MUO Beauty Box Unboxing ♥ ♥

MUO Makeup Obsessives beauty Box Unboxing

Good morning class,

Okay, excuse me while I kiss the mail man…. right! Back to business! My Makeup Obsessives Beauty Box has arrived!

If you didn’t already know, Makeup Obsessives is a Facebook group dedicated to makeup chat. If you know me, you know I love to talk makeup, so naturally I’ve been a member of the page for quite some time and am lucky enough to know the creator Miss Kirsty Leigh who is just a great human and she often gives me blogging advice which I totally appreciate! ♥

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Colourpop Haul & Review – Part 4 (told you I was addicted!) ♥♥

colourpop haul


Good morning class,

Got some good news! Another Colourpop haul! Yes. Obviously I’m still obsessed and still Colourpop’s best customer. Nope, no sponsorship deals yet haha – fingers crossed 😉

Anyway, if you know me – then you blimmen’ well know that I am ADDICTED, OBSESSED, INFATUATED, CRAZY FOR, MANIC, and PASSIONATE about Colourpop. I honestly don’t know what it is. But I cannot help myself. ALL of this has been bought with my own money and I can tell you right now, when I told my mum how much I’d spent thus far… she was not impressed! Let’s hope the boyfriend doesn’t find out eh?

I am hoping that you guys like Colourpop as much as me, considering I talk about it ALL THE TIME. However, I feel like Colourpop is something that people of all ages could get into – I’ve got my mum addicted as well! Their colour range is phenomenal and there is something everybody would like. Whether it’s your nana, mum, dad, brother, auntie, friend – you name it, they’re bound to be interested in SOMETHING from the range.

Shop Colourpop here

This time I picked up four of the new highlighters (how could I NOT!?), four eye shadows, four Lippie Stix, and one Lippie Pencil. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks because I wanted to haul & review them for you – otherwise I’ll get excited and want to write about them again!

colourpop haul

Note: One Lippie Pencil & Super Shock Eye Shadow is missing from this photo due to it being already opened and used. x


Honestly, there’s no way on earth I could wait until the end to talk about the highlighters. Highlighters in general are my favourite makeup product. Due to the fact that I am obsessed with shimmer, glitter, and light shades. Therefore it’d be rude not to mention them first 😉

I bought four of the highlighters (but have another one on the way, and more in my cart). I got from top left to bottom right; Stole The Show, Monster, Wisp, Hippo.colourpop highlighters


Stole The Show looks a bit munted because it was broken via transit and I had to squish it back together (however the beauty of these products is they can squish back together so easily and become as good as new!).

My FAVOURITE shade has to be Monster – it’s like a bright, light coloured shade with this amazing duo chrome pink shimmery amazingness to it. Like, you’ll see on the swatches below that it’s got this gorgeous pink sheen to it and it comes up AMAZING on the cheek. It honestly is the most outstanding highlighter I’ve ever used. It looks unreal with a light pink blush and I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it. I wore it the other day and one of the girls in my class looked at me for a moment and proclaimed – “Miss White, you have a really nice face!”. I put it all down to this highlighter.

Stole The Show is my next fave because it’s got everything I love in a highlight. It’s pigmented, light champagne, plenty of shimmer and pink, gold and silver glimmery bits. It is perfection in a highlighter.

The feel of these highlighters is a mix between the blushes and eye shadows. It’s SO easy to apply (I rub my fingers in the pot, and pat it onto my cheek bones after applying foundation). You only need the tiniest bit and voila – you’re a goddess!

Hippo is a gorgeous bright shade with lavender and lilac undertones and gorgeous shimmers throughout it. Probably the least pigmented of the bunch, it still looks gorgeous on the cheek for a more subtle highlight (rather than a glitter bomb).

Wisp is the epitome of Soft and Gentle by Mac in a Colourpop highlighter. It looks dark in the pan and in the swatches (just like S&G) but once applied it comes off as this gorgeous golden highlight that makes you look like a mermaid-slash-Greek goddess.

colourpop swatches moster hippo stole the show wisp

colourpop highlighters swatches


They’re not the most amazing swatches of all time because they’re highlighters so they’re not exactly easy to swatch. They’re not supposed to be super duper pigmented because, well, you don’t want a pigmented line of gold across your cheeks do you!? Hopefully my wrinkly finger-swatches will help you get an idea of the colours. But you probably just need to buy them. All of them. And buy me some too.

Super Shock Eye Shadows

colourpop eyeshadows


I bought four Super Shock Eye Shadows in the colours (from left to right) Bite, Game Plan, Get Lucky and So Quiche.

So Quiche happens to be my most favourite colour out of every eye shadow I own by Colourpop (which is alot). It’s really hard to do it justice description-wise as the colour simply won’t show up in photos. However it’s like a browny, gun metal sort of colour with some silver shimmer in it… but GET THIS. It also has these amazing pink & violet duo chrome metallic shimmer glitter bits in it which make it AMAZING. Colourpop says it’s the “Queen of the shadows” which I totally agree with! A MUST HAVE.

Bite is awesome because it’s a perfectly pigmented matte white. So handy to have in your collection and I find it applies nicer than the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk so I recommend it. Good as a base for your shadow to make the colours pop!

Game Plan always reminds me of that stupid movie with The Rock in it. However it’s an amazing bronze-orange colour which makes your eyes POP. It’s perfect on the lid with a nice dark brown underneath and it is quick and easy to apply and REALLY pigmented.

Get Lucky is basically just the perfect gold. In fact, I think even Colourpop themselves describe it as that too. I agree with them. It’s just a really nice gold. Nice and metallic and pigmented. It is fab.

colourpop swatches get lucky game plan so quiche bite


Lip Products

Girrrrl, you know I won’t be making a Colourpop order without some lip products! I won’t be making any orders without lip products. I am a lip product addict. See: 50 Shades of Pink

colourpop lippie stix

I got four Lippie Stix in the colours Pepper, Tootsie, Leather and Corset + the matching Lippie Pencil for Tootsie.

I got the lip pencil in the shade Leather in one of my first hauls and stupidly didn’t buy the lipstick. Finally I have it in my hot little hands and we’re just in time for autumn! This colour is outrageously pigmented. It’s a matte formula and it looks AWESOME. It brings me back to my emo days that’s for sure.

Pepper is VERY similar to Brills (See: first Colourpop haul) however it’s slightly more pink than purple and it is a bit more wearable. I am loving it actually and I like how it’s sort of inbetween pink and purple. Seems like the perfect Miss White colour.

Corset is in the Hyper-Glossy formula and it’s the first glossy lipstick I’ve tried from Colourpop. I hate glossy lipsticks because they’re never pigmented enough and they don’t last very long. This one, I find is actually neither of those things. It’s ridiculously pigmented for a glossy lipstick and it lasts for ages! Not quite as long as a matte but it’d give them a run for their money! The glossy finish looks gorgeous on the lips and I am obsessed.

Tootsie is literally an exact dupe for Underground by Gerard Cosmetics – honestly, it’s exactly the same. I actually think Toosie is a better formula too! It’s creamier, lasts longer, and you can buy the lipstick and matching pencil for half the price of Underground. Underground is supposed to be a dupe for Cashmere by Lime Crime which means I guess Tootsie is also a dupe for that too. I LOVE Tootsie – I find this colour is really flattering on my skin tone!

underground dupe tootsie gerard cosmetics


colourpop swatches leather pepper corset tootsie


Well, overall it was a GREAT haul! I picked up some new favourites and I finally got to try the highlighters I’ve been lusting after for so long. If you haven’t tried Colourpop yet, you honestly need to. You’re missing out! The Highlighters, Blushers and Bronzers are only $8 US and the Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils and Super Shock Eyeshadows are $5 US. It’s actually unreal. If you live in the US and you haven’t tried them yet then I’m banning you from my page until you make an order (not really, but please make one!). If you don’t trust my advice then do a quick Google search and you’ll see the millions of positive reviews about Colourpop!

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Wish List May ’15 (It’s my birthday this week guys!) ♥

May Wishlist Makeup beauty Hourglass ambient lighting

Good morning class,

Today (seeing as it’s my birthday on Friday!) i thought it’s a perfect time to share with you my current wish list ♥

I LOVE reading about other people’s wish lists as it helps to inspire me about what I should buy next and I always discover new products I need!

(Note: None of these photos are my own (obviously as I do not own the products yet) they are all stock photos taken from the websites that sell these products).

benefit roller lash


First up is a product that I just don’t stop hearing about! Benefit’s latest and greatest mascara – the Roller Lash! You know I love my Benefit They’re Real mascara but this one is intriguing me… I  like the idea of the Roller Lash because I LOVE a bit of curl on my lashes! The packaging, as per usual, is also to DIE for. Basically, from what I’ve heard, this sounds like a fantastic product and I am dying to get my hands on it.

Wishlist ambient lighting palette hourglass

Okay guys the struggle is real. This is probably my MOST WANTED make-up item ever. This is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and I am dying for this. I’ve put it in and out of my cart so many times, I’ve swatched it, I’ve researched it, and I’ve just stared at it. It is amazing. I literally need it. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but then again I think that keeps the allure of the product alive. I feel like it needs me too. For the love of God could one of these make it’s way to my mail box asap. ♥♥

wishlist anastasia beverly hills contour kit

I believe this was in my previous Wish List post see here but SPOILER ALERT I haven’t got my hands on it as of yet! I feel as though the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and I could be good friends. I love the look of it and I love the idea of it and really, I just want to get my hands on SOMETHING Anastasia Beverly Hills before I spontaneously combust.

juicy couture perfume

There’s probably about ten perfumes on my wish list at the moment because I am literally addicted to them (anyone want to see a perfume collection – let me know), however this Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal perfume just looks and smells divine! I love the stars on the packaging, I love the sweet fruity smell, and I just love perfume! I’ve never owned a Juicy Couture perfume but they’re right at the top of my smell list (the list of perfumes I smell whenever I’m at a shop that sells them). Perfume gods – hear my prayer!

hula hoops salt and vinegar

Honestly guys, ever since that candy/snack taste test post I’ve been craving these babies like no tomorrow. ESPECIALLY in Salt and Vinegar flavour. I feel like that would just take the cake. I’m almost dreaming about these delicious chips. They are honestly making my mouth water right now. I’ve found the originals at my local New World Supermarket (plug) but the packets are just SO small and expensive I can’t justify it.

jeffree star prom night jeffree star lipsticks celebrity skin

Okay. LOOK. At these lipsticks. These are the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Prom Night (left) and Celebrity Skin. These look like they’re to DIE for. I’ve seen Shannon Harris wearing the Prom Night one and I have the mad envy. Just look at them for a minute guys. C’mon. Oh they’re so perfect. Why am I not rich!? Sigh.

kat von d tattoo liner

Can everyone stop talking about the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner? It’s really getting me down. I want it so badly! I do have some amazing liner pens already, which I LOVE, but this one is so elusive and gossiped about I feel like I NEED it in my collection. I feel like it might be the best liner in the world. I love Kat Von D products so I know this would be good. Let’s be fair, it’s sitting in a few carts already. 😉

colourpop highlighters


Let’s face it. I’ve already made and recieved an order of these Colourpop Highlighters… but now that I’ve seen them I absolutely NEED the rest of the collection. Never have I been so obsessed with a brand and/or a product. These are the epitome of perfect. I actually need every one of them. Don’t worry I’ve got a haul coming soon but for the love of God Colourpop – send me the whole collection I’m begging you!

Okay ladies and gents, that’s it for today. My complete wish list. Have you got any of these products? Do you love them? Do you hate them? *gasp*. What else do I NEED in my life? Are you lusting after any of these things as well! Let’s chat!

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Kiwi Tastes American & English Snacks/Candy ♥

American English Candy Snacks Taste Test Review


Good morning class,

I wanted to do something a little bit different for Easter over on my blog – and since I don’t like chocolate that much I decided to do one of the ever-so-popular ‘American snack taste test’ type posts. Usually these are done as videos but ‘aint nobody got time for that!

The worst part about this post is that I gave up candy and chips (among other things) for Lent and I ordered these about 3 weeks before Lent so I’ve really been feeling like Jesus in the desert getting tested this Lent –  I’ll tell you that for nothing!

Anyway finally it’s Easter Sunday and Tom and I sat down for a wee taste.

I ordered all of these goodies off an awesome local website called United Sweets – shipping to Auckland is literally $3.50 so get ordering! They are the

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February Wish List ♥

Good afternoon class,

Today I thought I’d compile a list of all the things I want in February (hopefully you’ll see some of these products in haul posts coming soon). For a start I feel like it’s good getting them down in writing so that I don’t forget and buy something completely unnecessary. Secondly, I personally find these posts inspirational (hehe) and they help me remember things I have that I’ve forgotten about or things that I didn’t know I needed. Without further ado – here goes.


Stila Stay All day Foundation & Concealer (*not my photo)

Stila Stay All day Foundation & Concealer (*not my photo)

Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer in Bare ($61.45)

I have been lusting after this mysterious product ever since it started becoming talked about. I say mysterious because the reviews I’ve heard are mixed… however I want it all the same. I worked out my shade on and decided that I straight up needed this product.  Anything that says it’s going to “stay all day” is something I need on my face. At school it’s so hard to keep your makeup looking perfect because you’re dealing with a hot classroom, grumpy kids, high stress (at times), lots of movement and I’m always touching my face!! I’ve been eyeing up this product on ASOS and it was on special last week! But I’d already spent my money on other things (haul coming soon). I also love the idea of having a concealer in the lid of the product – how cute is that?! Would be handy to keep in my desk at school. Continue reading

Online Shopping Love ♥

Good afternoon class,

I thought I’d kick things off with a post about something that is commonly asked in the beauty world! I have been a part of two Facebook groups since forever – ‘Makeup Obsessives‘ which is run by the lovely Kirsty Leigh and ‘Girl Related‘ which is run by the gorgeous Libbyanna Cruickshank (two of my absolute faves!). – Go and check them out right now! I dare ya 😉

Anyway back to the point of this post, on both of those Facebook pages I feel myself constantly suggesting various online shopping sites I use to buy makeup and clothes. So here you have it, my ginormous list of fantastic websites I 100% recommend when shopping online. I have personally used all of these sites at some point and have had nothing but fantastic service!

Note: I have a very serious addiction with online shopping so please comment with any websites that you use which I haven’t mentioned (my boyfriend won’t be happy and neither will my bank balance but I will be forever grateful!)

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