didn’t put you off with that cliched, cheesy title. However I’m only being honest!

Let’s start with the important parts. The palette cost $28NZ ($14.99US + shipping) including shipping from the Sleek Website, it took about a week and a half to get here and was packaged up well. 10/10 service from Sleek!

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Solstice Palette Strobing Review Swatches

Colours and Formula

The beautiful palette contains four shades which are Ecliptic (cream), Hemisphere (powder), Subsolar (powder), and Equinox (powder).

Ecliptic is a slightly bronze/rose gold tinged cream highlighter. It’s probably the least pigmented of the bunch as it’s a cream product and therefore almost blends away a bit. You are supposed to use it to highlight the brow bone.

Hemisphere is my favourite shade. It’s the purpley powder and it is intensely pigmented. It looks stunning with a rosy pink blush on the cheeks and delivers a gorgeous highlight that lasts all day. Sleek recommends it is used to highlight the cheek bones.

Subsolar is a yellow powder shade and it is not quite as pigmented as Hemisphere and Equinox but that is because it’s a little lighter and is a lighter formula. It is recommended to highlight the bridge of the nose and it gives off a stunning golden shimmer.

Equinox is a light bronze/rose gold powder shade which is the same pigmented formula as Hemisphere. It’s honestly beautiful. The whole palette is breath taking to be honest (if highlighters are your thing). This shade is supposed to be used to highlight the cupids bow, however I think it’d also be gorgeous on the cheek bones.

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Solstice Palette Strobing Review Swatches

Top swatch to bottom; Ecliptic, Subsolar, Hemisphere, and Equinox


The packaging looks gorgeous, however once it’s in your hands it feels quite tinny and cheap. It doesn’t feel as though it would break but it’s just not very heavy which gives off a cheap feeling. It’s a shame because it looks so luxurious, although it’s weight makes it perfect for travelling so we can’t complain! It comes with a wee brush which is useful, although I’d rather the powders were bigger instead, but again it makes it handy for travelling. The powders are decent-sized for a face palette, and it includes a large mirror – which is something I really like! Overall, the packaging is not what I expected in real life, but it’s practical and I am growing to like it. (Although it’s ridiculously hard to take a photo of because of it’s mirror-finish!).

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Solstice Palette Strobing Review Swatches


I think for $28 NZ or $14.99 US this palette is a steal! The pans are pretty huge so that’s like $7 NZ per shade. I think that if you are new into highlighting, or are wanting to pick up your first highlighter then this is a great start! You can have a play around and see what works with your skin tone and what sort of shades you like before you go out splashing on Mac or something.


Sleek have recommended a different use for each shade on the box – which is perfect for beginners or for someone like me who is overwhelmed with so many different shades and formulas. They also suggest using the shades on your inner corner, or to highlight your body or decolletage. I am actually loving these suggestions by Sleek and I think they’ve done really well with this palette. As a recap – the cream shade in the top left is for highlighting the brow bone, the purple shade in the top right is for the cheek bones, the yellow shade on the bottom right is for the nose and T-Zone and the bronze shade on the bottom right is for your lips and cupids bow. Personally, I’d probably mix it up a bit and play around with it! But Sleek know what they’re doing and these shades really do work for those specific areas.

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Solstice Palette Strobing Review Swatches


Whoever you are, whatever stage you’re at with makeup, go and buy this palette. Honestly I know I’ve probably turned you all into shopping addicts but this is four shades for $28 and I think it’s a steal. I’d compare the pigmentation of those two powder shades on the right to that of Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm (which you know is my favourite highlighter of all time).

Do you love highlighting? What are your faves? Have you tried this!? – Let me know! I’d be so interested to hear what you think of it 🙂 Talk to me down below.

Also – follow me on my Facebook page! I post updates and mini reviews on there a couple of times a week and I’d love to chat more with you all 🙂

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