April ’15 Favourites! My favourite products from February/March/April ♥

ZA cosmetics XO beauty lashes MAC Lightscapade


Good morning class,

Today I want to chat to you about some of my FAVE products from February, March & April (because I’ve been slack with favourites posts)!

I’ve been sent, gifted and purchased lots of items over the past couple of months (as usual, I’m a shop-a-holic!) and here are some of the products that I am absolutely loving and using almost every day!


ZA Cosmetics True White Plus Liquid Foundation

I have absolutely been obsessed with this foundation (and another one of the ZA ones which isn’t mentioned today). I received this one from ZA themselves and wanted to have a good try of it before I talked to you guys about it. I take a while to “get in” to foundations and I like to really test them out before I decide if I like them. Luckily, this one passed all the tests and I am in love!

I’m planning on doing a full review of three of the ZA foundations – coming soon, so I won’t rant on too much about it now. What I will tell you is it’s super pale (which is good for fair skinned people),  it’s super duper brightening, it is a good coverage – not too heavy, not too light – and it applies really nicely! One of my new faves!

(You can buy this at Life Pharmacy in NZ or click the title to find other stockists in your area – super cheap stuff!)

Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder

Okay guyyys, you know I’m obsessed with this stuff. I know it, you know it, but I felt bad about leaving it from my favourites because I love it so much! I feel like those of you who haven’t yet tried it NEED to be reminded about how amazing it is. I have written an entire blog post on it here and I even gave some away! (It’s her favourite now too, I’m sure!)

So, if you haven’t felt the love and bought this $10!? powder and had a wee play around then you’re really missing out!

(You can buy this wonderful stuff at Kmart in NZ and Australia – not sure about other parts of the world)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

Alright. I’ve had this for forever. And I’ve loved it. It’s nice and light and fantastic for pale skin. HOWEVER, recently, I found a new use for this godsend. Most of the time, I can never find a concealer light enough to highlight under the eyes. I always want to achieve that Shaaanxo bright eye look but it never works because I’m too pale as it is. BUT lately I’ve been setting my concealer with a touch of this Lightscapade powder and then putting a bit of the Australis powder on-top to set my whole face and it gives me this amazing bright under-eye glow which I LOVE. I know it’s a highlighter, and it’s a bit sparkly and all that jazz. However I find that by putting a dash of normal powder over-the-top it counteracts the sparkles and leaves me with just the brightness. Worth a try if you have the product already! I’d been dying for the Bare Mineral’s powder in Well Rested that Shannon uses but I think this could be a good alternative until then?

L’Oreal Lumi Magic Pure Light Primer

This is another one of those products that I’ve had for forever but “forget” to use for ages. I’ve just started using it now and I am in LOVE!

I don’t know why I never got into it ages ago. It’s what I imagine MAC Strobe Cream to be like, however it’s way cheaper! It’s so brightening and feels delightful on the skin. It looks indescribable. As in, I just tried to think of something in looks like but mind blanked. It looks like reflective white glue but doesn’t feel like glue to apply – if that makes sense. Either way, I am loving it! Praise the lord I started using it again too because I just ran out of my tried and true Mac primer. A+ from the teacher herself!

Moisture Mist Bronzer

This one was gifted to me by a friend and I am LOVING it. If you want a more in-depth review with swatches and the like – let me know! For now I’m just going to talk (verbal diarrhea-style) , as that’s what I’m good at and that’s what we’re here for.

So this is the perfect colour for someone pale, and I think it would also work for most skin tones. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it, but it’s subtle. It applies nicely with a bronzing brush and it’s easy to blend. It’s fine and it’s in nice sturdy packaging. I love the Moisture Mist packaging actually! Really easy to open and it’s got a nice big mirror. It will be getting a lot of use!

Trilogy Vital Moisturizing Cream

I literally just ran out of moisturizer before my friend gave this to me and THANK GOODNESS IT’S AMAZING because I kind of hate buying moisturizer. It’s so hit and miss, and it’s expensive and it’s not exciting to buy like a lipstick or eye shadow is. However – if you’re like me and hate buying moisturizer then save yourself the drama and buy this one! It’s everything I love in a moisturizer. Super creamy and moisturizing (of course), smells delish, not oily, natural and all that jazz. I have found my holy grail! This is weird, but I also like the lid. It’s made with a thin coating of metal on the outside and it’s just nice and luxurious when I’m opening it in the morning. It’s ALSO got Rosehip oil in it which is a BIG GOLD STAR from me! Rosehip oil is amazing stuff for the skin and great on pimples and scarring. I’ve noticed my skin has been looking amazing after weekly use of this moisturizer God.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

You guys KNOW I love this concealer! Holy Grail. Nuff said.

I’ve talked about it before here – go read why x

ZA Beauty Sponge

I’m planning on talking all about this one very soon in a blog post- but for now I’ll let you know that I LOVE it. It’s more dense than the beauty blender, but it’s cheaper and it’s bigger (which I like). Personally, I LOVE this. I find it so easy to use, and very comparable to the beauty blender. Check it out. x


xoBeauty Lashes

I have a few pairs of these gorgeous lashes made by the gorgeous Shannon Harris or Shaaanxo and I LOVE them! They’ve got a nice thin band which means that you can’t see them and they’re not as obvious. They’re easy to apply, and there’s lots of different styles! Plus I’m all about supporting Kiwi businesses! Especially when the owner is such a genuinely nice person. Check it out here

Essence Lash Princess mascara

I went shopping with my friend and we went exploring to parts of Auckland unknown and found a goldmine of Essence at a Farmers store. SCORE! I hadn’t tried Essence before because they don’t have it at my local Farmers, so I picked up this mascara and an eyeshadow as I was incredibly poor that week. I chose this mascara because I THINK I heard Sally Jo talk about it, and it has a cool name. Princess? I love princesses! Anyway, it’s a comb brush and it’s perfect. I LOVE comb brushes because they separate my lashes like no tomorrow! All I want in life is separated lashes. My lashes are already pretty long so I don’t need length. This mascara is good. Especially if you like combs. And it was like $6.

Billion Dollar Brows brow pencil

I received this from a friend and I’m in love!! It’s got quite a large applicator, and you can’t sharpen it or anything so I can’t use it for a really defined brow – but it works well for an everyday sort of brow. IDEAL that it has a spoolie brush on the end. 5 gold stars!

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows

Okay guuuuuuys, guys, guys, guys. You KNOW I am obsessed with Colourpop… do you need me to explain further or can we just be happy with the fact that Colourpop will always be in my favourites? PS fave shadows at the moment include; Bubbly, Tassle, Get Lucky, I Heart This. xo

ZA Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen

Seriously. Why don’t more people rave about this thing? It’s probably the best eyeliner pen I’ve ever used. Either that or I’ve just become really good at doing winged liner. But I think it’s actually just the best liner I’ve ever used. Nice wet formula, but it dries really fast. Easy to use, cheap, cheerful. BUY MEEEE.

Lips & others

Colourpop Lippie Stix & Pencil in Wifey

Okay, this maybe isn’t my FAVE shade of lippie stick and pencil in the Colourpop range ( I’m not sure I can pick a favourite), however it’s been my most worn this month! I am just loving the bright pink, and it wears really nicely throughout the day. (The kids absolutely love it too!).

Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume

Delish! This perfume is one of those ones I used to own ages ago but only recently repurchased. It reminds me of drinking and being 21. It brings back good memories plus it smells like sugar and pink and lollies and happiness. If you ever see it round, have a sniff.

Sparkly Phone Case

You guys know me. I am obsessed with sparkles and glitter. This phone case is the coolest of the cool. It’s see through and it has glitter and stars inside that move around like those kids cups you could get where the glitter would move around between the outside and the inside of the cup. If that makes sense? I bought mine for $5 free shipping off eBay. Have a look!

That’s it for my favourites this month. I don’t want to do any more talking! I’m sorry there’s only been one post a week for the past two weeks. I have all these ideas and posts ready, but I’m never home when there’s good light for photos for you! Plus school is busy at the beginning of the term. Either way, there will be PLENTY of posts coming + two giveaways in the next week or two I promise!

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Shhh! Miss White’s Beauty Secrets – (7 tricks I couldn’t live without!) ♥

Good morning class,

Sssh! Today I want to share with you my TOP beauty secrets – straight from the head of Miss White herself. They’re probably nothing too mind-blowing but I always find it helpful to hear other people’s tips and tricks that they’ve come across over time so I thought I’d let you know mine. (I am LOVING both gifs and Pretty Little Liars at the moment – for any PLL chat, comment below! I love to gossip about it!)

Note: these top secret secrets may have been taken from various websites, gurus, magazines, people, grandmas, friends etc. Nothing’s original these days is it. However these tips are ones that I personally use daily and that work for me, so I feel like that’s all that matters here.

Tip #1: SARD WONDER SOAP. It’s the stain remover of the Gods. It’s the ONLY bar of soap you need in your lives. It. Is. King of the Soaps


(Not my photo)


I always see people on Facebook (especially my beloved Makeup Obsessives) in a complete panic over a simple stain on a favourite dress or something similar. Truly I tell you, you will never have this problem again after purchasing this $3.50 goodness from your local supermarket. This will take out basically any stain it gets it’s greasy mitts on. I’ve found if you get at a stain early and with this soap, it will always come out. The same cannot always be said for older stains, but it does fade the tougher ones and gets out most of the others. I also use this soap to wash my brushes if they’re packed with product, my beauty blender, dresses with fake tan or makeup on them, my tanning mitt, my white shoes, the list goes on. I go through a bar of this stuff every few months and it’s the most handy cleaning product I own.

This one I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram etc, so it’s on oldie but a goodie. I’m sorry if you’ve seen it before but it’s something I couldn’t live without knowing now. So in case you haven’t seen it, here we go.

beauty secret tip tricks drying brushes

Tip #2: Using hair ties to dry your makeup brushes. Whoever came up with this idea should have seriously copyrighted it or something because it is genius!

Basically, you wash your makeup brushes (I use a mixture of SARD wonder soap (for really foundationy brushes), Shampoo, Conditioner and Garnier Micellar Water – if you were wondering), then I give them a big ole shake to shake off the excess water (and it helps them stay in shape) and then I hang them off something (towel rail, drawer handles, coat hangers) upside down by getting a thick hair tie and making a loop around the towel rail and putting the brush handle through the loops. They usually dry within a day and they always stay in shape! Plus it means that water doesn’t run into the handle and loosen the glue!

Tip #3 Using cellotape to get the perfect winged eyeliner! This one I’ve seen Shaaanxo do on her videos and since then I’ve been using that little trick nonstop! I’ve also used an old fly buys card or a paper card as well.

You hold the card or stick the tape on an angle from the corner of your eye. Then you’ve got a perfect line to draw your liner on and it’s extremely straight and sharp. It’s also ideal because you can use any type of eyeliner with it. So if you’ve got one that’s super hard to wing with then you can use that with this technique!

Tip #4 follows a similar road and it’s using an old card (eftpos, fly buys, coupon etc) to apply your lower lash mascara. I use this trick ALL the time! Honestly whenever I remember. I have quite long bottom lashes but I always get mascara all over my lower lash line and it’s a pain in the butt! So when I use a card or something it makes them look SUPER long and there’s no mascara all over the show!

Basically, you put the card underneath your lower lashes and apply your mascara as usual. Warning – you will have mascara all over the card or whatever you used but it’s a small price to pay for bangin’ lashes!

Tip #5 Shave your legs with conditioner. I buy crappy cheap conditioner and slather it on my legs when I shave. It’s a way cheaper shaving cream and it’s just as easy. It makes my legs feel SO good afterwards as well. The only downside with this one is it makes your razors last slightly less longer if you don’t clean them well afterwards. But, we can deal with that for super smooth silky legs right?


makeup obsessives


Tip #6 Join Makeup Obsessives on Facebook. Honestly, I learn tips and tricks from that page every day! It’s amazing! There’s something like 20,000 girls and guys on there who are all as obsessed with makeup as I am. They’re always posting about new things, and wee tricks and ideas. They post about good sales, where to buy their favourite products, what their favourite products are, the products they don’t like… etc. It’s the best kept beauty secret if you’re not a member. Get on and join! Plus their Queen and page creator Kirsty Leigh is an absolute babe and is super friendly and easy to talk to!

Tip #7: EXFOLIATE your lips before lipstick! I am super lazy when it comes to doing my makeup and I’m usually in a rush, but I’ve found that every time I don’t use a lip exfoliate I regret it. It ALWAYS makes my lipstick last hours longer. It exfoliates and moisturizes my lips and basically just gets them all ready for some lippy. Seriously, if you don’t exfoliate those babies get on to it. I use the Lush Lip Scrub (bubblegum is my personal favourite) which retails at about $12. I know it seems like a waste of money but it seriously lasts for ages and tastes so delicious! If you didn’t want to spend money then I’m sure you could make your own with some sugar 🙂


Okay class, that’s it for today. I know I haven’t done “50 beauty tips and tricks” and there’s only 7… but that’s because I wanted to use ones that I actually use like every day! Let me know if you want to see more of these, or if you never want to hear about them again! Hopefully some of you picked up some new tricks and you hadn’t heard of them all before!

Also if you have a good tip you’d like to share with me PLEASE do! I love hearing people’s ideas and let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to make their beauty regime faster & more efficient?

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My Mac lipstick collection ♥♥

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Good morning class,

I think I’m going to go for a “lip week” theme for this week, and then a foundation week next week? I quite like themes – I think it’s a teacher thing. Let me know if there’s a ‘theme’ you’d like me to feature on the blog? Drugstore? High end? Brushes? Shopping? etc.

Anyway, this is my current Mac Cosmetics lipstick collection! Oh so exciting, and I know it’s a popular sort of a topic, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve done some lip swatches as well as arm swatches for you. The lip swatches are a bit average because my makeup wasn’t lookin’ great, it’s the last day of the school holidays, lighting was bad, I need a new camera, my lips hurt after like 3 lipsticks etc. You get the picture – enough with the excuses – (my parent’s always told me I should be a lawyer because I’m so good at arguing my case and coming up with excuses) – let’s get into it!

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Okay so from left to right my lipsticks are as follows;

Myth, Oxblood, Snob, Saint Germain, Dodgy Girl, Candy Yum-Yum, Vegas Volt, Impassioned, Viva Glam Miley, Phoromenal, Ruby Woo, Rebel

Here are some arm swatches for you 🙂

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review


Now I’ll show you the lovely lip swatches and talk a little bit about each lipstick!

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

First up – Viva Glam Miley (Amplified); This is SO wearable! Super similar to Impassioned it’s a gorgeous medium pink. Not too bright, not too not bright (if that makes any sense). I have been wearing the heck out of this one since I bought it recently. I love that the profit from it goes to a good cause. I love that it’s designed by Miley (or helped designed by). I love the way it looks on me! Go buy it. It’s pretty much donating to charity – guilt free!

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

This is Dodgy Girl (matte) from the Kelly Osborne range so it is a limited edition one – sorry! Unfortunately for you guys it’s also my favourite Mac lipstick from the collection and it’s in the running as my favourite lipstick of all time! It’s the most amazing lavender colour and I think it’s really flattering. I love it for a bit of a bright lip! It’s matte but it’s really not drying at all. It lasts for ages as well! ♥

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Sorry team! Another limited edition! This time it’s from the Toledo collection – you may have seen it in a previous post but it’s Oxblood (matte) and it’s another one of my favourites! I find the matte formulas on the limited edition lipsticks are much nicer than the regular mattes. This one is so creamy and it lasts for ages! It’s like a slightly lighter Kylie Jenner lip. SUPER wearable though. I love it. ♥

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review


Oooh now this is a Miss White colour if I’ve ever seen one! You guys know I love bright pinks and this is the Queen of bright pink! Candy Yum-Yum (matte) is such a gorgeous colour and I don’t wear it enough. I think the problem is that it’s quite drying on my lips and I have other colours which are less drying and look almost identical. However I still think it’s a must-have for pink lovers!

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Myth (satin) is probably my favourite nude by Mac – although I only own two of them. (I did own Creme de Nude but it was too sheer for my lips). I absolutely love it though. It’s like the perfect nude for me. It’s almost too light but I think I get away with it! Usually I’d wear it with the Chi Chi Totally Nude lip liner underneath to jazz it up a bit. I probably wouldn’t recommend this one if you’ve got darker skin than me as it may wash you out. I love the formula though, it lasts a long time and it’s just that little bit glossy which suits the colour well.

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches reviewPheromonal (Sheen Supreme) was in fact gifted to me by a male – I was super impressed! It’s not like any other lipstick I’ve got – and I think that’s because I usually stay away from lipsticks with sheer in the name because my lip colour is too dark for them. However I think this one has just the right amount of pigmentation and it leaves a gorgeous glossy finish on the lip. It doesn’t last for very long, but it looks darn good before it wears off. I like this one for a bit of gloss – it’s hard to apply on my lips though because the lipstick is rounded at the top and my lips are quite pointy as you can see.




mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Vegas Volt (Amplified) is a gorgeous coral orange. I’m not hugely into corals because I think they look weird on me for some reason but this is the only one I’ll wear. It’s sort of slightly pinky enough that it doesn’t wash me out too much or look too weird. I don’t get a lot of wear out of this one just because I’m scared of the colour but I should wear it more often I think. It’s got a fab finish (love those amplified’s!) and it’s nicely pigmented.

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Bless! Saint Germain (Amplified) was my first ever Mac lipstick! Of course I was hooked in by Shaaanxo as it happens to be her favourite Mac lipstick. My younger brother bought it for me for my birthday and it’s got the most wear out of any of my lipsticks! Damn did I rock this when I first got it. It is on the light side but I think it looks really nice! I love a good baby pink and this one is the right colour for me. I would 100% recommend. Wears nicely.

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Next one is Impassioned (Amplified); This is a gorgeous pink! It’s not too crazy bright, but it does come off quite dark on my lips. It’s super wearable and not drying. I love this one for an everyday look – and the kids at school like it too! I need to wear it more often!

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Obviously I was getting sick of the poses so I am getting a little crazy it seems. This gorgeous number is probably my second-most-worn Mac lipstick and it’s Snob (satin). I LOVE this colour! I think it’s the most wearable of all. It’s just like the best muted pink ever made. I’ve bought about a million dupes but honestly nothing comes close to the real thing. It wears so well, and it looks damn good. I think you need this one gals.

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Ruby Woo (Matte) is such a gorgeous red for light skin tones. It just looks crazy flattering. It’s the first red I bought (yes, I used to be scared of red) and it’s still my favourite red of all time. The only problem with this one as it’s about as dry as the desert. It’s SO dry. It drys out my lips instantly and it does not glide on. I have to use a lip balm before it or a gloss over top or else it just makes my lips look horrible. I wish it was a nicer matte formula but that’s okay.

mac lipstick collection ruby woo myth oxblood snob saint gemain dodgy girl impassioned candy yum yum vegas volt viva glam miley pheromonal rebel swatches review

Rebel (satin) is another one of my faves. I didn’t think it was going to look like this on my lips to be honest. It comes up a little more plumy than I’d hoped (I was hoping for more of a vampy purple). However I’ve grown to like it. It looks extra good with a darker lip liner (I like Leather by Colourpop). As always, it’s a pretty good formula and it wears okay. Not super long-lasting but it doesn’t come off instantly. It’s the perfect colour for autumn and I think I’ll be getting some more wear out of it very soon.


Well that’s it guys! That’s my Mac lipstick collection. Let me know what you think below! What’s your favourite Mac lipstick? More importantly are there any more that I NEED in my collection? I can’t wait to make it grow! Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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50 Shades of PINK! (My Lipstick Collection & Swatches – Pink Shades) ♥

50 Shades of Pink Grey Lipstick collection pinks


Good morning class,

As you can see from the amazingly beautiful (or horrific if you’re Tom) photo above, this is my pink lipstick collection.

I thought that because the 50 Shades of Grey movie was so good, and I love a good play on words, and I have about a billion pink lipsticks, that I would do a wee post about them!

There’s going to be minimal talking – if you get me talking about each and every lipstick i’ll be here all day! – but if you want to know about a certain lipstick or a certain brand then let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP or I can do another blog post about it! Mmkay?

Right. Let’s do this. Just a wee disclaimer – this was collected over a period of like my entire life (although there are a few missing which are at school, and there are some which I’ve lost/thrown out/given away) so I’m not trying to brag or anything and these were pretty much all bought with my own money etc etc.

This took like HOURS to do, so I really apologize that one picture isn’t named right (I will correct this as we go along) and I have split the lipsticks into different shades of pink, but some of the colours would’ve probably been better suited to a different group. So if some are a little out of place, deal with it. 😉

Baby shades 

I absolutely LOVE baby pink colours! Although I’m shying away from them now that I’m a little bit more (fake) tanned because they really wash me out. Some of these shades are absolutely gorgeous though! I will forever love baby pinks ❤

Mac NYX Tarte Chi Chi Velourlips Models Own Barry M Too Faced Lime Crime swatches


Shades (from left):

  • Mac – Saint Germain (my first ever MAC lipstick!!)
  • Barry M #100 (I feel like this is too light for any human being)
  • NYX Round Lipstick – Narcissus (my first EVER lipstick!)
  • Tarte Lip Insurgence (name has rubbed off!)
  • Lime Crime – Great Pink Planet
  • Models OwnMatt Hyper Bright – Hot Pink (Definitely not a hot pink, and not my fave lipstick – SUPER drying)
  • Barry M #155
  • Chi Chi Creamy Matte Lipcream – Socialite
  • Australis Velourlips – LUN-DUN
  • Too Faced Melted – Melted Peony
Saint Germain Mac Barry M 100 Tarte NYX Narcissus Models Own Chi Chi Socialite Velourlips Too Faced Swatches

The Velourlips shade is LUN-DUN not HO-CHEE-MIN x

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Colourpop Haul Part 3! The obsession will never end…! ♥

Colourpop haul review

Good morning class,

I told you I was obsessed with Colourpop! I have since sneaked into an order with a friend and got ANOTHER Lippie Stick which I will put in my next haul (Part 4) because they have highlighters coming out soon so I’m definitely going to make another (LARGE) order.

The sad fact is that I actually need to buy myself some more storage purely for my Colourpop range. (Show me your storage! I need some inspo)

Okay, anyway this time I purchased 5 Super Shock Eye Shadows, 2 Super Shock Cheeks and 3 Lippie Stix. Not as large as my last haul but it was a goodie & I am in LOVE!

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