Haul | Uhhh, So No-one Helped Me… and I Still Can’t Stop Shopping!

I cant stop buying makeup haul Help Me

Good morning class,

This is the worst time of the year for shopping, because you’re supposed to be shopping for other people for Christmas but there’s all these sales and good stuff and I don’t know about you, but I end up buying just as much for myself as I do for my family and friends… (and I go CRAZY shopping for family and friends at Christmas!).

This haul has been collected over the past month (and I apologize I haven’t made a blog post for a month but I’ve been busy applying for a job and having a friend stay). I was going to make a few posts about individual items I’ve got in this haul however I figured I’d haul it first and the other posts will be coming soon!

If you desperately want to see a post about an individual item from this haul then please let me know.

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Review | The 6 Best Highlighters of ALL-TIME!

Highlighters makeup favourite swatches review

Good morning class,

I’m typing this one with a big smile today because highlighters happen to be my all-time favourite makeup product, and in fact, they’re partly the reason why I became so makeup-obsessed in the first place! Today I’m going to chat about my favourite highlighters and why, and I’m also going to ask you to PLEASE tell me what your favourites are?! I’d love to buy some more highlighters to add to my collection, so I’d love to know what you’ve been loving!

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Favourites | August 2015

August Favourites Favorites


Good morning class,

Today I’d like to share with you my favourites for the month of August. I am well aware that I don’t do these favourites posts on the regular, but that’s purely because I don’t change my favourites that often. Some of these are a little bit new as well, so either you would have just heard about them on here, or you may probably be hearing about them fairly soon!

Let’s not muck around (a line I use on the daily).

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Review | Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

Before After Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation Review

Good morning class,

This post was highly requested so I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on the new (for NZ/Australia) Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation! It retails for around $23 in New Zealand and you can buy it from Beauty Bliss, The Warehouse, Farmers, Kmart etc. If you’re not in New Zealand I’m sure it will be at your local pharmacy or drugstore and it will probably be much cheaper than $23… hehe.

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Review | e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation with Before & After

elf acne fighting foundation review before and after


Good morning class,

Today I’d like to chat about what is probably (it’s a hard decision) my favourite foundation of all time. It’s not the foundation I wear most days because I think other foundations perform a little better or last a little better for school, however all things considered this one is my fave!

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Maybelline New York New Releases July ’15 Haul

Maybelline New York The Nudes Palette Brow Drama Mascara Lipstick Fit Me Matte+Poreless

Good morning class,

Let’s chat about Maybelline! First off – Maybelline NY is one of my favourite drugstore brands! I find they are always creating decent dupes of high-end popular products. Their mascaras are on point. They have a fantastic range of lippies. I’ve heard their Master Precise liner is pretty wonderful. All-in-all, I’ve always found the products I’ve tried by Maybelline have been pretty decent for a drugstore brand.

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The products I wouldn’t write home about ♥

Products I would not repurchase NAKED Flushed Lime Crime Bourjois Bronzer

Good morning class,

Today I want to have a chat about something I don’t usually mention over here on my blog. I’m going to talk about the products in my collection that I would not repurchase. Usually, I like to keep things fairly positive, because I don’t really enjoy talking about the negative. However, you can’t go through life being positive all the time and I think it’s good to share with you the products I don’t like to show that I’m not just a ‘serial raver’.

So, the following products are ones which I have in my collection that are either empties or I just can’t use them any longer for one reason or another, OR I’m not a HUGE fan and I probably wouldn’t repurchase them when I run out.

It doesn’t mean that the brand is bad in any way, in fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad. It simply means that in my opinion the product did not work for me. You may love these products – and that’s A-OK!

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FOTD – Face of the Day – Red lips ♥

FOTD Face of the day MAC cosmetics Ruby Woo swatch


Good morning class,

Just a quick post today, but I thought I’d share with you my Face of the Day! Now, I am always completely honest with you all, and this is not necessarily my FOTD today as such, but it was my FOTD once upon a time I promise!

Anyway, today’s makeup features a RED lip which is something I don’t rock that often. I’m not sure why because red is apparently very flattering for my skin tone, but I just don’t reach for my reds! I think because they tend to go everywhere so they’re a bit risky to wear to school.

Anyhow, today is red lip day. And I actually sort of love it.

These are the products I used on this look… I know it looks like A LOT – but honestly I swear it’s not! & you could definitely recreate this same look using way less products but because I have a literal tonne of makeup I like to try and get some use out of it all.

FOTD face of the day bright red lips


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ANOTHER Colourpop haul (Warning: one more on the way as well) ♥

Colourpop haul review

Good morning class,

Okay I’m gonna be real with you all. If you haven’t figured this out I have a SERIOUS addiction to Colourpop cosmetics. This is no joke. I swear to you, every time I recieve my Colourpop goodies, literally as soon as I’ve swatched them I go straight on to the Colourpop website and make a new cart and I’ve usually ordered by the next week. It’s a vicious cycle. Especially since I’m moving soon and my partner and I have been buying all sorts for the new place so I don’t really have the money to spend! (House tour anyone?! – I DO need to do a makeup storage/collection video too but I want to grab a couple more things first)

I like that when I was on my account – beside my previous orders were the options “View/Get Help”. Yes Colourpop, I’d like to get some help for my addiction please.

In saying that, Colourpop people – if you are reading this, I’d love a bit of free shipping to NZ on order over $100 or something!? 😉

Anyway, enough rambling, let’s begin! I’m going to try my hardest to make this short and sweet – I think I need to cut down my ‘raving’!

This time I bought 1 x Super Shock  Cheek blush, 5 x Lip pencils and 5 x Super Shock Eye shadows. The pencils and shadows are $5 US each and the blushes are $8 US. Shipping to NZ was $28 US however I ordered with a friend 🙂

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Garnier Micellar Water ♥

Garnier Micellar Water review

Good morning class,

This is how the Garnier Micellar Water makes me feel –


If there’s ever a time that I’ve felt like a beauty product has been sent to me by God himself it’s right now. Just as I’d been thinking about the Garnier Micellar Water and if it was actually going to be good – doesn’t it just look exactly like water? How could micellar water take off my makeup any better than water? What the heck is Micellar water anyway?  Will I even ever be able to get my hands on this product? I bet it will cost like a bazillion dollars in NZ… etc etc I got an email from the lovely ladies over at Beauty Review telling me that I was invited to trial this product! Uhhh, yes please! Hey-yo!

So, for the past month (?) I’ve been testing out this bad boy for you (and for Beauty Review) because I know you’ll all have questions about it just like I did. Here are the answers!!

First of all, yes this water is actually made of unicorn tears and God’s spit. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Bible, but I read a story to my children last week and it’s the one where Jesus heals a blind beggar. Basically, he gets some dirt from the ground, spits in it, makes it mud, smears it on this dude’s eyes and washes it off in a river. Voila! He can see! I’m almost certain he’s spat into this water as well because it magically takes off my makeup like nothing I’ve ever used before.

I am blown away with the effectiveness of this product. It’s unreal. I usually use makeup wipes to take my makeup off and I know it’s naughty but I’m kinda lazy at night time because I’m usually so tired. This stuff however takes off your makeup with ONE SWIPE. Like, I know it says that on the bottle but I swear to you, it’s literally one swipe. And I am a total cake face. I promise I’m not exaggerating!

I use a wee bit on a Kmart Makeup Remover pad and swipe it across my face or eye or whatever and then I look down at my pad to see my face staring up at me. The beauty about this compared to makeup wipes is that there’s no rubbing involved! I also usually pull out like 5 eye lashes each time I use a makeup wipe but that doesn’t happen with this product! It doesn’t sting my eyes either.

The ONLY downside is that I use like 10 of the Makeup remover pads because I wear too much makeup. The upside to that is that the pads cost like $3 for 200 so it’s no biggie. I suppose you could probably fork out on thicker pads too like some fancy Swisspers ones or something but I can’t be bothered with that.

All in all, I think that this stuff is a must-buy! It’s $12 at your local supermarket – and even if you don’t end up liking it, for $12 it’s worth a try! I 100% recommend it

Please let me know if you’ve tried it and what you thought! Or go and buy it and try it and tell me how it’s changed your life!

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